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Toxicity-based assessment of the treatment performance of wastewater treatment and reclamation processes
  Dongbin Wei,Zhuowei Tan and Yuguo Du
  Published 6月 15日, 2012 (14 pages)
  2012,24(6):969-978 [Abstract(2394)]  [View PDF 304.47 K (2814)]
Hydrogeochemical and mineralogical characteristics related to heavy metal attenuation in a stream polluted by acid mine drainage: A case study in Dabaoshan Mine, China
  Huarong Zhao,Beicheng Xia,Jianqiao Qin and Jiaying Zhang
  Published 6月 15日, 2012 (15 pages)
  2012,24(6):979-989 [Abstract(2311)]  [View PDF 598.32 K (2492)]
Nitrogen removal from wastewater and bacterial diversity in activated sludge at different COD/N ratios and dissolved oxygen concentrations
  Magdalena Zielińska,Katarzyna Bernat,Agnieszka Cydzik-Kwiatkowska,Joanna Sobolewska and Irena Wojnowska-Baryla
  Published 6月 15日, 2012 (13 pages)
  2012,24(6):990-998 [Abstract(2255)]  [View PDF 683.35 K (2362)]
Nitrification characteristics of nitrobacteria immobilized in waterborne polyurethane in wastewater of corn-based ethanol fuel production
  Yamei Dong,Zhenjia Zhang,Yongwei Jin,Jian Lu,Xuehang Cheng,Jun Li,Yan-yan Deng,Ya-nan Feng and Dongning Chen
  Published 6月 15日, 2012 (11 pages)
  2012,24(6):999-1005 [Abstract(2218)]  [View PDF 340.45 K (2682)]
Contaminant removal from low-concentration polluted river water by the bio-rack wetlands
  Ji Wang,Lanying Zhang,Shaoyong Lu,Xiangcan Jin and Shu Gan
  Published 6月 15日, 2012 (12 pages)
  2012,24(6):1006-1013 [Abstract(2410)]  [View PDF 305.31 K (2434)]
Coagulation efficiency and flocs characteristics of recycling sludge during treatment of low temperature and micro-polluted water
  Zhiwei Zhou,Yanling Yang,Xing Li,Wei Gao,Heng Liang and Guibai Li
  Published 6月 15日, 2012 (11 pages)
  2012,24(6):1014-1020 [Abstract(2107)]  [View PDF 339.88 K (2216)]
Rapid decolorization of Acid Orange II aqueous solution by amorphous zero-valent iron
  Changqin Zhang,Zhengwang Zhu,Haifeng Zhang and Zhuangqi Hu
  Published 6月 15日, 2012 (10 pages)
  2012,24(6):1021-1026 [Abstract(2169)]  [View PDF 1.80 M (2664)]


A review of diversity-stability relationship of soil microbial community: What do we not know?
  Huan Deng
  Published 6月 15日, 2012 (13 pages)
  2012,24(6):1027-1035 [Abstract(2406)]  [View PDF 218.24 K (2349)]
Combined remediation of DDT congeners and cadmium in soil by Sphingobacterium sp. D-6 and Sedum alfredii Hance
  Hua Fang,Wei Zhou,Zhengya Cao,Feifan Tang,Dandan Wang,Kailin Liu,Xiangwei Wu,Xiao'e Yang,Yongge Sun and Yunlong Yu
  Published 6月 15日, 2012 (15 pages)
  2012,24(6):1036-1046 [Abstract(1936)]  [View PDF 554.91 K (2262)]
Fate of tetracyclines in swine manure of three selected swine farms in China
  Min Qiao,Wangda Chen,Jianqiang Su,Bing Zhang and Cai Zhang
  Published 6月 15日, 2012 (10 pages)
  2012,24(6):1047-1052 [Abstract(1969)]  [View PDF 190.33 K (2680)]
Variability of soil organic carbon reservation capability between coastal salt marsh and riverside freshwater wetland in Chongming Dongtan and its microbial mechanism
  Yu Hu,Yanli Li,Lei Wang,Yushu Tang,Jinhai Chen,Xiaohua Fu,Yiquan Le and Jihua Wu
  Published 6月 15日, 2012 (15 pages)
  2012,24(6):1053-1063 [Abstract(2320)]  [View PDF 658.74 K (3019)]
Evaluation of solubility of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in ethyl lactate/water versus ethanol/water mixtures for contaminated soil remediation applications
  Chiew Lin Yap,Suyin Gan and Hoon Kiat Ng
  Published 6月 15日, 2012 (16 pages)
  2012,24(6):1064-1075 [Abstract(2142)]  [View PDF 454.05 K (2434)]


Diversity of methanotrophs in a simulated modified biocover reactor
  Zifang Chi,Wenjing Lu,Hongtao Wang and Yan Zhao
  Published 6月 15日, 2012 (11 pages)
  2012,24(6):1076-1082 [Abstract(2058)]  [View PDF 432.71 K (2403)]
Start-up of the anammox process from the conventional activated sludge in a hybrid bioreactor
  Xiumei Duan,Jiti Zhou,Sen Qiao,Xin Yin,Tian Tian and Fangdi Xu
  Published 6月 15日, 2012 (12 pages)
  2012,24(6):1083-1090 [Abstract(2162)]  [View PDF 707.77 K (2863)]
Histopathological studies and oxidative stress of synthesized silver nanoparticles in Mozambique tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus)
  Rajakumar Govindasamy and Abdul Abdul Rahuman
  Published 6月 15日, 2012 (12 pages)
  2012,24(6):1091-1098 [Abstract(2069)]  [View PDF 494.23 K (2883)]


Toxic effects of chlortetracycline on maize growth, reactive oxygen species generation and the antioxidant response
  Bei Wen,Yu Liu,Peng Wang,Tong Wu,Shuzhen Zhang,Xiaoquan Shan and Jingfen Lu
  Published 6月 15日, 2012 (11 pages)
  2012,24(6):1099-1105 [Abstract(1926)]  [View PDF 278.08 K (2187)]
Effect of arsenic contaminated irrigation water on Lens culinaris L. and toxicity assessment using lux marked biosensor
  F. R. Sadeque Ahmed,Ian J. Alexander,Mwinyikione Mwinyihija and Ken Killham
  Published 6月 15日, 2012 (15 pages)
  2012,24(6):1106-1116 [Abstract(2016)]  [View PDF 254.03 K (2317)]


Preparation of birnessite-supported Pt nanoparticles and their application in catalytic oxidation of formaldehyde
  Linlin Liu,Hua Tian,Junhui He,Donghui Wang and Qiaowen Yang
  Published 6月 15日, 2012 (12 pages)
  2012,24(6):1117-1124 [Abstract(1939)]  [View PDF 832.63 K (2367)]
Photocatalytic degradation of paraquat using nano-sized Cu-TiO2/SBA-15 under UV and visible light
  Maurice G. Sorolla II,Maria Lourdes Dalida,Pongtanawat Khemthong and Nurak Grisdanurak
  Published 6月 15日, 2012 (12 pages)
  2012,24(6):1125-1132 [Abstract(2580)]  [View PDF 488.46 K (2307)]
Phosphine functionalised multiwalled carbon nanotubes: A new adsorbent for the removal of nickel from aqueous solution
  Muleja Anga Adolph,Yangkou Mbianda Xavier,Pillay Kriveshini and Krause Rui
  Published 6月 15日, 2012 (13 pages)
  2012,24(6):1133-1141 [Abstract(2171)]  [View PDF 371.64 K (2499)]
Enhanced photocatalytic activity of fish scale loaded TiO2 composites under solar light irradiation
  Li-Ngee Ho,Soon-An Ong,Hakimah Osman and Fong-Mun Chong
  Published 6月 15日, 2012 (11 pages)
  2012,24(6):1142-1148 [Abstract(2188)]  [View PDF 1.65 M (2594)]
Photoelectrocatalytic degradation of high COD dipterex pesticide by using TiO2/Ni photo electrode
  Tao Fang,Chao Yang and Lixia Liao
  Published 6月 15日, 2012 (12 pages)
  2012,24(6):1149-1156 [Abstract(1989)]  [View PDF 1.22 M (2427)]

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