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The 5th International Symposium on Environmental Economy and Technology (ISEET-2012) Preface
  Dong-Ying JuDong-Ying Ju
  2013,25(S1):S1 [Abstract(1064)]  [View PDF 821.60 K (2176)]
Improvement of production of lipopeptide antibiotic iturin A using fish protein
  Umme Salma Zohora,Mohammad Shahedur Rahman,Abdul Wahab Khan,Masahiro Okanami and Takashi AnoAbdul Wahab Khan, Masahiro Okanami, Mohammad Shahedur Rahman, Takashi Ano, Umme Salma Zohora
  2013,25(S1):S2-S7 [Abstract(1104)]  [View PDF 1.15 M (1304)]
Determination of vanillin in vanilla perfumes and air by capillary electrophoresis
  Saaya Minematsu,Guang-Shan Xuan and Xing-Zheng WuGuang-Shan Xuan, Saaya Minematsu, Xing-Zheng Wu
  2013,25(S1):S8-S14 [Abstract(1127)]  [View PDF 1.55 M (2066)]
Economic analysis of gradual “social exhaustion” of waste management capacity
  Hideo Koide and Hirofumi NakayamaHideo Koide, Hirofumi Nakayama
  2013,25(S1):S15-S19 [Abstract(1161)]  [View PDF 1.09 M (1419)]
Determinants of eco-efficiency in the Chinese industrial sector
  Hidemichi Fujii and Shunsuke ManagiHidemichi Fujii, Shunsuke Managi
  2013,25(S1):S20-S26 [Abstract(1129)]  [View PDF 913.46 K (1490)]
Study on preparation and microwave absorption property of the core-nanoshell composite materials doped with La
  Liqiu Wei,Ruxin Che,Yijun Jiang and Bing YuBing Yu, Liqiu Wei, Ruxin Che, Yijun Jiang
  2013,25(S1):S27-S31 [Abstract(1038)]  [View PDF 10.45 M (2368)]
Application of hinokitiol potassium salt for wood preservative
  Junyi Hu,Yu Shen,Song Pang,Yun Gao,Guoyong Xiao,Shujun Li and Yingqian XuGuoyong Xiao, Junyi Hu, Shujun Li, Song Pang, Yingqian Xu, Yu Shen, Yun Gao
  2013,25(S1):S32-S35 [Abstract(1156)]  [View PDF 2.72 M (1399)]
Synthesis and characteristic of polyaniline/Dy2O3 composites:Thermal property and electrochemical performance
  Shaoxu Wang,Yan Li,Zihang Huang and Hui LiHui Li, Shaoxu Wang, Yan Li, Zihang Huang
  2013,25(S1):S36-S40 [Abstract(1269)]  [View PDF 1.12 M (1437)]
Numerical simulation of alga growth and control in Dalian Bay
  Ying Li,Caisheng Huang and Jiti ZhouCaisheng Huang, Jiti Zhou, Ying Li
  2013,25(S1):S41-S44 [Abstract(1125)]  [View PDF 980.16 K (1475)]
Simultaneous preconcentration of cadmium and lead in water samples with silica gel and determination by flame atomic absorption spectrometry
  Hongbo Xu,Yun Wu,Jian Wang,Xuewei Shang and Xiaojun JianHongbo Xu, Jian Wang, Xiaojun Jian, Xuewei Shang, Yun Wu
  2013,25(S1):S45-S49 [Abstract(1119)]  [View PDF 867.36 K (1427)]
Effect of stress corrosion cracking at various strain rates on the electrochemical corrosion behavior of Mg-Zn-In-Sn alloy
  Zhan Yu,Dongying Ju and Hongyang ZhaoDongying Ju, Hongyang Zhao, Zhan Yu
  2013,25(S1):S50-S53 [Abstract(956)]  [View PDF 28.36 M (1078)]
Study on the optical property and surface morphology of N doped TiO2 film deposited with different N2 flow rates by DCPMS
  Honglin Liu,Tingting Yao,Wanyu Ding,Hualin Wang,Dongying Ju and Weiping ChaiDongying Ju, Honglin Liu, Hualin Wang, Tingting Yao, Wanyu Ding, Weiping Chai
  2013,25(S1):S54-S58 [Abstract(1253)]  [View PDF 2.45 M (1358)]
Preparation of MgO/B2O3 coatings by plasma spraying on SUS304 surface and effects of heat-resistant
  Bo Song,Ningning Zhou and Dongying JuBo Song, Dongying Ju, Ningning Zhou
  2013,25(S1):S59-S62 [Abstract(1113)]  [View PDF 6.52 M (1121)]
Degradation mechanism of Direct Pink 12B treated by iron-carbon micro-electrolysis and Fenton reaction
  Xiquan Wang,Xiaokang Gong,Qiuxia Zhang and Haijuan DuHaijuan Du, Qiuxia Zhang, Xiaokang Gong, Xiquan Wang
  2013,25(S1):S63-S68 [Abstract(1203)]  [View PDF 1.18 M (1996)]
Synthesis and characterization of agricultural controllable humic acid superabsorbent
  Lijuan Gao,Shiqiang Wang and Xuefei ZhaoLijuan Gao, Shiqiang Wang, Xuefei Zhao
  2013,25(S1):S69-S76 [Abstract(1072)]  [View PDF 1.61 M (2158)]
Electrochemical in situ regeneration of granular activated carbon using a three-dimensional reactor
  Hong Sun,Zhigang Liu,Ying Wang and Yansheng LiHong Sun, Yansheng Li, Ying Wang, Zhigang Liu
  2013,25(S1):S77-S79 [Abstract(1078)]  [View PDF 905.16 K (1388)]
Photocatalytic degradation of C. I. Reactive Red 24 solution with K6SiW11O39Sn
  Guixiang Guo,Xiuhua Zhu,Fuyou Shi,Anning Wang,Wei Wang,Jun Mu,Quanli Wan and Rong ZhangAnning Wang, Fuyou Shi, Guixiang Guo, Jun Mu, Quanli Wan, Rong Zhang, Wei Wang, Xiuhua Zhu
  2013,25(S1):S80-S84 [Abstract(1090)]  [View PDF 885.19 K (1588)]
Microalgae cultivation using an aquaculture wastewater as growth medium for biomass and biofuel production
  Zhen Guo,Yuan Liu,Haiyan Guo,Song Yan and Jun MuHaiyan Guo, Jun Mu, Song Yan, Yuan Liu, Zhen Guo
  2013,25(S1):S85-S88 [Abstract(1125)]  [View PDF 866.97 K (1367)]
Determination of thiocyanate in the vacuum carbonate desulfurization wastewater
  Luyuan Wang,Lin Dong and Wenhui SongLin Dong, Luyuan Wang, Wenhui Song
  2013,25(S1):S89-S92 [Abstract(1096)]  [View PDF 857.43 K (1428)]
Effect of acid solutions on plants studied by the optical beam deflection method
  Liangjiao Nie,Mitsutoshi Kuboda,Tomomi Inoue and Xingzheng WuLiangjiao Nie, Mitsutoshi Kuboda, Tomomi Inoue, Xingzheng Wu
  2013,25(S1):S93-S96 [Abstract(1073)]  [View PDF 1.98 M (1182)]
Synthesis of the starch grafting of superabsorbent and high oil-absorbing resin
  Zhi Xu,Qingzhi Fei and Xiaoyu ZhangQingzhi Fei, Xiaoyu Zhang, Zhi Xu
  2013,25(S1):S97-S100 [Abstract(1081)]  [View PDF 2.91 M (1266)]
Effect of calcium on adsorption capacity of powdered activated carbon
  Gang Li,Junteng Shang,Ying Wang,Yansheng Li and Hong GaoGang Li, Hong Gao, Junteng Shang, Yansheng Li, Ying Wang
  2013,25(S1):S101-S105 [Abstract(1116)]  [View PDF 881.72 K (1329)]
Interface-mediated synthesis of monodisperse ZnS nanoparticles with sulfate-reducing bacterium culture
  Zhanguo Liang,Jun Mu,Ying Mu,Jiaming Shi,Wenjing Hao,Xuewei Dong and Hongquan YuHongquan Yu, Jiaming Shi, Jun Mu, Wenjing Hao, Xuewei Dong, Ying Mu, Zhanguo Liang
  2013,25(S1):S106-S109 [Abstract(1163)]  [View PDF 3.59 M (1475)]
Influence of reactivation on the electrochemical performances of activated carbon based on coconut shell
  Xin Geng,Lixiang Li,Meiling Zhang,Baigang An and Xiaoming ZhuBaigang An, Lixiang Li, Meiling Zhang, Xiaoming Zhu, Xin Geng
  2013,25(S1):S110-S117 [Abstract(1065)]  [View PDF 1023.64 K (1325)]
Effect of mass fraction of long flame coal on swelling pressure and microstructures of cokes
  Zhenning Zhao,Jinfeng Bai,Jun Xu,Yaru Zhang,Xiangyun Zhong,Hongchun Liu and Dekai YangDekai Yang, Hongchun Liu, Jinfeng Bai, Jun Xu, Xiangyun Zhong, Yaru Zhang, Zhenning Zhao
  2013,25(S1):S118-S121 [Abstract(1222)]  [View PDF 1.42 M (1884)]
Screening of endophytic bacteria against fungal plant pathogens
  Tatsuya Ohike,Kohei Makuni,Masahiro Okanami and Takashi AnoKohei Makuni, Masahiro Okanami, Takashi Ano, Tatsuya Ohike
  2013,25(S1):S122-S126 [Abstract(1003)]  [View PDF 2.34 M (1319)]
Isolation of antifungal bacteria from Japanese fermented soybeans, natto
  Daichi Murata,Sayaka Sawano,Tatsuya Ohike,Masahiro Okanami and Takashi AnoDaichi Murata, Masahiro Okanami, Sayaka Sawano, Takashi Ano, Tatsuya Ohike
  2013,25(S1):S127-S131 [Abstract(1099)]  [View PDF 2.14 M (1230)]
Evaluation of the water quality of the Hakata River based on diatoms
  Masami Sakai,Mitsuyasu Kawakami and Kei AmadaKei Amada, Masami Sakai, Mitsuyasu Kawakami
  2013,25(S1):S132-S135 [Abstract(1079)]  [View PDF 1.38 M (1558)]
Entrepreneur environment management behavior evaluation method derived from environmental economy
  Lili Zhang,Xilin Hou and Fengru XiFengru Xi, Lili Zhang, Xilin Hou
  2013,25(S1):S136-S140 [Abstract(1201)]  [View PDF 856.26 K (1646)]
Catalytic activities of zeolite compounds for decomposing aqueous ozone
  2013,25(S1):S141-S145 [Abstract(1102)]  [View PDF 925.74 K (1648)]
Nitrogen and phosphorus removal in an airlift intermittent circulation membrane bioreactor
  Haiyan Guo,Jiandong Chen,Yun Li,Tengteng Feng and Shoutong ZhangHaiyan Guo, Jiandong Chen, Shoutong Zhang, Tengteng Feng, Yun Li
  2013,25(S1):S146-S150 [Abstract(1104)]  [View PDF 890.83 K (1618)]
Electroreductive dechlorination of chlorophenols with Pd catalyst supported on solid electrode
  Caixia,Atsushi Matsunaga and Meguru TezukaAtsushi Matsunaga, Caixia, Meguru Tezuka
  2013,25(S1):S151-S154 [Abstract(1076)]  [View PDF 1.56 M (1471)]
Quantitative analysis of microbial biomass yield in aerobic bioreactor
  Osamu Watanabe and Satoru IsodaOsamu Watanabe, Satoru Isoda
  2013,25(S1):S155-S160 [Abstract(1175)]  [View PDF 908.52 K (1437)]
Chemical constituents of Prunella vulgaris
  Xiaojie Gu,Youbin Li,Jun Mu and Yi ZhangJun Mu, Xiaojie Gu, Yi Zhang, Youbin Li
  2013,25(S1):S161-S163 [Abstract(1133)]  [View PDF 854.22 K (1939)]
Decolorization of oxygen-delignified bleaching effluent and biobleaching of oxygen-delignified kraft pulp by non-white-rot fungus Geotrichum candidum Dec 1
  Noboru Shintani and Makoto ShodaMakoto Shoda, Noboru Shintani
  2013,25(S1):S164-S168 [Abstract(1097)]  [View PDF 1.06 M (1386)]
Overexpression of NADH oxidase gene from Deinococcus geothermalis in Escherichia coli
  Sase Kazuya,Iwasaki Tomomi,Karasaki Hatsune and Ishikawa MasahideIshikawa Masahide, Iwasaki Tomomi, Karasaki Hatsune, Sase Kazuya
  2013,25(S1):S169-S171 [Abstract(1110)]  [View PDF 969.71 K (1552)]
Modeling the current-voltage characteristics of thin-film silicon solar cells based on photo-induced electron transfer processes
  Satoru IsodaSatoru Isoda
  2013,25(S1):S172-S179 [Abstract(1141)]  [View PDF 2.05 M (1343)]
Degradation of monofluorophenols in water irradiated with gaseous plasma
  Haiming Yang,Giya Mengen,Yuki Matsumoto and Meguru TezukaGiya Mengen, Haiming Yang, Meguru Tezuka, Yuki Matsumoto
  2013,25(S1):S180-S185 [Abstract(1140)]  [View PDF 896.83 K (1439)]
Research on the evolvement of morphology of coking coal during the coking process
  Xiangyun Zhong,Shiyong Wu,Yang Liu,Zhenning Zhao,Yaru Zhang,Jinfeng Bai,Jun Xu and Bai XiBai Xi, Jinfeng Bai, Jun Xu, Shiyong Wu, Xiangyun Zhong, Yang Liu, Yaru Zhang, Zhenning Zhao
  2013,25(S1):S186-S189 [Abstract(996)]  [View PDF 6.25 M (1469)]
Effects of atamp-charging coke making on strength and high temperature thermal properties of coke
  Yaru Zhang,Jinfeng Bai,Jun Xu,Xiangyun Zhong,Zhenning Zhao and Hongchun LiuHongchun Liu, Jinfeng Bai, Jun Xu, Xiangyun Zhong, Yaru Zhang, Zhenning Zhao
  2013,25(S1):S190-S195 [Abstract(1225)]  [View PDF 898.71 K (1944)]
Enriching blast furnace gas by removing carbon dioxide
  Chongmin Zhang,Zhimin Sun,Shuwen Chen and Baohai WangBaohai Wang, Chongmin Zhang, Shuwen Chen, Zhimin Sun
  2013,25(S1):S196-S200 [Abstract(1231)]  [View PDF 884.32 K (1722)]
Removement of thiocyanate from industrial wastewater by microwave-Fenton oxidation method
  Bai Xi and Qingzhong ShiBai Xi, Qingzhong Shi
  2013,25(S1):S201-S204 [Abstract(1192)]  [View PDF 859.21 K (1437)]
Effect of bulk density of coking coal on swelling pressure
  Jinfeng Bai,Chunwang Yang,Zhenning Zhao,Xiangyun Zhong,Yaru Zhang,Jun Xu,Bai Xi and Hongchun LiuBai Xi, Chunwang Yang, Hongchun Liu, Jinfeng Bai, Jun Xu, Xiangyun Zhong, Yaru Zhang, Zhenning Zhao
  2013,25(S1):S205-S209 [Abstract(1154)]  [View PDF 927.33 K (1416)]

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