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Growth and alkaline phosphatase activity of Chattonella marina and Heterosigma akashiwo in response to phosphorus limitation
  Zhao-Hui Wang and Yu Liang
  2015,27(2):1-7 [Abstract(1750)]  [View PDF 1.53 M (3157)]
Distribution characteristics and indicator significance of Dechloranes in multi-matrices at Ny-Ålesund in the Arctic
  Guangshui Na,Wei Wei,Shiyao Zhou,Hui Gao,Xindong Ma,Lina Qiu,Linke Ge,Chenguang Bao and Ziwei Yao
  2015,27(2):8-13 [Abstract(1409)]  [View PDF 1.91 M (3121)]
Pretreatment of cyanided tailings by catalytic ozonation with Mn2+/O3
  Yulong Li,Dengxin Li,Jiebing Li,Jin wang,Asif Hussain,Hao Ji and Yijie Zhai
  2015,27(2):14-21 [Abstract(1457)]  [View PDF 2.43 M (2262)]
Effects of different sludge disintegration methods on sludge moisture distribution and dewatering performance
  Lingyun Jin,Guangming Zhang and Xiang Zheng
  2015,27(2):22-28 [Abstract(1417)]  [View PDF 1.93 M (3563)]
Removal of tetracycline from aqueous solution by a Fe3O4 incorporated PAN electrospun nanofiber mat
  Qing Liu,Yuming Zheng,Lubin Zhong and Xiaoxia Cheng
  2015,27(2):29-36 [Abstract(1588)]  [View PDF 3.27 M (3283)]
Feasibility of bioleaching combined with Fenton oxidation to improve sewage sludge dewaterability
  Changgeng Liu,Panyue Zhang,Chenghua Zeng,Guangming Zeng,Guoyin Xu and Yi Huang
  2015,27(2):37-42 [Abstract(1403)]  [View PDF 1.89 M (3341)]
Mg2+ improves biomass production from soybean wastewater using purple non-sulfur bacteria
  Pan Wu,Guangming Zhang and Jianzheng Li
  2015,27(2):43-46 [Abstract(1303)]  [View PDF 1.53 M (3509)]
Influence of zeta potential on the flocculation of cyanobacteria cells using chitosan modified soil
  Liang Li,Honggang Zhang and Gang Pan
  2015,27(2):47-53 [Abstract(1711)]  [View PDF 2.30 M (2402)]
Effects of two polybrominated diphenyl ethers (BDE-47, BDE-209) on the swimming behavior, population growth and reproduction of the rotifer Brachionus plicatilis
  Jingjing Sha,You Wang,Jianxia Lv,Hong Wang,Hongmei Chen,Leilei Qi and Xuexi Tang
  2015,27(2):54-63 [Abstract(1463)]  [View PDF 2.25 M (3286)]
Immobilization of lead in anthropogenic contaminated soils using phosphates with/without oxalic acid
  Xiaojuan Su,Jun Zhu,Qingling Fu,Jichao Zuo,Yonghong Liu and Hongqing Hu
  2015,27(2):64-73 [Abstract(1373)]  [View PDF 2.68 M (1991)]
Predicted no-effect concentrations for mercury species and ecological risk assessment for mercury pollution in aquatic environment
  Meng Du,Dongbin Wei,Zhuowei Tan,Aiwu Lin and Yuguo Du
  2015,27(2):74-80 [Abstract(1324)]  [View PDF 1.32 M (2653)]
Investigation of physico-chemical properties and microbial community during poultry manure cocomposting process
  Omar Farah Nadia,Loo Yu Xiang,Lee Yei Lie,Dzulkornain Chairil Anuar,Mohammed P. Mohd Afandi and Samsu Azhari Baharuddin
  2015,27(2):81-94 [Abstract(1370)]  [View PDF 2.53 M (3959)]
Cu(II), Fe(III) and Mn(II) combinations as environmental stress factors have distinguishing effects on Enterococcus hirae
  Zaruhi Vardanyan and Armen Trchounian
  2015,27(2):95-100 [Abstract(1265)]  [View PDF 1.53 M (2504)]
Evaluation of biostimulation and Tween 80 addition for the bioremediation of long-term DDT-contaminated soil
  Bibiana Betancur-Corredor,Nancy J. Pino,Santiago Cardona and Gustavo A. Peñuela
  2015,27(2):101-109 [Abstract(1274)]  [View PDF 1.59 M (3078)]
Hg0 removal from flue gas over different zeolites modified by FeCl3
  Hao Qi,WenqingXu,JianWang,LiTong and TingyuZhu
  2015,27(2):110-117 [Abstract(1398)]  [View PDF 1.92 M (2916)]
Preparation and evaluation of aminopropyl-functionalized manganese-loaded SBA-15 for copper removal from aqueous solution
  Di Lei,Qianwen Zheng,Yili Wang and Hongjie Wang
  2015,27(2):118-127 [Abstract(1443)]  [View PDF 2.30 M (2509)]
Investigation of carbonyl compound sources at a rural site in the Yangtze River Delta region of China
  Ming Wang,Wentai Chen,Min Shao,Sihua Lu,Limin Zeng and Min Hu
  2015,27(2):128-136 [Abstract(1808)]  [View PDF 2.87 M (1897)]
Low-carbon transition of iron and steel industry in China: Carbon intensity, economic growth and policy intervention
  Bing Yu,Xiao Li,Yuanbo Qiao and Lei Shi
  2015,27(2):137-147 [Abstract(1509)]  [View PDF 1.51 M (2556)]
Synergistic effect of N- and F-codoping on the structure and photocatalytic performance of TiO2
  Jiemei Yu,Zongming Liu,Haitao Zhang,Taizhong Huang,Jitian Han,Yihe Zhang and Daohuang Chong
  2015,27(2):148-156 [Abstract(1390)]  [View PDF 2.35 M (2752)]
Pollution levels and characteristics of phthalate esters in indoor air of offices
  Min Song,Chenchen Chi,Min Guo,Xueqing Wang,Lingxiao Cheng and Xueyou Shen
  2015,27(2):157-162 [Abstract(1569)]  [View PDF 1.43 M (2954)]
Characteristics and anthropogenic sources of carbonyl sulfide in Beijing
  Ye Cheng,Chenglong Zhang,Yuanyuan Zhang,Hongxing Zhang,Xu Sun and Yujing Mu
  2015,27(2):163-170 [Abstract(1510)]  [View PDF 1.63 M (2291)]
Oxidation of diesel soot on binary oxide CuCr(Co)-based monoliths
  Sergiy O. Soloviev,Andriy Y. Kapran and Yaroslava P. Kurylets
  2015,27(2):171-177 [Abstract(1291)]  [View PDF 1.52 M (3030)]
Effects of introducing energy recovery processes to the municipal solid waste management system in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  Kosuke Toshiki,Pham Quy Giang,Kevin Roy B. Serrona,Takahiro Sekikawa,Jeoung-soo Yu,Baasandash Choijil and Shoichi Kunikane
  2015,27(2):178-186 [Abstract(1351)]  [View PDF 1.71 M (3139)]
Toluene decomposition performance and NOx by-product formation during a DBD-catalyst process
  Yufang Guo,Xiaobin Liao,Mingli Fu,Haibao Huang and Daiqi Ye
  2015,27(2):187-194 [Abstract(1396)]  [View PDF 1.84 M (2770)]
Changes in nitrogen budget and potential risk to the environment over 20 years (1990-2010) in the agroecosystems of the Haihe Basin, China
  Mengmeng Zheng,Hua Zheng,Yingxia Wu,Yi Xiao,Yihua Du,Weihua Xu,Fei Lu,Xiaoke Wang and Zhiyun Ouyang
  2015,27(2):195-202 [Abstract(1423)]  [View PDF 3.23 M (2358)]

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