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A review of rapid transport of pesticides from sloping farmland to surface waters:Processes and mitigation strategies
  Xiangyu Tang,Bo Zhu and Hidetaka Katou
  2012,24(3):351-361 [Abstract(2264)]  [View PDF 176.64 K (4483)]
Chlorobenzenes and organochlorinated pesticides in vegetable soils from an industrial site, China
  Yang Song,Fang Wang,Yongrong Bian,Yinping Zhang and Xin Jiang
  2012,24(3):362-368 [Abstract(2086)]  [View PDF 141.53 K (2938)]
Responses of activities, abundances and community structures of soil denitrifiers to short-term mercury stress
  Zhifeng Zhou,Yuanming Zheng,Jupei Shen,Limei Zhang,Yurong Liu and Jizheng He
  2012,24(3):369-375 [Abstract(2252)]  [View PDF 622.84 K (3762)]
Heavy metal phytoextraction by Sedum alfredii is affected by continual clipping and phosphorus fertilization amendment
  Huagang Huang,Tingqiang Li,D. K. Gupta,Zhenli He,Xiao-e Yang,Bingnan Ni and Mao Li
  2012,24(3):376-386 [Abstract(2083)]  [View PDF 504.11 K (3579)]
Effects of land use, climate, topography and soil properties on regional soil organic carbon and total nitrogen in the Upstream Watershed of Miyun Reservoir, North China
  Shufang Wang,Xiaoke Wang and Zhiyun Ouyang
  2012,24(3):387-395 [Abstract(2767)]  [View PDF 127.80 K (3987)]
Plant species coexistence alleviates the impacts of lead on Zea mays L.
  Ruyi Yang,Ling Liu,Shuting Zan,Jianjun Tang and Xin Chen
  2012,24(3):396-401 [Abstract(2107)]  [View PDF 207.44 K (3096)]
Uptake, translocation, and debromination of polybrominated diphenyl ethers in maize
  Moming Zhao,Shuzhen Zhang,Sen Wang and Honglin Huang
  2012,24(3):402-409 [Abstract(1744)]  [View PDF 183.32 K (3086)]
Spatial distribution and pollution assessment of heavy metals in urban soils from southwest China
  Guanghui Guo,Fengchang Wu,Fazhi Xie and Ruiqing Zhang
  2012,24(3):410-418 [Abstract(2468)]  [View PDF 496.86 K (5275)]
Modeling soil conservation, water conservation and their tradeoffs:A case study in Beijing
  Yang Bai,Zhiyun Ouyang,Hua Zheng,Xiaoma Li,Changwei Zhuang and Bo Jiang
  2012,24(3):419-426 [Abstract(2114)]  [View PDF 625.42 K (3208)]
Sorption and cosorption of the nonionic herbicide mefenacet and heavy metals on soil and its components
  Zhenyu Liu,Huiqin Guo,Huan He and Cheng Sun
  2012,24(3):427-434 [Abstract(2138)]  [View PDF 235.80 K (2983)]
Leaching behavior of enrofloxacin in three different soils and the influence of a surfactant on its mobility
  Zhiyong Yu,Ayfer Yediler,Min Yang and Sigurd Schulte-Hostede
  2012,24(3):435-439 [Abstract(1871)]  [View PDF 136.87 K (3044)]
Bacterial reduction and release of adsorbed arsenate on Fe(Ⅲ)-, Al- and coprecipitated Fe(Ⅲ)/Al-hydroxides
  Xuexia Zhang,Yongfeng Jia,Shaofeng Wang,Rongrong Pan and Xudong Zhang
  2012,24(3):440-448 [Abstract(2012)]  [View PDF 212.16 K (3651)]
Hydrothermal fabrication and visible-light-driven photocatalytic properties of bismuth vanadate with multiple morphologies and/or porous structures for Methyl Orange degradation
  Haiyan Jiang,Hongxing Dai,Xue Meng,Lei Zhang,Jiguang Deng,Yuxi Liu and Chak Tong Au
  2012,24(3):449-457 [Abstract(2207)]  [View PDF 523.70 K (6402)]
Effects of tungsten oxide on the activity and thermal stability of a sulfate-derived titania supported platinum catalyst for propane oxidation
  Xiaodong Wu,Zhou Zhou,Duan Weng and Bin Wang
  2012,24(3):458-463 [Abstract(2011)]  [View PDF 301.62 K (3093)]
Rubber sheet strewn with TiO2 particles:Photocatalytic activity and recyclability
  Chaval Sriwong,Sumpun Wongnawa and Orasa Patarapaiboolchai
  2012,24(3):464-472 [Abstract(2135)]  [View PDF 645.24 K (4331)]
Glucose production from hydrolysis of cellulose over a novel silica catalyst under hydrothermal conditions
  Huayu Wang,Changbin Zhang,Hong He and Lian Wang
  2012,24(3):473-478 [Abstract(2265)]  [View PDF 364.89 K (4003)]
Photocatalytic degradation of 4-chlorophenol under P-modified TiO2/UV system:Kinetics, intermediates, phytotoxicity and acute toxicity
  Kais Elghniji,Olfa Hentati,Najwa Mlaik,Ayman Mahfoudh and Mohamed Ksibi
  2012,24(3):479-487 [Abstract(2180)]  [View PDF 595.64 K (3660)]
Novel Co-Mg-Al-Ti-O catalyst derived from hydrotalcite-like compound for NO storage/decomposition
  Jie Cheng,Xiaoping Wang,Chunyan Ma and Zhengping Hao
  2012,24(3):488-493 [Abstract(1882)]  [View PDF 256.93 K (3716)]
Vaporization reduction characteristics of aqueous ammonia solutions by the addition of ethylene glycol, glycerol and glycine to the CO2 absorption process
  Jong-Beom Seo,Soo-Bin Jeon,Je-Young Kim,Gang-Woo Lee,Jong-Hyeon Jung and Kwang-Joong Oh
  2012,24(3):494-498 [Abstract(2063)]  [View PDF 190.02 K (3469)]
Mn-CeOx/Ti-PILCs for selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3 at low temperature
  Boxiong Shen,Hongqing Ma and Yan Yao
  2012,24(3):499-506 [Abstract(2224)]  [View PDF 376.55 K (3895)]
Effects of Ce on catalytic combustion of methane over Pd-Pt/Al2O3 catalyst
  Xing Fan,Fan Wang,Tianle Zhu and Hong He
  2012,24(3):507-511 [Abstract(2034)]  [View PDF 427.97 K (4139)]
Sulfide oxidation in fluidized bed bioreactor using nylon support material
  Varsha Midha,M K Jha and Apurba Dey
  2012,24(3):512-519 [Abstract(2224)]  [View PDF 283.21 K (3303)]
Comparison of dynamic adsorption/desorption characteristics of toluene on different porous materials
  Weiwei Zhang,Zhenping Qu,Xinyong Li,Yi Wang,Ding Ma and Jingjing Wu
  2012,24(3):520-528 [Abstract(2416)]  [View PDF 793.21 K (5115)]
Solar active fire clay based hetero-Fenton catalyst over a wide pH range for degradation of Acid Violet 7
  Inbasekaran Muthuvel,Balu Krishnakumar and Meenakshisundaram Swaminathan
  2012,24(3):529-535 [Abstract(2375)]  [View PDF 902.34 K (3764)]
Study of DDT and its derivatives DDD, DDE adsorption and degradation over Fe-SBA-15 at low temperature
  Hailin Wang,Hua Tian and Zhengping Hao
  2012,24(3):536-540 [Abstract(1778)]  [View PDF 829.09 K (3542)]
An E. coli SOS-EGFP biosensor for fast and sensitive detection of DNA damaging agents
  Zhilan Chen,Meiling Lu,Dandan Zou and Hailin Wang
  2012,24(3):541-549 [Abstract(1743)]  [View PDF 589.85 K (3234)]
Self-catalytic degradation of ortho-chlorophenol with Fenton's reagent studied by chemiluminescence
  Zhen Lin,Hui Chen,Yun Zhou,Nobuaki Ogawa and Jin-Ming Lin
  2012,24(3):550-557 [Abstract(1996)]  [View PDF 369.32 K (4053)]
Concentrations and sources of an emerging pollutant, decabromodiphenylethane (DBDPE), in sewage sludge for land application
  De la Torre A,Concejero M A and Martínez M A
  2012,24(3):558-563 [Abstract(2045)]  [View PDF 193.72 K (3723)]
Determination of ammonium on an integrated microchip with LED-induced fluorescence detection
  Shuhua Xue,Katsumi Uchiyama and Hai-fang Li
  2012,24(3):564-570 [Abstract(2209)]  [View PDF 272.97 K (4036)]

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