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Regular articles

Quantification of emission reduction potentials of primary air pollutants from residential solid fuel combustion by adopting cleaner fuels in China
  Guofeng Shen
  Published November 1, 2015 (7 pages)
  2015,27(11):1-7 [Abstract(1352)]  [View PDF 1.12 M (1499)]
Oxidation of Cr(III) on birnessite surfaces: The effect of goethite and kaolinite
  Laiyuan Zhong,Jiewen Yang,Liming Liu,Baoshan Xing
  Published November 1, 2015 (7 pages)
  2015,27(11):8-14 [Abstract(1283)]  [View PDF 911.76 K (1309)]
Recent improvements in oily wastewater treatment: Progress, challenges, and future opportunities
  Sanaa Jamaly,Adewale GiwaShadi Wajih Hasan
  Published November 1, 2015 (16 pages)
  2015,27(11):15-30 [Abstract(1686)]  [View PDF 2.29 M (6379)]
Reductive transformation of p-nitrotoluene by a new iron-fly ash packing
  Baizhen Yu,Ruofei Jin,Guangfei LiuJiti Zhou
  Published November 1, 2015 (6 pages)
  2015,27(11):31-36 [Abstract(1096)]  [View PDF 1.00 M (1111)]
Investigation on removal pathways of Di 2-ethyl hexyl phthalate from synthetic municipal wastewater using a submerged membrane bioreactor
  Mehdi Zolfaghari,Patrick Drogui,Brahima Seyhi,Satinder Kaur Brar,Gerardo Buelna,Rino Dubé,Nouha Klai
  Published November 1, 2015 (14 pages)
  2015,27(11):37-50 [Abstract(1209)]  [View PDF 1.23 M (1647)]
Succinate-bonded pullulan: An efficient and reusable super-sorbent for cadmium-uptake from spiked high-hardness groundwater
  Azhar Abbas,Muhammad Ajaz Hussain,Muhammad Amin,Muhammad Sher,Muhammad Nawaz Tahir,Wolfgang Tremel
  Published November 1, 2015 (8 pages)
  2015,27(11):51-58 [Abstract(1677)]  [View PDF 907.08 K (1249)]
Surface modification of polypropylene non-woven fibers with TiO2 nanoparticles via layer-by-layer self assembly method: Preparation and photocatalytic activity
  Suttipan Pavasupree,Stephan T. Dubas,Ratthapol Rangkupan
  Published November 1, 2015 (8 pages)
  2015,27(11):59-66 [Abstract(1447)]  [View PDF 1.92 M (2787)]
Pollution levels and characteristics of phthalate esters in indoor air in hospitals
  Xueqing Wang,Min Song,Min Guo,Chenchen Chi,Feifei Mo,Xueyou Shen
  Published November 1, 2015 (8 pages)
  2015,27(11):67-74 [Abstract(1354)]  [View PDF 845.08 K (1323)]
Toward rational design of amines for CO2 capture: Substituent effect on kinetic process for the reaction of monoethanolamine with CO2
  Hongbin Xie,Pan Wang,Ning He,Xianhai Yang,Jingwen Chen
  Published November 1, 2015 (8 pages)
  2015,27(11):75-82 [Abstract(1276)]  [View PDF 1.30 M (1597)]


Use of additive and pretreatment to control odors in municipal kitchen waste during aerobic composting
  Jing Yuan,Qingyuan Yang,Zhiye Zhang,Guoxue Li,Wenhai Luo,Difang Zhang
  Published November 1, 2015 (8 pages)
  2015,27(11):83-90 [Abstract(1291)]  [View PDF 1.11 M (1788)]
Effects of a municipal effluent on the freshwater mussel Elliptio complanata following challenge with Vibrio anguillarum
  Gagné François,Douville Mélanie,Fortier Marlène,Fournier Michel
  Published November 1, 2015 (9 pages)
  2015,27(11):91-99 [Abstract(1161)]  [View PDF 642.27 K (1090)]
Cobalt and sulfur co-doped nano-size TiO2 for photodegradation of various dyes and phenol
  Asima Siddiqa,Dilshad Masih,Dalaver Anjum,Muhammad Siddiq
  Published November 1, 2015 (10 pages)
  2015,27(11):100-109 [Abstract(1164)]  [View PDF 4.26 M (1552)]
Excretion of manure-borne estrogens and androgens and their potential risk estimation in the Yangtze River Basin
  Yanxia Li,Shiying Gao,Shufang Liu,Bei Liu,Xuelian Zhang,Min Gao,Linjie Cheng,Boyang Hu
  Published November 1, 2015 (8 pages)
  2015,27(11):110-117 [Abstract(1363)]  [View PDF 963.76 K (1025)]
Spatial variations of macrozoobenthos and sediment nutrients in Lake Yangcheng: Emphasis on effect of pen culture of Chinese mitten crab
  Liping Chen,Ying Zhang,Qigen LiuZhongjun Hu,Yuejuan SunZiran Peng,Lijing Chen
  Published November 1, 2015 (12 pages)
  2015,27(11):118-129 [Abstract(1107)]  [View PDF 1.25 M (1349)]
Continuous desulfurization and bacterial community structure of an integrated bioreactor developed to treat SO2 from a gas stream
  Jian Lin,Lin LiWenjie Ding,Jingying ZhangJunxin Liu
  Published November 1, 2015 (9 pages)
  2015,27(11):130-138 [Abstract(966)]  [View PDF 1.12 M (1317)]

Review articles

An executive review of sludge pretreatment by sonication
  Ngoc Tuan Le,Carine Julcour-Lebigue,Henri Delmas
  Published November 1, 2015 (15 pages)
  2015,27(11):139-153 [Abstract(1093)]  [View PDF 2.63 M (1717)]

Highlight articles

Investigation of drinking water bacterial community through high-throughput sequencing
  Guocheng Huang,Po Keung Wong,Tsz Wai Ng
  Published November 1, 2015 (3 pages)
  2015,27(11):154-156 [Abstract(1860)]  [View PDF 592.26 K (1561)]
Cadmium in soybeans and the relevance to human exposure
  Ashley M. Newbigging,Xiaowen YanX. Chris Le
  Published November 1, 2015 (6 pages)
  2015,27(11):157-162 [Abstract(1759)]  [View PDF 1.94 M (1401)]


Absorption and recovery of n-hexane in aqueous solutions of fluorocarbon surfactants
  Xiao Xiao,Bo Yan,Jiamo Fu,Xianming Xiao
  Published November 1, 2015 (9 pages)
  2015,27(11):163-171 [Abstract(1284)]  [View PDF 1.18 M (1225)]
Effect of aeration rate on composting of penicillin mycelial dreg
  Zhiqiang Chen,Shihua Zhang,Qinxue Wen,Jun Zheng
  Published November 1, 2015 (7 pages)
  2015,27(11):172-178 [Abstract(1720)]  [View PDF 821.76 K (1616)]
Emissions of fluorides from welding processes
  Ma?gorzata Szewczyńska,Emilia P?gowska,Krystyna Pyrzyńska
  Published November 1, 2015 (5 pages)
  2015,27(11):179-183 [Abstract(938)]  [View PDF 832.46 K (1230)]
Piriformospora indica confers cadmium tolerance in Nicotiana tabacum
  Feiqiong Hui,Jian Liu,Qikang Gao,Binggan Lou
  Published November 1, 2015 (8 pages)
  2015,27(11):184-191 [Abstract(1352)]  [View PDF 1.27 M (1245)]
Impacts of produced water origin on bacterial community structures of activated sludge
  Zhenyu Wang,Feng Pan,Abd El-Latif Hesham,Yingxin Gao,Yu Zhang,Min Yang
  Published November 1, 2015 (8 pages)
  2015,27(11):192-199 [Abstract(1552)]  [View PDF 725.12 K (1094)]
Impact of disinfection on drinking water biofilm bacterial community
  Zilong Mi,Yu Dai,Shuguang Xie,Chao Chen,Xiaojian Zhang
  Published November 1, 2015 (6 pages)
  2015,27(11):200-205 [Abstract(1270)]  [View PDF 656.96 K (1547)]

Review articles

A review on current status of municipal solid waste management in India
  Neha Gupta,Krishna Kumar YadavVinit Kumar
  Published November 1, 2015 (12 pages)
  2015,27(11):206-217 [Abstract(1239)]  [View PDF 1.03 M (3875)]

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