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Effect of Na+ impregnated activated carbon on the adsorption of NH4+-N from aqueous solution
  Mo Shi,Zhengfang Wang and Zheng Zheng
  2013,25(8):1501-1510 [Abstract(2045)]  [View PDF 2.67 M (2399)]
Fate and degradation of nonylphenolic compounds during wastewater treatment process
  Jing Lian and Junxin Liu
  2013,25(8):1511-1518 [Abstract(1844)]  [View PDF 405.38 K (2391)]
Comparison of UV/PDS and UV/H2O2 processes for the degradation of atenolol in water
  Xiaowei Liu,Lei Fang,Yongchao Zhou,Tuqiao Zhang and Yu Shao
  2013,25(8):1519-1528 [Abstract(1865)]  [View PDF 570.34 K (2414)]
Biodegradation of alkylates under less agitated aquifer conditions
  Jay J. Cho,Makram T. Suidan and Albert D. Venosa
  2013,25(8):1529-1538 [Abstract(1675)]  [View PDF 712.66 K (2383)]
Characterization of typical taste and odor compounds formed by Microcystis aeruginosa
  Kejia Zhang,Tsair Fuh Lin,Tuqiao Zhang,Cong Li and Naiyun Gao
  2013,25(8):1539-1548 [Abstract(2068)]  [View PDF 883.71 K (2600)]
Application of high OLR-fed aerobic granules for the treatment oflow-strength wastewater:Performance, granule morphology and microbial community
  Jingyun Ma,Xiangchun Quan and Huai Li
  2013,25(8):1549-1556 [Abstract(1905)]  [View PDF 12.37 M (2346)]
Optimization and evaluation of a bottom substrate denitrification tank for nitrate removal from a recirculating aquaculture system
  Wiboonluk Pungrasmi,Cholticha Playchoom and Sorawit Powtongsook
  2013,25(8):1557-1564 [Abstract(1965)]  [View PDF 412.24 K (2674)]
Coking wastewater treatment for industrial reuse purpose:Combining biological processes with ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis
  Xuewen Jin,Enchao Li,Shuguang Lu,Zhaofu Qiu and Qian Sui
  2013,25(8):1565-1574 [Abstract(2458)]  [View PDF 463.08 K (2467)]
Interference of iron as a coagulant on MIB removal by powdered activated carbon adsorption for low turbidity waters
  Ferreira Filho SIDNEY SECKLER,Marchetto MARGARIDA and Alves Laganaro ROSEMEIRE
  2013,25(8):1575-1582 [Abstract(1916)]  [View PDF 352.39 K (2890)]
Supercritical water oxidation of polyvinyl alcohol and desizing wastewater:Influence of NaOH on the organic decomposition
  Jie Zhang,Shuzhong Wang,Yang Guo,Donghai Xu,Yanmeng Gong and Xingying Tang
  2013,25(8):1583-1591 [Abstract(1947)]  [View PDF 490.56 K (2260)]
Investigation of potential interferences on the measurement of dissolved reactive phosphate using zirconium oxide-based DGT technique
  Qin Sun,Yifei Chen,Di Xu,Yan Wang and Shiming Ding
  2013,25(8):1592-1600 [Abstract(1789)]  [View PDF 373.69 K (2120)]


Disturbance of light-absorbing aerosols on the albedo in a winter snowpack of Central Tibet
  Jing Ming,Pengling Wang,Shuyu Zhao and Pengfei Chen
  2013,25(8):1601-1607 [Abstract(1849)]  [View PDF 2.62 M (2449)]
Application of AERMOD on near future air quality simulation under the latest national emission control policy of China:A case study on an industrial city
  Jieyun Ma,Honghong Yi,Xiaolong Tang,Yan Zhang,Ying Xiang and Li Pu
  2013,25(8):1608-1617 [Abstract(2102)]  [View PDF 1.54 M (2264)]
High black carbon and ozone concentrations during pollution transport in the Himalayas:Five years of continuous observations at NCO-P global GAW station
  A. Marinoni,P. Cristofanelli,P. Laj,R. Duchi,D. Putero,F. Calzolari,T. C. Landi,E. Vuillermoz,M. Maione and P. Bonasoni
  2013,25(8):1618-1625 [Abstract(1832)]  [View PDF 9.20 M (2361)]
Chemical composition, mass closure and sources of atmospheric PM10 from industrial sites in Shenzhen, China
  Gang Wu,Xin Du,Xuefang Wu,Xiao Fu,Shaofei Kong,Jianhua Chen,Zongshuang Wang and Zhipeng Bai
  2013,25(8):1626-1635 [Abstract(2020)]  [View PDF 400.16 K (2376)]


Spatial distribution of polychlorinated biphenyls in soil around a municipal solid waste incinerator
  Wenbin Liu,Haifeng Li,Zhenyu Tian,Huiting Xie and Jicheng Hu
  2013,25(8):1636-1642 [Abstract(1866)]  [View PDF 1.92 M (2055)]
Multi-factors influencing the spatial distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soils surrounding drinking water protection zone
  Wentao Jiao,Tieyu Wang,Yonglong Lu,Andrew Chang and Weiping Chen
  2013,25(8):1643-1648 [Abstract(1856)]  [View PDF 1.53 M (2101)]


Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis fingerprinting of soil bacteria in the vicinity of the Chinese Great Wall Station, King George Island, Antarctica
  Qi Pan,Feng Wang,Yang Zhang,Minghong Cai,Jianfeng He and Haizhen Yang
  2013,25(8):1649-1655 [Abstract(1881)]  [View PDF 1.25 M (2230)]
A preliminary investigation on the occurrence and distribution of antibiotic resistance genes in the Beijiang River, South China
  Zhenhao Ling,Ying Yang,Yuanli Huang,Shichun Zou and Tiangang Luan
  2013,25(8):1656-1661 [Abstract(2388)]  [View PDF 2.53 M (2195)]


Toxicity of the xenoestrogen nonylphenol and its biodegradation by the alga Cyclotella caspia
  Yu Liu,Xiaokang Dai and Jie Wei
  2013,25(8):1662-1671 [Abstract(1815)]  [View PDF 1.99 M (2349)]
Ecotoxicological effects of waterborne PFOS exposure on swimming performance and energy expenditure in juvenile goldfish (Carassius auratus)
  Jigang Xia,Shijian Fu,Zhendong Cao,Jianglan Peng,Jing Peng,Tingting Dai and Lili Cheng
  2013,25(8):1672-1679 [Abstract(1728)]  [View PDF 359.75 K (2527)]


Photocatalytic degradation of carbofuran in TiO2 aqueous solution:Kinetics using design of experiments and mechanism by HPLC/MS/MS
  Hai Yang,Shuolin Zhou,Huajie Liu,Weiwei Yan,Liping Yang and Bing Yi
  2013,25(8):1680-1686 [Abstract(1741)]  [View PDF 1.18 M (2450)]
Mesopolymer modified with palladium phthalocyaninesulfonate as a versatile photocatalyst for phenol and bisphenol A degradation under visible light irradiation
  Rong Xing,Lin Wu,Zhenghao Fei and Peng Wu
  2013,25(8):1687-1695 [Abstract(1866)]  [View PDF 451.62 K (2370)]
Formic acid as an alternative reducing agent for the catalytic nitrate reduction in aqueous media
  Eun-kyoung Choi,Kuy-hyun Park,Ho-bin Lee,Misun Cho and Samyoung Ahn
  2013,25(8):1696-1702 [Abstract(2146)]  [View PDF 9.91 M (2230)]
Promotional effect of Si-doped V2O5/TiO2 for selective catalytic reduction of NOx by NH3
  Yanxiao Pan,Wei Zhao,Qin Zhong,Wei Cai and Hongyu Li
  2013,25(8):1703-1711 [Abstract(1690)]  [View PDF 3.05 M (2386)]


Determination of 4-tert-octylphenol in surface water samples of Jinan in China by solid phase extraction coupled with GC-MS
  Xueyu Yang,Mingren Liu,Zhongpeng Wang,Qian Li and Zhaoliang Zhang
  2013,25(8):1712-1717 [Abstract(2136)]  [View PDF 1.14 M (2246)]

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