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Adsorption of Cr(Ⅲ) from acidic solutions by crop straw derived biochars
  Jingjian Pan,Jun Jiang and Renkou Xu
  2013,25(10):1957-1965 [Abstract(2326)]  [View PDF 10.95 M (2050)]
Critical velocity in phosphorus exchange processes across the sediment-water interface
  Jun Wan,Ze Wang,Zhijie Li,Huiling Duan and HezhongYuan
  2013,25(10):1966-1971 [Abstract(1544)]  [View PDF 11.02 M (2052)]
Starch/polyvinyl alcohol blended materials used as solid carbon source for tertiary denitrification of secondary effluent
  Peng Li,Jiane Zuo,Wei Xing,Lei Tang,Xiangyang Ye,Zaixing Li,Lin Yuan,Kaijun Wang and Hongtao Zhang
  2013,25(10):1972-1979 [Abstract(1854)]  [View PDF 10.92 M (2410)]
Influence of dissolved organic matter character on mercury incorporation by planktonic organisms:An experimental study using oligotrophic water from Patagonian lakes
  María C. Diéguez,Claudia P. Queimaliños,Sergio Ribeiro Guevara,Mark Marvin-DiPasquale,Carolina Soto Cárdenas and María A. Arribére
  2013,25(10):1980-1991 [Abstract(1864)]  [View PDF 10.98 M (1808)]
Assessment and management of the performance risk of a pilot reclaimed water disinfection process
  Guangyu Zhou,Xinhua Zhao,Lei Zhang and Qing Wu
  2013,25(10):1992-2002 [Abstract(1511)]  [View PDF 11.08 M (2690)]
Health risks associated with heavy metals in the drinking water of Swat, northern Pakistan
  Kifayatullah Khan,Yonglong Lu,Hizbullah Khan,Shahida Zakir,Ihsanullah,Sardar Khan,Akbar Ali Khan,Luo Wei and Tieyu Wang
  2013,25(10):2003-2013 [Abstract(2025)]  [View PDF 11.99 M (2188)]
Establishing eutrophication assessment standards for four lake regions, China
  Shouliang Huo,Chunzi Ma,Beidou Xi,Jing Su,Fengyu Zan,Danfeng Ji and Zhuoshi He
  2013,25(10):2014-2022 [Abstract(1618)]  [View PDF 10.91 M (1836)]
Electrochemical oxidation of recalcitrant organic compounds in biologically treated municipal solid waste leachate in a flow reactor
  Xuejun Quan,Zhiliang Cheng,Bo Chen and Xincai Zhu
  2013,25(10):2023-2030 [Abstract(1792)]  [View PDF 11.10 M (2091)]
Identical full-scale biogas-lift reactors (BLRs) with anaerobic granular sludge and residual activated sludge for brewery wastewater treatment and kinetic modeling
  Fu Xu,Zhenxing Huang,Hengfeng Miao,Hongyan Ren,Mingxing Zhao and Wenquan Ruan
  2013,25(10):2031-2040 [Abstract(1615)]  [View PDF 10.97 M (4113)]
Water quality evaluation of Haihe River with fuzzy similarity measure methods
  Xiaojing Wang,Zhihong Zou and Hui Zou
  2013,25(10):2041-2046 [Abstract(1619)]  [View PDF 10.88 M (1724)]
Waste oyster shell as a kind of active filler to treat the combined wastewater at an estuary
  Hongbing Luo,Gu Huang,Xiaoying Fu,Xiaoling Liu,Daocai Zheng,Jian Peng,Ke Zhang,Bo Huang,Liangqian Fan,Fenghui Chen and Xiubo Sun
  2013,25(10):2047-2055 [Abstract(1696)]  [View PDF 11.32 M (2339)]
Waste activated sludge treatment based on temperature staged and biologically phased anaerobic digestion system
  Jingwen Yu,Mingxia Zheng,Tao Tao,Jiane Zuo and Kaijun Wang
  2013,25(10):2056-2064 [Abstract(1526)]  [View PDF 11.97 M (2525)]
Diel and seasonal variation of methane and carbon dioxide fluxes at Site Guojiaba, the Three Gorges Reservoir
  Shangbin Xiao,Yuchun Wang,Defu Liu,Zhengjian Yang,Dan Lei and Cheng Zhang
  2013,25(10):2065-2071 [Abstract(1814)]  [View PDF 11.10 M (1779)]


Emissions of parent, nitrated, and oxygenated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from indoor corn straw burning in normal and controlled combustion conditions
  Guofeng Shen,Miao Xue,Siye Wei,Yuanchen Chen,Bin Wang,Rong Wang,Yan Lv,Huizhong Shen,Wei Li,Yanyan Zhang,Ye Huang,Han Chen,Wen Wei,Qiuyue Zhao,Bing Li,Haisuo Wu and Shu Tao
  2013,25(10):2072-2080 [Abstract(2078)]  [View PDF 10.94 M (2035)]
Capture of carbon dioxide from flue gas on TEPA-grafted metal-organic framework Mg2(dobdc)
  Yan Cao,Fujiao Song,Yunxia Zhao and Qin Zhong
  2013,25(10):2081-2087 [Abstract(1422)]  [View PDF 11.08 M (1711)]
Atmospheric emission characterization of a novel sludge drying and co-combustion system
  Shengyong Lu,Liqin Yang,Fa Zhou,Fei Wang,Jianhua Yan,Xiaodong Li,Yong Chi and Kefa Cen
  2013,25(10):2088-2092 [Abstract(1602)]  [View PDF 10.89 M (2068)]


Electrochemical and spectroscopic characteristics of dissolved organic matter in a forest soil profile
  Ran Bi,Qin Lu,Tian Yuan,Shungui Zhou,Yong Yuan and Yanfei Cai
  2013,25(10):2093-2101 [Abstract(2021)]  [View PDF 11.81 M (2167)]


Soil microbial community structure and function responses to successive planting of Eucalyptus
  Falin Chen,Hua Zheng,Kai Zhang,Zhiyun Ouyang,Huailin Li,Bing Wu and Qian Shi
  2013,25(10):2102-2111 [Abstract(1588)]  [View PDF 11.06 M (1943)]
Anaerobic co-digestion of municipal biomass wastes and waste activated sludge:Dynamic model and material balances
  Yifei Sun,Dian Wang,Wei Qiao,Wei Wang and Tianle Zhu
  2013,25(10):2112-2122 [Abstract(1937)]  [View PDF 11.20 M (1859)]


Coking wastewater increases micronucleus frequency in mouse in vivo via oxidative stress
  Na Zhu,Hongyan Li,Guangke Li and Nan Sang
  2013,25(10):2123-2129 [Abstract(1632)]  [View PDF 10.93 M (14274)]
Biological nutrient removal by internal circulation upflow sludge blanket reactor after landfill leachate pretreatment
  Alkhafaji R. Abood,Jianguo Bao and Zaidun N. Abudi
  2013,25(10):2130-2137 [Abstract(1626)]  [View PDF 11.23 M (2067)]


Porous FeOx/BiVO4-δS0.08:Highly efficient photocatalysts for the degradation of Methylene Blue under visible-light illumination
  Zhenxuan Zhao,Hongxing Dai,Jiguang Deng,Yuxi Liu,Yuan Wang,Xinwei Li,Guangmei Bai,Baozu Gao and Chak Tong Au
  2013,25(10):2138-2149 [Abstract(2193)]  [View PDF 11.82 M (14373)]
Synthesis and enhanced visible-light responsive of C,N,S-tridoped TiO2 hollow spheres
  Xiaoxia Lin,Degang Fu,Lingyun Hao and Zhen Ding
  2013,25(10):2150-2156 [Abstract(2221)]  [View PDF 13.76 M (1807)]
Pure and Mg-doped self-assembled ZnO nano-particles for the enhanced photocatalytic degradation of 4-chlorophenol
  N. Clament Sagaya Selvam,S. Narayanan,L. John Kennedy and J. Judith Vijaya
  2013,25(10):2157-2167 [Abstract(1635)]  [View PDF 26.44 M (1418)]

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