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We are integrating with the world-Journal of Environmental Sciences Journey of twenty five years
  Qingcai Feng and Xiaoshan Tie
  2013,25(1):1-4 [Abstract(2386)]  [View PDF 313.36 K (4657)]


Characterization of the airborne bacteria community at different distances from the rotating brushes in a wastewater treatment plant by 16S rRNA gene clone libraries
  Yunping Han,Lin Li and Junxin Liu
  2013,25(1):5-15 [Abstract(2538)]  [View PDF 2.33 M (3194)]
Growth and nutrient accumulation of Phragmites australis in relation to water level variation and nutrient loadings in a shallow lake
  Ying Zhao,Xinghui Xia and Zhifeng Yang
  2013,25(1):16-25 [Abstract(2356)]  [View PDF 617.56 K (3436)]
Cost-performance analysis of nutrient removal in a full-scale oxidation ditch process based on kinetic modeling
  Zheng Li,Rong Qi,Bo Wang,Zhe Zou,Guohong Wei and Min Yang
  2013,25(1):26-32 [Abstract(2169)]  [View PDF 634.93 K (3497)]
Sulfur-containing amino acid methionine as the precursor of volatile organic sulfur compounds in algea-induced black bloom
  Xin Lu,Chengxin Fan,Wei He,Jiancai Deng and Hongbin Yin
  2013,25(1):33-43 [Abstract(2905)]  [View PDF 435.59 K (3253)]
Nitrous oxide reductase gene (nosZ) and N2O reduction along the littoral gradient of a eutrophic freshwater lake
  Chaoxu Wang,Guibing Zhu,Yu Wang,Shanyun Wang and Chengqing Yin
  2013,25(1):44-52 [Abstract(2566)]  [View PDF 851.07 K (3492)]
Influence of oxygen flow rate and compost addition on reduction of organic matter in aerated waste layer containing mainly incineration residue
  Hiroshi Asakura,Kei Nakagawa,Kazuto Endo,Masato Yamada,Yusaku Ono and Yoshiro Ono
  2013,25(1):53-58 [Abstract(2121)]  [View PDF 584.74 K (3398)]
Removal and transformation of organic matters in domestic wastewater during lab-scale chemically enhanced primary treatment and a trickling filter treatment
  Qingliang Zhao,Huiyuan Zhong,Kun Wang,Liangliang Wei,Jinli Liu and Yu Liu
  2013,25(1):59-68 [Abstract(2342)]  [View PDF 1.60 M (2965)]
Occurrence and distribution of hexabromocyclododecane in sediments from seven major river drainage basins in China
  Honghua Li,Hongtao Shang,Pu Wang,Yawei Wang,Haidong Zhang,Qinghua Zhang and Guibin Jiang
  2013,25(1):69-76 [Abstract(2114)]  [View PDF 525.39 K (3494)]
Influencing factors and degradation products of antipyrine chlorination in water with free chlorine
  Meiquan Cai,Liqiu Zhang,Fei Qi and Li Feng
  2013,25(1):77-84 [Abstract(2064)]  [View PDF 836.00 K (3434)]
Characterization of dissolved organic matter as N-nitrosamine precursors based on hydrophobicity, molecular weight and fluorescence
  Chengkun Wang,Xiaojian Zhang,Jun Wang and Chao Chen
  2013,25(1):85-95 [Abstract(2149)]  [View PDF 801.85 K (3371)]
Simultaneous removal of selected oxidized contaminants in groundwater using a continuously stirred hydrogen-based membrane biofilm reactor
  Siqing Xia,Jun Liang,Xiaoyin Xu and Shuang Shen
  2013,25(1):96-104 [Abstract(1940)]  [View PDF 1.54 M (3224)]
Effect of dissolved organic matter on nitrate-nitrogen removal by anion exchange resin and kinetics studies
  Haiou Song,Zhijian Yao,Mengqiao Wang,Jinnan Wang,Zhaolian Zhu and Aimin Li
  2013,25(1):105-113 [Abstract(2287)]  [View PDF 398.05 K (3305)]
Natural organic matter quantification in the waters of a semiarid freshwater wetland (Tablas de Daimiel, Spain)
  Montserrat Filella,Juan Carlos Rodrguez-Murillo and Francois Quentel
  2013,25(1):114-123 [Abstract(2186)]  [View PDF 8.43 M (2212)]


Carbon dioxide capture using polyethylenimine-loaded mesoporous carbons
  Jitong Wang,Huichao Chen,Huanhuan Zhou,Xiaojun Liu,Wenming Qiao,Donghui Long and Licheng Ling
  2013,25(1):124-132 [Abstract(2286)]  [View PDF 5.79 M (3063)]
Simultaneous monitoring of PCB profiles in the urban air of Dalian, China with active and passive samplings
  Qian Xu,Xiuhua Zhu,Bernhard Henkelmann,Karl-Werner Schramm,Jiping Chen,Yuwen Ni,Wei Wang,Gerd Pfister,Jun Mu,Songtao Qin and Yan Li
  2013,25(1):133-143 [Abstract(2246)]  [View PDF 369.28 K (3353)]


Profiling the ionome of rice and its use in discriminating geographical origins at the regional scale, China
  Gang Li,Luis Nunes,Yijie Wang,Paul N. Williams,Maozhong Zheng,Qiufang Zhang and Yongguan Zhu
  2013,25(1):144-154 [Abstract(2789)]  [View PDF 678.57 K (3710)]


Effects of solution conditions on the physicochemical properties of stratification components of extracellular polymeric substances in anaerobic digested sludge
  Dongqin Yuan and Yili Wang
  2013,25(1):155-162 [Abstract(2219)]  [View PDF 369.31 K (3574)]


In vitro cytotoxicity of CdSe/ZnS quantum dots with different surface coatings to human keratinocytes HaCaT cells
  Kavitha Pathakoti,Huey-Min Hwang,Hong Xu,Zoraida P. Aguilar and Andrew Wang
  2013,25(1):163-171 [Abstract(2454)]  [View PDF 1.79 M (3307)]
Effect of heavy metals and phenol on bacterial decolourisation and COD reduction of sucrose-aspartic acid Maillard product
  Sangeeta Yadav and Ram Chandra
  2013,25(1):172-180 [Abstract(2178)]  [View PDF 1020.59 K (3129)]


Mesoporous silicas synthesis and application for lignin peroxidase immobilization by covalent binding method
  Zunfang Hu,Longqian Xu and Xianghua Wen
  2013,25(1):181-187 [Abstract(2139)]  [View PDF 678.31 K (3120)]
Adsorption of naphthalene onto a high-surface-area carbon from waste ion exchange resin
  Qianqian Shi,Aimin Li,Zhaolian Zhu and Bing Liu
  2013,25(1):188-194 [Abstract(2073)]  [View PDF 353.98 K (3137)]
Adsorption of lead on multi-walled carbon nanotubes with different outer diameters and oxygen contents: Kinetics, isotherms and thermodynamics
  Fei Yu,Yanqing Wu,Jie Ma and Chi Zhang
  2013,25(1):195-203 [Abstract(2381)]  [View PDF 2.30 M (2861)]


Application of comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography with mass spectrometric detection for the analysis of selected drug residues in wastewater and surface water
  Petr Lacina,Ludmila Mravcová and Milada Vávrová
  2013,25(1):204-212 [Abstract(2283)]  [View PDF 1.79 M (3513)]
Determination of gaseous semi- and low-volatile organic halogen compounds by barrier-discharge atomic emission spectrometry
  Yifei Sun,Nobuhisa Watanabe,Wei Wang and Tianle Zhu
  2013,25(1):213-219 [Abstract(2234)]  [View PDF 579.09 K (3322)]
Electrochemical treatment of olive mill wastewater: Treatment extent and effluent phenolic compounds monitoring using some uncommon analytical tools
  Chokri Belaid,Moncef Khadraoui,Salma Mseddi,Monem Kallel,Boubaker Elleuch and Jean Francois Fauvarque
  2013,25(1):220-230 [Abstract(2342)]  [View PDF 3.26 M (3223)]


Evaluation of PCDD/Fs and metals emission from a circulating fluidized bed incinerator co-combusting sewage sludge with coal
  Gang Zhang,Jing Hai,Jiang Cheng,Zhiqi Cai,Mingzhong Ren,Sukun Zhang and Jieru Zhang
  2013,25(1):231-235 [Abstract(2271)]  [View PDF 346.85 K (3307)]

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