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GeoChip-based analysis of the microbial community functional structures in simultaneous desulfurization and denitrification process
  Hao Yu,Chuan Chen,Jincai Ma,Wenzong Liu,Jizhong Zhou,Duu-Jong Lee,Nanqi Ren and Aijie Wang
  2014,26(7):1375-1382 [Abstract(2151)]  [View PDF 7.86 M (2785)]
Photodegradation of 2,4-D induced by NO2- in aqueous solutions:The role of NO2
  Chunyan Yu,Hua Wang,Xuan Liu,Xie Quan,Shuo Chen,Jianlin Zhang and Peng Zhang
  2014,26(7):1383-1388 [Abstract(1983)]  [View PDF 7.23 M (2133)]
Quantitative method to determine the regional drinking water odorant regulation goals based on odor sensitivity distribution:Illustrated using 2-MIB
  Jianwei Yu,Wei An,Nan Cao,Min Yang,Junong Gu,Dong Zhang and Ning Lu
  2014,26(7):1389-1394 [Abstract(1840)]  [View PDF 7.27 M (2230)]
Ru(III) catalyzed permanganate oxidation of aniline at environmentally relevant pH
  Jing Zhang,Ying Zhang,Hui Wang and Xiaohong Guan
  2014,26(7):1395-1402 [Abstract(1906)]  [View PDF 7.98 M (2122)]


Methane and nitrous oxide fluxes from four tundra ecotopes in Ny-Ålesund of the High Arctic
  Qingqing Chen,Renbin Zhu,Qing Wang and Hua Xu
  2014,26(7):1403-1410 [Abstract(2015)]  [View PDF 7.27 M (2168)]
Two-step accelerated mineral carbonation and decomposition analysis for the reduction of CO2 emission in the eco-industrial parks
  Seok Jung,Li Pang Wang,Gjergj Dodbiba and Toyohisa Fujita
  2014,26(7):1411-1422 [Abstract(1874)]  [View PDF 9.62 M (2049)]
Probing the potential of polyester for CO2 capture
  Sonia Zulfiqar and Muhammad Ilyas Sarwar
  2014,26(7):1423-1428 [Abstract(1869)]  [View PDF 7.89 M (2697)]
Effect of CaO on retention of S, Cl, Br, As, Mn, V, Cr, Ni, Cu, Zn, W and Pb in bottom ashes from fluidized-bed coal combustion power station
  Lucie Bartoňová and Zdeněk Klika
  2014,26(7):1429-1436 [Abstract(1810)]  [View PDF 7.08 M (1916)]
N2O decomposition over K/Na-promoted Mg/Zn-Ce-cobalt mixed oxides catalysts
  Jinli Zhang,Hui Hu,Jie Xu,Gaoming Wu and Zhaowei Zeng
  2014,26(7):1437-1444 [Abstract(1718)]  [View PDF 7.85 M (2290)]


A simulation study of mercury release fluxes from soils in wet-dry rotation environment
  Peng Liang,Cheng Zhang,Yongkui Yang and Dingyong Wang
  2014,26(7):1445-1452 [Abstract(1565)]  [View PDF 7.38 M (1923)]


Isolation and characterization of a thermophilic Bacillus shackletonii K5 from a biotrickling filter for the production of polyhydroxybutyrate
  Yong Liu,Shaobin Huang,Yongqing Zhang and Fuqian Xu
  2014,26(7):1453-1462 [Abstract(1585)]  [View PDF 7.49 M (2843)]
Isolation, identification and arsenic-resistance of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans HX3 producing schwertmannite
  Yiqun Xu,Ming Yang,Ting Yao and Huixin Xiong
  2014,26(7):1463-1470 [Abstract(1716)]  [View PDF 7.92 M (2062)]


Mutagenic and cytotoxic potential of Endosulfan and Lambda-cyhalothrin - In vitro study describing individual and combined effects of pesticides
  Umber Saleem,Sohail Ejaz,Muhammad Ashraf,Muhammad Ovais Omer,Imran Iltaf,Zainab Batool,Riffat Fatima and Msbah Afzal
  2014,26(7):1471-1480 [Abstract(1811)]  [View PDF 7.31 M (2202)]


Mo-modified Pd/Al2O3 catalysts for benzene catalytic combustion
  Zhanfeng He,Zhanrong He,Dan Wang,Qifei Bo,Ting Fan and Yi Jiang
  2014,26(7):1481-1488 [Abstract(1836)]  [View PDF 7.55 M (2778)]
Photocatalytic activity of Fe-doped CaTiO3 under UV-visible light
  He Yang,Chong Han and Xiangxin Xue
  2014,26(7):1489-1496 [Abstract(1578)]  [View PDF 7.47 M (2169)]
Pd/activated carbon sorbents for mid-temperature capture of mercury from coal-derived fuel gas
  Dekui Li,Jieru Han,Lina Han,Jiancheng Wang and Liping Chang
  2014,26(7):1497-1504 [Abstract(1640)]  [View PDF 7.63 M (2057)]
Photocatalytic degradation of Rhodamine B bymicrowave-assisted hydrothermal synthesized N-doped titanate nanotubes
  Caiyun Yan,Ku-Fan Chen,Chia-Hsiang Lai,Shiau-Wu Lai,Qing Chang and Yen-Ping Peng
  2014,26(7):1505-1512 [Abstract(1599)]  [View PDF 7.91 M (2324)]


Factors influencing polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin and polychlorinated dibenzofuran (PCDD/F) emissions and control in major industrial sectors:Case evidence from Shandong Province, China
  Lin Wang,Yonglong Lu,Guizhen He,Arthur P. J. Mol,Tieyu Wang,Jorrit Gosens and Kun Ni
  2014,26(7):1513-1522 [Abstract(1556)]  [View PDF 7.26 M (2704)]
Experimental study on agitated drying characteristics of sewage sludge under the effects of different additive age
  Wenyi Deng and Yaxin Su
  2014,26(7):1523-1530 [Abstract(1710)]  [View PDF 7.75 M (2326)]
Electrocatalytic reduction of ortho nitrobenzaldehyde using modified aluminum electrode and its determination
  Vairamuthu Raj,Jayachandran Silambarasan and Panchanathan Rajakumar
  2014,26(7):1531-1540 [Abstract(1683)]  [View PDF 9.42 M (2645)]
Functionalized CMK-3 mesoporous carbon with 2-amino-5-mercapto-1,3,4-thiadiazole for Hg(II) removal from aqueous media
  Mansoor Anbia and Roghaye Dehghan
  2014,26(7):1541-1548 [Abstract(1567)]  [View PDF 7.81 M (2180)]
Antimony smelting process generating solid wastes and dust:Characterization and leaching behaviors
  Xuejun Guo,Kunpeng Wang,Mengchang He,Ziwei Liu,Hailin Yang and Sisi Li
  2014,26(7):1549-1556 [Abstract(1676)]  [View PDF 7.71 M (2396)]

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