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The 5th International Symposium on Environmental Economy and Technology (ISEET-2012) Preface
  Dong-Ying Ju
  2013,25(S1):S1 [Abstract(904)]  [View PDF 821.60 K (2008)]
Improvement of production of lipopeptide antibiotic iturin A using fish protein
  Umme Salma Zohora,Mohammad Shahedur Rahman,Abdul Wahab Khan,Masahiro Okanami and Takashi Ano
  2013,25(S1):S2-S7 [Abstract(958)]  [View PDF 1.15 M (1146)]
Determination of vanillin in vanilla perfumes and air by capillary electrophoresis
  Saaya Minematsu,Guang-Shan Xuan and Xing-Zheng Wu
  2013,25(S1):S8-S14 [Abstract(983)]  [View PDF 1.55 M (1901)]
Economic analysis of gradual “social exhaustion” of waste management capacity
  Hideo Koide and Hirofumi Nakayama
  2013,25(S1):S15-S19 [Abstract(1009)]  [View PDF 1.09 M (1235)]
Determinants of eco-efficiency in the Chinese industrial sector
  Hidemichi Fujii and Shunsuke Managi
  2013,25(S1):S20-S26 [Abstract(986)]  [View PDF 913.46 K (1343)]
Study on preparation and microwave absorption property of the core-nanoshell composite materials doped with La
  Liqiu Wei,Ruxin Che,Yijun Jiang and Bing Yu
  2013,25(S1):S27-S31 [Abstract(889)]  [View PDF 10.45 M (2078)]
Application of hinokitiol potassium salt for wood preservative
  Junyi Hu,Yu Shen,Song Pang,Yun Gao,Guoyong Xiao,Shujun Li and Yingqian Xu
  2013,25(S1):S32-S35 [Abstract(997)]  [View PDF 2.72 M (1237)]
Synthesis and characteristic of polyaniline/Dy2O3 composites:Thermal property and electrochemical performance
  Shaoxu Wang,Yan Li,Zihang Huang and Hui Li
  2013,25(S1):S36-S40 [Abstract(1125)]  [View PDF 1.12 M (1284)]
Numerical simulation of alga growth and control in Dalian Bay
  Ying Li,Caisheng Huang and Jiti Zhou
  2013,25(S1):S41-S44 [Abstract(982)]  [View PDF 980.16 K (1281)]
Simultaneous preconcentration of cadmium and lead in water samples with silica gel and determination by flame atomic absorption spectrometry
  Hongbo Xu,Yun Wu,Jian Wang,Xuewei Shang and Xiaojun Jian
  2013,25(S1):S45-S49 [Abstract(980)]  [View PDF 867.36 K (1222)]
Effect of stress corrosion cracking at various strain rates on the electrochemical corrosion behavior of Mg-Zn-In-Sn alloy
  Zhan Yu,Dongying Ju and Hongyang Zhao
  2013,25(S1):S50-S53 [Abstract(816)]  [View PDF 28.36 M (934)]
Study on the optical property and surface morphology of N doped TiO2 film deposited with different N2 flow rates by DCPMS
  Honglin Liu,Tingting Yao,Wanyu Ding,Hualin Wang,Dongying Ju and Weiping Chai
  2013,25(S1):S54-S58 [Abstract(1096)]  [View PDF 2.45 M (1208)]
Preparation of MgO/B2O3 coatings by plasma spraying on SUS304 surface and effects of heat-resistant
  Bo Song,Ningning Zhou and Dongying Ju
  2013,25(S1):S59-S62 [Abstract(953)]  [View PDF 6.52 M (962)]
Degradation mechanism of Direct Pink 12B treated by iron-carbon micro-electrolysis and Fenton reaction
  Xiquan Wang,Xiaokang Gong,Qiuxia Zhang and Haijuan Du
  2013,25(S1):S63-S68 [Abstract(1057)]  [View PDF 1.18 M (1842)]
Synthesis and characterization of agricultural controllable humic acid superabsorbent
  Lijuan Gao,Shiqiang Wang and Xuefei Zhao
  2013,25(S1):S69-S76 [Abstract(927)]  [View PDF 1.61 M (1966)]
Electrochemical in situ regeneration of granular activated carbon using a three-dimensional reactor
  Hong Sun,Zhigang Liu,Ying Wang and Yansheng Li
  2013,25(S1):S77-S79 [Abstract(922)]  [View PDF 905.16 K (1234)]
Photocatalytic degradation of C. I. Reactive Red 24 solution with K6SiW11O39Sn
  Guixiang Guo,Xiuhua Zhu,Fuyou Shi,Anning Wang,Wei Wang,Jun Mu,Quanli Wan and Rong Zhang
  2013,25(S1):S80-S84 [Abstract(952)]  [View PDF 885.19 K (1430)]
Microalgae cultivation using an aquaculture wastewater as growth medium for biomass and biofuel production
  Zhen Guo,Yuan Liu,Haiyan Guo,Song Yan and Jun Mu
  2013,25(S1):S85-S88 [Abstract(962)]  [View PDF 866.97 K (1224)]
Determination of thiocyanate in the vacuum carbonate desulfurization wastewater
  Luyuan Wang,Lin Dong and Wenhui Song
  2013,25(S1):S89-S92 [Abstract(957)]  [View PDF 857.43 K (1279)]
Effect of acid solutions on plants studied by the optical beam deflection method
  Liangjiao Nie,Mitsutoshi Kuboda,Tomomi Inoue and Xingzheng Wu
  2013,25(S1):S93-S96 [Abstract(933)]  [View PDF 1.98 M (1035)]
Synthesis of the starch grafting of superabsorbent and high oil-absorbing resin
  Zhi Xu,Qingzhi Fei and Xiaoyu Zhang
  2013,25(S1):S97-S100 [Abstract(945)]  [View PDF 2.91 M (1115)]
Effect of calcium on adsorption capacity of powdered activated carbon
  Gang Li,Junteng Shang,Ying Wang,Yansheng Li and Hong Gao
  2013,25(S1):S101-S105 [Abstract(966)]  [View PDF 881.72 K (1194)]
Interface-mediated synthesis of monodisperse ZnS nanoparticles with sulfate-reducing bacterium culture
  Zhanguo Liang,Jun Mu,Ying Mu,Jiaming Shi,Wenjing Hao,Xuewei Dong and Hongquan Yu
  2013,25(S1):S106-S109 [Abstract(1015)]  [View PDF 3.59 M (1333)]
Influence of reactivation on the electrochemical performances of activated carbon based on coconut shell
  Xin Geng,Lixiang Li,Meiling Zhang,Baigang An and Xiaoming Zhu
  2013,25(S1):S110-S117 [Abstract(916)]  [View PDF 1023.64 K (1177)]
Effect of mass fraction of long flame coal on swelling pressure and microstructures of cokes
  Zhenning Zhao,Jinfeng Bai,Jun Xu,Yaru Zhang,Xiangyun Zhong,Hongchun Liu and Dekai Yang
  2013,25(S1):S118-S121 [Abstract(1093)]  [View PDF 1.42 M (1722)]
Screening of endophytic bacteria against fungal plant pathogens
  Tatsuya Ohike,Kohei Makuni,Masahiro Okanami and Takashi Ano
  2013,25(S1):S122-S126 [Abstract(866)]  [View PDF 2.34 M (1177)]
Isolation of antifungal bacteria from Japanese fermented soybeans, natto
  Daichi Murata,Sayaka Sawano,Tatsuya Ohike,Masahiro Okanami and Takashi Ano
  2013,25(S1):S127-S131 [Abstract(951)]  [View PDF 2.14 M (1088)]
Evaluation of the water quality of the Hakata River based on diatoms
  Masami Sakai,Mitsuyasu Kawakami and Kei Amada
  2013,25(S1):S132-S135 [Abstract(946)]  [View PDF 1.38 M (1405)]
Entrepreneur environment management behavior evaluation method derived from environmental economy
  Lili Zhang,Xilin Hou and Fengru Xi
  2013,25(S1):S136-S140 [Abstract(1022)]  [View PDF 856.26 K (1470)]
Catalytic activities of zeolite compounds for decomposing aqueous ozone
  Ai KUSUDA,Mikito KITAYAMA and Yoshio OHTA
  2013,25(S1):S141-S145 [Abstract(954)]  [View PDF 925.74 K (1471)]
Nitrogen and phosphorus removal in an airlift intermittent circulation membrane bioreactor
  Haiyan Guo,Jiandong Chen,Yun Li,Tengteng Feng and Shoutong Zhang
  2013,25(S1):S146-S150 [Abstract(930)]  [View PDF 890.83 K (1471)]
Electroreductive dechlorination of chlorophenols with Pd catalyst supported on solid electrode
  Caixia,Atsushi Matsunaga and Meguru Tezuka
  2013,25(S1):S151-S154 [Abstract(928)]  [View PDF 1.56 M (1260)]
Quantitative analysis of microbial biomass yield in aerobic bioreactor
  Osamu Watanabe and Satoru Isoda
  2013,25(S1):S155-S160 [Abstract(1026)]  [View PDF 908.52 K (1239)]
Chemical constituents of Prunella vulgaris
  Xiaojie Gu,Youbin Li,Jun Mu and Yi Zhang
  2013,25(S1):S161-S163 [Abstract(992)]  [View PDF 854.22 K (1768)]
Decolorization of oxygen-delignified bleaching effluent and biobleaching of oxygen-delignified kraft pulp by non-white-rot fungus Geotrichum candidum Dec 1
  Noboru Shintani and Makoto Shoda
  2013,25(S1):S164-S168 [Abstract(953)]  [View PDF 1.06 M (1233)]
Overexpression of NADH oxidase gene from Deinococcus geothermalis in Escherichia coli
  Sase Kazuya,Iwasaki Tomomi,Karasaki Hatsune and Ishikawa Masahide
  2013,25(S1):S169-S171 [Abstract(948)]  [View PDF 969.71 K (1415)]
Modeling the current-voltage characteristics of thin-film silicon solar cells based on photo-induced electron transfer processes
  Satoru Isoda
  2013,25(S1):S172-S179 [Abstract(1008)]  [View PDF 2.05 M (1213)]
Degradation of monofluorophenols in water irradiated with gaseous plasma
  Haiming Yang,Giya Mengen,Yuki Matsumoto and Meguru Tezuka
  2013,25(S1):S180-S185 [Abstract(1008)]  [View PDF 896.83 K (1279)]
Research on the evolvement of morphology of coking coal during the coking process
  Xiangyun Zhong,Shiyong Wu,Yang Liu,Zhenning Zhao,Yaru Zhang,Jinfeng Bai,Jun Xu and Bai Xi
  2013,25(S1):S186-S189 [Abstract(860)]  [View PDF 6.25 M (1335)]
Effects of atamp-charging coke making on strength and high temperature thermal properties of coke
  Yaru Zhang,Jinfeng Bai,Jun Xu,Xiangyun Zhong,Zhenning Zhao and Hongchun Liu
  2013,25(S1):S190-S195 [Abstract(1047)]  [View PDF 898.71 K (1793)]
Enriching blast furnace gas by removing carbon dioxide
  Chongmin Zhang,Zhimin Sun,Shuwen Chen and Baohai Wang
  2013,25(S1):S196-S200 [Abstract(1047)]  [View PDF 884.32 K (1573)]
Removement of thiocyanate from industrial wastewater by microwave-Fenton oxidation method
  Bai Xi and Qingzhong Shi
  2013,25(S1):S201-S204 [Abstract(1039)]  [View PDF 859.21 K (1285)]
Effect of bulk density of coking coal on swelling pressure
  Jinfeng Bai,Chunwang Yang,Zhenning Zhao,Xiangyun Zhong,Yaru Zhang,Jun Xu,Bai Xi and Hongchun Liu
  2013,25(S1):S205-S209 [Abstract(1003)]  [View PDF 927.33 K (1272)]

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