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Immunotoxic potential of aeration lagoon effluents for the treatment of domestic and hospital wastewaters in the freshwater mussel Elliptio complanata
  Francois Gagné,Chantale André,Marlène Fortier and Michel FournierChantale André, Francois Gagné, Marlène Fortier, Michel Fournier
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (12 pages)
  2012,24(5):781-789 [Abstract(2440)]  [View PDF 272.50 K (2804)]
Spatial distribution of archaeal and bacterial ammonia oxidizers in the littoral buffer zone of a nitrogen-rich lake
  Yu Wang,Guibing Zhu,Lei Ye,Xiaojuan Feng,Huub J. M. Op den Camp and Chengqing YinChengqing Yin, Guibing Zhu, Huub J. M. Op den Camp, Lei Ye, Xiaojuan Feng, Yu Wang
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (13 pages)
  2012,24(5):790-799 [Abstract(2369)]  [View PDF 498.30 K (2686)]
Accelerated biodegradation of nitrophenols in the rhizosphere of Spirodela polyrrhiza
  Risky Ayu Kristanti,Masahiro Kanbe,Tadashi Toyama,Yasuhiro Tanaka,Yueqin Tang,Xiaolei Wu and Kazuhiro MoriKazuhiro Mori, Masahiro Kanbe, Risky Ayu Kristanti, Tadashi Toyama, Xiaolei Wu, Yasuhiro Tanaka, Yueqin Tang
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (11 pages)
  2012,24(5):800-807 [Abstract(2155)]  [View PDF 447.49 K (2631)]
Sorption of 2,4-dinitroanisole (DNAN) on lignin
  Rabih Saad,Zorana Radovic-Hrapovic,Behzad Ahvazi,Sonia Thiboutot,Guy Ampleman and Jalal HawariBehzad Ahvazi, Guy Ampleman, Jalal Hawari, Rabih Saad, Sonia Thiboutot, Zorana Radovic-Hrapovic
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (9 pages)
  2012,24(5):808-813 [Abstract(2390)]  [View PDF 207.88 K (2536)]
Sewage sludge disintegration by high-pressure homogenization: A sludge disintegration model
  Yuxuan Zhang,Panyue Zhang,Boqiang Ma,Hao Wu,Sheng Zhang and Xin XuBoqiang Ma, Hao Wu, Panyue Zhang, Sheng Zhang, Xin Xu, Yuxuan Zhang
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (10 pages)
  2012,24(5):814-820 [Abstract(2318)]  [View PDF 214.24 K (2739)]
Degradation kinetics and mechanism of aniline by heat-assisted persulfate oxidation
  Xiaofang Xie,Yongqing Zhang,Weilin Huang and Shaobing HuangShaobing Huang, Weilin Huang, Xiaofang Xie, Yongqing Zhang
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (9 pages)
  2012,24(5):821-826 [Abstract(2542)]  [View PDF 552.41 K (2695)]
Degradation of some typical pharmaceuticals and personal care products with copper-plating iron doped Cu2O under visible light irradiation
  Jing An and Qixing ZhouJing An, Qixing Zhou
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (10 pages)
  2012,24(5):827-833 [Abstract(2348)]  [View PDF 2.33 M (2464)]
Preparation of high concentration polyaluminum chloride by chemical synthesis-membrane distillation method with self-made hollow fiber membrane
  Changwei Zhao,Yong Yan,Deyin Hou,Zhaokun Luan and Zhiping JiaChangwei Zhao, Deyin Hou, Yong Yan, Zhaokun Luan, Zhiping Jia
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (9 pages)
  2012,24(5):834-839 [Abstract(2137)]  [View PDF 1.79 M (2566)]
Characteristics of gas-liquid pulsed discharge plasma reactor and dye decoloration efficiency
  Bing Sun,Nyein Nyein Aye,Zhiying Gao,Dan Lv,Xiaomei Zhu and Masayuki SatoBing Sun, Dan Lv, Masayuki Sato, Nyein Nyein Aye, Xiaomei Zhu, Zhiying Gao
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (9 pages)
  2012,24(5):840-845 [Abstract(2071)]  [View PDF 2.15 M (2232)]
Photolysis kinetics and influencing factors of bisphenol S in aqueous solutions
  Guiping Cao,Jilai Lu and Gongying WangGongying Wang, Guiping Cao, Jilai Lu
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (9 pages)
  2012,24(5):846-851 [Abstract(2031)]  [View PDF 239.71 K (2445)]
Comparative study of leaching of silver nanoparticles from fabric and effective effluent treatment
  Aneesh Pasricha,Sant Lal Jangra,Nahar Singh,Neeraj Dilbaghi,K. N. Sood,Kanupriya Arora and Renu PasrichaAneesh Pasricha, K. N. Sood, Kanupriya Arora, Nahar Singh, Neeraj Dilbaghi, Renu Pasricha, Sant Lal Jangra
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (11 pages)
  2012,24(5):852-859 [Abstract(2252)]  [View PDF 725.15 K (2520)]


Size distribution and chemical composition of secondary organic aerosol formed from Cl-initiated oxidation of toluene
  Mingqiang Huang,Weijun Zhang,Xuejun Gu,Changjin Hu,Weixiong Zhao,Zhenya Wang and Li FangChangjin Hu, Li Fang, Mingqiang Huang, Weijun Zhang, Weixiong Zhao, Xuejun Gu, Zhenya Wang
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (8 pages)
  2012,24(5):860-864 [Abstract(2365)]  [View PDF 255.11 K (2653)]
Real-world fuel efficiency and exhaust emissions of light-duty diesel vehicles and their correlation with road conditions
  Jingnan Hu,Ye Wu,Zhishi Wang,Zhenhua Li,Yu Zhou,Haitao Wang,Xiaofeng Bao and Jiming HaoHaitao Wang, Jiming Hao, Jingnan Hu, Xiaofeng Bao, Ye Wu, Yu Zhou, Zhenhua Li, Zhishi Wang
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (13 pages)
  2012,24(5):865-874 [Abstract(2575)]  [View PDF 940.58 K (3084)]
Operating condition influences on PCDD/Fs emissions from sinter pot tests with hot flue gas recycling
  Yongmei Yu,Minghui Zheng,Xianwei Li and Xiaolei HeMinghui Zheng, Xianwei Li, Xiaolei He, Yongmei Yu
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (10 pages)
  2012,24(5):875-881 [Abstract(2261)]  [View PDF 581.77 K (2643)]
Size distribution of chemical elements and their source apportionment in ambient coarse, fine, and ultrafine particles in Shanghai urban summer atmosphere
  Senlin Lü,Rui Zhang,Zhenkun Yao,Fei Yi,Jingjing Ren,Minghong Wu,Man Feng and Qingyue WangFei Yi, Jingjing Ren, Man Feng, Minghong Wu, Qingyue Wang, Rui Zhang, Senlin Lü, Zhenkun Yao
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (12 pages)
  2012,24(5):882-890 [Abstract(2444)]  [View PDF 1.97 M (2746)]
Synergistic effects of non-thermal plasma-assisted catalyst and ultrasound on toluene removal
  Yongli Sun,Libo Zhou,Luhong Zhang and Hong SuiHong Sui, Libo Zhou, Luhong Zhang, Yongli Sun
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (9 pages)
  2012,24(5):891-896 [Abstract(2554)]  [View PDF 226.27 K (2530)]
Absorption characteristics of new solvent based on a blend of AMP and 1,8-diamino-p-menthane for CO2 absorption
  Sang-Sup Lee,Seong-Man Mun,Won-Joon Choi,Byoung-Moo Min,Sang-Won Cho and Kwang-Joong OhByoung-Moo Min, Kwang-Joong Oh, Sang-Sup Lee, Sang-Won Cho, Seong-Man Mun, Won-Joon Choi
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (9 pages)
  2012,24(5):897-902 [Abstract(2470)]  [View PDF 311.82 K (2651)]


Toxicity and subcellular distribution of cadmium in wheat as affected by dissolved organic acids
  Dandan Li and Dongmei ZhouDandan Li, Dongmei Zhou
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (12 pages)
  2012,24(5):903-911 [Abstract(2049)]  [View PDF 260.02 K (2329)]
Changes in the sorption, desorption, distribution, and availability of copper, induced by application of sewage sludge on Chilean soils contaminated by mine tailings
  Tatiana Garrido,Jorge Mendoza and Francisco ArriagadaFrancisco Arriagada, Jorge Mendoza, Tatiana Garrido
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (10 pages)
  2012,24(5):912-918 [Abstract(2198)]  [View PDF 224.49 K (2334)]
Mechanism of lead immobilization by oxalic acid-activated phosphate rocks
  Guanjie Jiang,Yonghong Liu,Li Huang,Qingling Fu,Youjun Deng and Hongqing HuGuanjie Jiang, Hongqing Hu, Li Huang, Qingling Fu, Yonghong Liu, Youjun Deng
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (10 pages)
  2012,24(5):919-925 [Abstract(2591)]  [View PDF 1.73 M (2361)]
Methyl-β-cyclodextrin enhanced biodegradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and associated microbial activity in contaminated soil
  Mingming Sun,Yongming Luo,Peter Christie,Zhongjun Jia,Zhengao Li and Ying TengMingming Sun, Peter Christie, Ying Teng, Yongming Luo, Zhengao Li, Zhongjun Jia
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (11 pages)
  2012,24(5):926-933 [Abstract(2348)]  [View PDF 255.33 K (2601)]
Inhibitory effect of nitrobenzene on oxygen demand in lake sediments
  Xiaohong Zhou,Xuying Wang and Hanchang ShiHanchang Shi, Xiaohong Zhou, Xuying Wang
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (9 pages)
  2012,24(5):934-939 [Abstract(2183)]  [View PDF 263.55 K (2537)]


Endogenous nitric oxide mediates alleviation of cadmium toxicity induced by calcium in rice seedlings
  Long Zhang,Zhen Chen and Cheng ZhuCheng Zhu, Long Zhang, Zhen Chen
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (12 pages)
  2012,24(5):940-948 [Abstract(2100)]  [View PDF 401.87 K (2701)]
Species-dependent effects of the phenolic herbicide ioxynil with potential thyroid hormone disrupting activity: modulation of its cellular uptake and activity by interaction with serum thyroid hormone-binding proteins
  Sakura Akiyoshi,Gobun Sai and Kiyoshi YamauchiGobun Sai, Kiyoshi Yamauchi, Sakura Akiyoshi
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (10 pages)
  2012,24(5):949-955 [Abstract(2119)]  [View PDF 341.01 K (2320)]


A screen-printed, amperometric biosensor for the determination of organophosphorus pesticides in water samples
  Junfeng Dou,Fuqiang Fan,Aizhong Ding,Lirong Cheng,Raju Sekar,Hongting Wang and Shuairan LiAizhong Ding, Fuqiang Fan, Hongting Wang, Junfeng Dou, Lirong Cheng, Raju Sekar, Shuairan Li
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (10 pages)
  2012,24(5):956-962 [Abstract(2394)]  [View PDF 253.84 K (2558)]
A GFP-based bacterial biosensor with chromosomally integrated sensing cassette for quantitative detection of Hg(II) in environment
  Himanshu Priyadarshi,Absar Alam,Gireesh-Babu P,Rekha Das,Pankaj Kishore,Shivendra Kumar and Aparna ChaudhariAbsar Alam, Aparna Chaudhari, Gireesh-Babu P, Himanshu Priyadarshi, Pankaj Kishore, Rekha Das, Shivendra Kumar
  Published 5月 15日, 2012 (9 pages)
  2012,24(5):963-968 [Abstract(2084)]  [View PDF 238.65 K (2563)]

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