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Performance and microbial diversity of an expanded granular sludge bed reactor for high sulfate and nitrate waste brine treatment
  Runhua Liao,Yan Li,Xuemin Yu,Peng Shi,Zhu Wang,Ke Shen,Qianqian Shi,Yu Miao,Wentao Li and Aimin Li
  2014,26(4):717-725 [Abstract(1694)]  [View PDF 947.16 K (2512)]
Pollutant removal from municipal wastewater employing baffled subsurface flow and integrated surface flow-floating treatment wetlands
  Tanveer Saeed,Abdullah Al-Muyeed,Rumana Afrin,Habibur Rahman and Guangzhi Sun
  2014,26(4):726-736 [Abstract(1621)]  [View PDF 1015.05 K (2011)]
Removal of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from aqueous solution by raw and modified plant residue materials as biosorbents
  Zemin Xi and Baoliang Chen
  2014,26(4):737-748 [Abstract(1937)]  [View PDF 1.07 M (1993)]
Hybrid constructed wetlands for highly polluted river water treatment and comparison of surface- and subsurface-flow cells
  Yucong Zheng,Xiaochang Wang,Jiaqing Xiong,Yongjun Liu and Yaqian Zhao
  2014,26(4):749-756 [Abstract(1948)]  [View PDF 888.57 K (2592)]
Minimization of methabenzthiazuron residues in leaching water using amended soils and photocatalytic treatment with TiO2 and ZnO
  José Fenoll,Pilar Flores,Pilar Hellín,Joaquín Hernández and Simón Navarro
  2014,26(4):757-764 [Abstract(1619)]  [View PDF 861.55 K (2111)]
Enhanced struvite recovery from wastewater using a novel cone-inserted fluidized bed reactor
  Awoke Guadie,Siqing Xia,Wei Jiang,Lijie Zhou,Zhiqiang Zhang,Slawomir W. Hermanowicz,Xiaoyin Xu and Shuang Shen
  2014,26(4):765-774 [Abstract(1945)]  [View PDF 1.17 M (2240)]
Evaluating the effectiveness of marine actinobacterial extract and its mediated titanium dioxide nanoparticles in the degradation of azo dyes
  S Priyaragini,S Veena,D Swetha,L Karthik,G Kumar and K V Bhaskara Rao
  2014,26(4):775-782 [Abstract(1788)]  [View PDF 1.13 M (2315)]
Effect of ozone on the performance of a hybrid ceramic membrane-biological activated carbon process
  Jianning Guo,Jiangyong Hu,Yi Tao,Jia Zhu and Xihui Zhang
  2014,26(4):783-791 [Abstract(1820)]  [View PDF 1.13 M (1826)]
Removal of perchlorate from aqueous solution by cross-linked Fe(Ⅲ)-chitosan complex
  Long Lv,Yanhua Xie,Guoming Liu,Guo Liu and Jing Yu
  2014,26(4):792-800 [Abstract(1725)]  [View PDF 1.29 M (1997)]


Origin of major ions in monthly rainfall events at the Bamenda Highlands, North West Cameroon
  Mengnjo J. Wirmvem,Takeshi Ohba,Wilson Y. Fantong,Samuel N. Ayonghe,Jonathan N. Hogarh,Justice Y. Suila,Asobo Nkengmatia E. Asaah,Seigo Ooki,Gregory Tanyileke and Joseph V. Hell
  2014,26(4):801-809 [Abstract(1913)]  [View PDF 1.04 M (2481)]
Ionic composition of submicron particles (PM1.0) during the long-lasting haze period in January 2013 in Wuhan, central China
  Hairong Cheng,Wei Gong,Zuwu Wang,Fan Zhang,Xinming Wang,Xiaopu Lv,Jia Liu,Xiaoxin Fu and Gan Zhang
  2014,26(4):810-817 [Abstract(1948)]  [View PDF 1.06 M (2246)]
Understanding the sources and composition of the incremental excess of fine particles across multiple sampling locations in one air shed
  Jerome E. McGinnis,Jongbae Heo,Michael R. Olson,Andrew P. Rutter and James J. Schauer
  2014,26(4):818-826 [Abstract(1663)]  [View PDF 5.99 M (1823)]
Characterization of particle size distribution of mainstream cigarette smoke generated by smoking machine with an electrical low pressure impactor
  Xiang Li,Haohui Kong,Xinying Zhang,Bin Peng,Cong Nie,Guanglin Shen and Huimin Liu
  2014,26(4):827-833 [Abstract(1903)]  [View PDF 857.10 K (2620)]


Differential responses of short-term soil respiration dynamics to the experimental addition of nitrogen and water in the temperate semi-arid steppe of Inner Mongolia, China
  Yuchun Qi,Xinchao Liu,Yunshe Dong,Qin Peng,Yating He,Liangjie Sun,Junqiang Jia and Congcong Cao
  2014,26(4):834-845 [Abstract(1794)]  [View PDF 906.47 K (3022)]
Effects of bile salts and divalent cations on the adsorption of norfloxacin by agricultural soils
  Xuesong Kong,Shixiang Feng,Xu Zhang and Yan Li
  2014,26(4):846-854 [Abstract(1856)]  [View PDF 901.59 K (2231)]
Tannic acid and saponin for removing arsenic from brownfield soils:Mobilization, distribution and speciation
  Zygmunt Mariusz Gusiatin
  2014,26(4):855-864 [Abstract(1894)]  [View PDF 974.54 K (2198)]


Molecular analysis of long-term biofilm formation on PVC and cast iron surfaces in drinking water distribution system
  Ruyin Liu,Junge Zhu,Zhisheng Yu,DevRaj Joshi,Hongxun Zhang,Wenfang Lin and Min Yang
  2014,26(4):865-874 [Abstract(1718)]  [View PDF 1.02 M (2012)]
Effect of a high strength chemical industry wastewater on microbial community dynamics and mesophilic methane generation
  Harish Venkatakrishnan,Youming Tan,Maszenan bin Abdul Majid,Santosh Pathak,Antonius Yudi Sendjaja,Dongzhe Li,Jerry Jian Lin Liu,Yan Zhou and Wun Jern Ng
  2014,26(4):875-884 [Abstract(1719)]  [View PDF 1.05 M (1885)]
Effects of cathode potentials and nitrate concentrations on dissimilatory nitrate reductions by Pseudomonas alcaliphila in bioelectrochemical systems
  Wenjie Zhang,Yao Zhang,Wentao Su,Yong Jiang,Min Su,Ping Gao and Daping Li
  2014,26(4):885-891 [Abstract(1848)]  [View PDF 852.70 K (2326)]
Arsenic dynamics in the rhizosphere and its sequestration on rice roots as affected by root oxidation
  Weisong Pan,Chuan Wu,Shengguo Xue and William Hartley
  2014,26(4):892-899 [Abstract(1781)]  [View PDF 399.08 K (3413)]


Alterations of endogenous metabolites in urine of rats exposed to decabromodiphenyl ether using metabonomic approaches
  Weijin Yang,Jianjie Fu,Thanh Wang,Hanxia Liu,Yawei Wang,Qunfang Zhou and Guibin Jiang
  2014,26(4):900-908 [Abstract(1739)]  [View PDF 989.35 K (2113)]
Integrated biomarkers in wild crucian carp for early warning of water quality in Hun River, North China
  Binghui Zheng,Kun Lei,Ruizhi Liu,Shuangshuang Song and Lihui An
  2014,26(4):909-916 [Abstract(1685)]  [View PDF 878.47 K (2252)]
T-2 toxin induces developmental toxicity and apoptosis in zebrafish embryos
  Guogang Yuan,Yimei Wang,Xiaoyan Yuan,Tingfen Zhang,Jun Zhao,Liuyu Huang and Shuangqing Peng
  2014,26(4):917-925 [Abstract(1954)]  [View PDF 1.00 M (2144)]


Determining short chain fatty acids in sewage sludge hydrolysate:A comparison of three analytical methods and investigation of sample storage effects
  Victor Ibrahim,Tobias Hey and Karin Jönsson
  2014,26(4):926-933 [Abstract(2268)]  [View PDF 1.07 M (3153)]

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