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Three-dimensional hydrodynamic and water quality model for TMDL development of Lake Fuxian, China
  Lei Zhao,Xiaoling Zhang,Yong Liu,Bin He,Xiang Zhu,Rui Zou and Yuanguan Zhu
  Published 8月 15日, 2012 (13 pages)
  2012,24(8):1355-1363 [Abstract(2218)]  [View PDF 774.05 K (3514)]
Removal of dispersant-stabilized carbon nanotubes by regular coagulants
  Ni Liu,Changli Liu,Jing Zhang and Daohui Lin
  Published 8月 15日, 2012 (11 pages)
  2012,24(8):1364-1370 [Abstract(1957)]  [View PDF 276.19 K (2026)]
Effect of environmental factors on the effectiveness of ammoniated bagasse in wicking oil from contaminated wetlands
  Seungjoon Chung,Makram T. Suidan and Albert D. Venosa
  Published 8月 15日, 2012 (11 pages)
  2012,24(8):1371-1377 [Abstract(2073)]  [View PDF 1008.35 K (2298)]
Cationic content effects of biodegradable amphoteric chitosan-based flocculants on the flocculation properties
  Zhen Yang,Yabo Shang,Xin Huang,Yichun Chen,Yaobo Lu,Aimin Chen,Yuxiang Jiang,Wei Gu,Xiaozhi Qian,Hu Yang and Rongshi Cheng
  Published 8月 15日, 2012 (12 pages)
  2012,24(8):1378-1385 [Abstract(2233)]  [View PDF 633.83 K (2005)]
Biosorption of copper and zinc by immobilised and free algal biomass, and the effects of metal biosorption on the growth and cellular structure of Chlorella sp. and Chlamydomonas sp. isolated from rivers in Penang, Malaysia
  W. O. Wan Maznah,A.T. Al-Fawwaz and Misni Surif
  Published 8月 15日, 2012 (12 pages)
  2012,24(8):1386-1393 [Abstract(2293)]  [View PDF 1.17 M (2675)]
Variation of cyanobacteria with different environmental conditions in Nansi Lake, China
  Chang Tian,Haiyan Pei,Wenrong Hu and Jun Xie
  Published 8月 15日, 2012 (13 pages)
  2012,24(8):1394-1402 [Abstract(2110)]  [View PDF 640.69 K (2098)]
Enhancing sewage sludge dewaterability by bioleaching approach with comparison to other physical and chemical conditioning methods
  Fenwu Liu,Jun Zhou,Dianzhan Wang and Lixiang Zhou
  Published 8月 15日, 2012 (12 pages)
  2012,24(8):1403-1410 [Abstract(2552)]  [View PDF 2.63 M (2313)]
Effect of chlorine content of chlorophenols on their adsorption by mesoporous SBA-15
  Qingdong Qin,Ke Liu,Dafang Fu and Haiying Gao
  Published 8月 15日, 2012 (11 pages)
  2012,24(8):1411-1417 [Abstract(1837)]  [View PDF 237.63 K (2090)]
Surface clogging process modeling of suspended solids during urban stormwater aquifer recharge
  Zijia Wang,Xinqiang Du,Yuesuo Yang and Xueyan Ye
  Published 8月 15日, 2012 (11 pages)
  2012,24(8):1418-1424 [Abstract(2011)]  [View PDF 1.11 M (2164)]
Adsorptive removal of iron and manganese ions from aqueous solutions with microporous chitosan/polyethylene glycol blend membrane
  Neama A. Reiad,Omar E. Abdel Salam,Ehab F. Abadir and Farid A. Harraz
  Published 8月 15日, 2012 (12 pages)
  2012,24(8):1425-1432 [Abstract(1970)]  [View PDF 5.19 M (1845)]
Polyphenylene sulfide based anion exchange fiber: Synthesis, characterization and adsorption of Cr(VI)
  Jiajia Huang,Xin Zhang,Lingling Bai and Siguo Yuan
  Published 8月 15日, 2012 (10 pages)
  2012,24(8):1433-1438 [Abstract(2032)]  [View PDF 263.63 K (2403)]


Removal characteristics and kinetic analysis of an aerobic vapor-phase bioreactor for hydrophobic alpha-pinene
  Yifeng Jiang,Shanshan Li,Zhuowei Cheng,Runye Zhu and Jianmeng Chen
  Published 8月 15日, 2012 (14 pages)
  2012,24(8):1439-1448 [Abstract(2159)]  [View PDF 3.68 M (1968)]
Characterization of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon emissions from diesel engine retrofitted with selective catalytic reduction and continuously regenerating trap
  Asad Naeem Shah,Yunshan Ge,Jianwei Tan,Zhihua Liu,Chao He and Tao Zeng
  Published 8月 15日, 2012 (12 pages)
  2012,24(8):1449-1456 [Abstract(1966)]  [View PDF 252.16 K (2147)]
Size distributions of aerosol and water-soluble ions in Nanjing during a crop residual burning event
  Honglei Wang,Bin Zhu,Lijuan Shen and Hanqing Kang
  Published 8月 15日, 2012 (13 pages)
  2012,24(8):1457-1465 [Abstract(2489)]  [View PDF 1.81 M (2461)]
Aerosol structure and vertical distribution in a multi-source dust region
  Jie Zhang,Qiang Zhang,Congguo Tang and Yongxiang Han
  Published 8月 15日, 2012 (14 pages)
  2012,24(8):1466-1475 [Abstract(2003)]  [View PDF 1.37 M (2002)]


Effect of organic wastes on the plant-microbe remediation for removal of aged PAHs in soils
  Jing Zhang,Xiangui Lin,Weiwei Liu,Yiming Wang,Jun Zeng and Hong Chen
  Published 8月 15日, 2012 (11 pages)
  2012,24(8):1476-1482 [Abstract(2033)]  [View PDF 214.66 K (2255)]
Nitrogen deposition alters soil chemical properties and bacterial communities in the Inner Mongolia grassland
  Ximei Zhang and Xingguo Han
  Published 8月 15日, 2012 (13 pages)
  2012,24(8):1483-1491 [Abstract(2099)]  [View PDF 236.48 K (2545)]


Augmentation of tribenuron methyl removal from polluted soil with Bacillus sp. strain BS2 and indigenous earthworms
  Qiang Tang,Zhiping Zhao,Yajun Liu,Nanxi Wang,Baojun Wang,Yanan Wang,Ningyi Zhou and Shuangjiang Liu
  Published 8月 15日, 2012 (10 pages)
  2012,24(8):1492-1497 [Abstract(1965)]  [View PDF 208.52 K (2438)]
Microbial community changes in aquifer sediment microcosm for anaerobic anthracene biodegradation under methanogenic condition
  Rui Wan,Shuying Zhang and Shuguang Xie
  Published 8月 15日, 2012 (10 pages)
  2012,24(8):1498-1503 [Abstract(1968)]  [View PDF 207.80 K (2163)]


Molecular toxicity of earthworms induced by cadmium contaminated soil and biomarkers screening
  Xiaohui Mo,Yuhui Qiao,Zhenjun Sun,Xiaofei Sun and Yang Li
  Published 8月 15日, 2012 (11 pages)
  2012,24(8):1504-1510 [Abstract(2066)]  [View PDF 287.20 K (2072)]
Effect of cadmium on photosynthetic pigments, lipid peroxidation, antioxidants, and artemisinin in hydroponically grown Artemisia annua
  Xuan Li,Manxi Zhao,Lanping Guo and Luqi Huang
  Published 8月 15日, 2012 (12 pages)
  2012,24(8):1511-1518 [Abstract(2377)]  [View PDF 210.20 K (1971)]


Influences of pH value in deposition-precipitation synthesis process on Pt-doped TiO2 catalysts for photocatalytic oxidation of NO
  Shuzhen Song,Zhongyi Sheng,Yue Liu,Haiqiang Wang and Zhongbiao Wu
  Published 8月 15日, 2012 (10 pages)
  2012,24(8):1519-1524 [Abstract(2219)]  [View PDF 4.25 M (2007)]
Adsorption of mixed cationic-nonionic surfactant and its effect on bentonite structure
  Yaxin Zhang,Yan Zhao,Yong Zhu,Huayong Wu,Hongtao Wang and Wenjing Lu
  Published 8月 15日, 2012 (12 pages)
  2012,24(8):1525-1532 [Abstract(2326)]  [View PDF 408.22 K (2292)]


Recovery of phosphorus as struvite from sewage sludge ash
  Huacheng Xu,Pinjing He,Weimei Gu,Guanzhao Wang and Liming Shao
  Published 8月 15日, 2012 (10 pages)
  2012,24(8):1533-1538 [Abstract(2072)]  [View PDF 228.99 K (2357)]

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