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Effect of petroleum on decomposition of shrub–grass litters in soil in Northern Shaanxi of China
  Xiaoxi Zhang, Zengwen Liu, Qi Yu, Nhu Trung Luc, Yuanhao Bing, Bochao Zhu and Wenxuan Wang
  Published July 1, 2015 (9 pages)
  2015,27(7) [Abstract(1362)]  [View PDF 499.17 K (1323)]
Zebrafish as a possible bioindicator of organic pollutants with effects on reproduction in drinking waters
  M. Martínez-Sales, F. García-Ximénez and F.J. Espinós
  Published July 1, 2015 (7 pages)
  2015,27(7) [Abstract(1555)]  [View PDF 455.94 K (1514)]

Regular articles

The effects of temperature on decomposition and allelopathic phytotoxicity of boneseed litter
  Md. Abdullah Yousuf Al Harun, Joshua Johnson, Md. Nazim Uddin and Randall W. Robinson
  Published July 1, 2015 (11 pages)
  2015,27(7):1-11 [Abstract(1193)]  [View PDF 1.44 M (1449)]
Advanced treatment of biologically pretreated coal gasification wastewater by a novel heterogeneous Fenton oxidation process
  Haifeng Zhuang, Hongjun Han, Wencheng Ma, Baolin Hou, Shengyong Jia and Qian Zhao
  Published July 1, 2015 (9 pages)
  2015,27(7):12-20 [Abstract(1066)]  [View PDF 1.25 M (1831)]
Enhancement of Rhodobacter sphaeroides growth and carotenoid production through biostimulation
  Shuli Liu, Guangming Zhang, Xiangkun Li, Pan Wu and Jie Zhang
  Published July 1, 2015 (8 pages)
  2015,27(7):21-28 [Abstract(1581)]  [View PDF 698.49 K (1681)]
Impact of ozone assisted ultrasonication pre-treatment on anaerobic digestibility of sewage sludge
  Xinbo Tian, Antoine Prandota Trzcinski, Li Leonard Lin and Wun Jern Ng
  Published July 1, 2015 (10 pages)
  2015,27(7):29-38 [Abstract(1103)]  [View PDF 1.20 M (1159)]
Spectrophotometric analyses of hexahydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine (RDX) in water
  Cong Shi, Zhonghou Xu, Benjamin L. Smolinski, Per M. Arienti, Gregory O'Connor and Xiaoguang Meng
  Published July 1, 2015 (6 pages)
  2015,27(7):39-44 [Abstract(1100)]  [View PDF 829.49 K (1524)]
Effects of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) root mucilage on microbial community response and capacity for phenanthrene remediation
  Ran Sun, Richard W. Belcher, Jianqiang Liang, Li Wang, Brian Thater, David E. Crowley and Gehong Wei
  Published July 1, 2015 (15 pages)
  2015,27(7):45-59 [Abstract(1193)]  [View PDF 3.80 M (1979)]
The roles of active species in photo-decomposition of organic compounds by microwave powered electrodeless discharge lamps
  Jun Hong, Bo Han, Nannan Yuan and Jingli Gu
  Published July 1, 2015 (9 pages)
  2015,27(7):60-68 [Abstract(1046)]  [View PDF 1.64 M (1573)]
Emission of oxygenated volatile organic compounds (OVOCs) during the aerobic decomposition of orange wastes
  Ting Wu and Xinming Wang
  Published July 1, 2015 (9 pages)
  2015,27(7):69-77 [Abstract(1062)]  [View PDF 951.99 K (1487)]
The effect of continuous Ni(II) exposure on the organic degradation and soluble microbial product (SMP) formation in two-phase anaerobic reactor
  Wei Wu, Tengteng Duan, Hailiang Song, Yan Li, Ang Yu, Long Zhang and Aimin Li
  Published July 1, 2015 (10 pages)
  2015,27(7):78-87 [Abstract(1083)]  [View PDF 2.90 M (1177)]
Vehicular volatile organic compounds losses due to refueling and diurnal process in China: 2010–2050
  Xiaofan Yang, Huan Liu, Hongyang Cui, Hanyang Man, Mingliang Fu, Jiming Hao and Kebin He
  Published July 1, 2015 (9 pages)
  2015,27(7):88-96 [Abstract(1195)]  [View PDF 4.19 M (2685)]
Activated carbon coated palygorskite as adsorbent by activation and its adsorption for methylene blue
  Xianlong Zhang, Liping Cheng, Xueping Wu, Yingzhao Tang and Yucheng Wu
  Published July 1, 2015 (9 pages)
  2015,27(7):97-105 [Abstract(1234)]  [View PDF 1.27 M (2290)]
Highly effective removal of Methylene Blue using functionalized attapulgite via hydrothermal process
  Zhifang Zhang, Wenbo Wang and Aiqin Wang
  Published July 1, 2015 (10 pages)
  2015,27(7):106-115 [Abstract(1220)]  [View PDF 1.74 M (1392)]
Formation and speciation of disinfection byproducts during chlor(am)ination of aquarium seawater
  Haiting Zhang, Huiyu Dong, Craig Adams, Zhimin Qiang, Gang Luan and Lei Wang
  Published July 1, 2015 (9 pages)
  2015,27(7):116-124 [Abstract(1092)]  [View PDF 892.81 K (1269)]
Economic analysis of atmospheric mercury emission control for coal-fired power plants in China
  Maria Pia Ancora, Lei Zhang, Shuxiao Wang, Jeremy Schreifels and Jiming Hao
  Published July 1, 2015 (10 pages)
  2015,27(7):125-134 [Abstract(1195)]  [View PDF 935.94 K (1467)]
Promoting effect of vanadium on catalytic activity of Pt/Ce–Zr–O diesel oxidation catalysts
  Haifeng Huang, Bo Jiang, Lei Gu, Zhonghua Qi and Hanfeng Lu
  Published July 1, 2015 (8 pages)
  2015,27(7):135-142 [Abstract(1020)]  [View PDF 4.32 M (1254)]
Composition and source apportionment of dust fall around a natural lake
  Mohd Talib Latif, Sofia Aida Ngah, Doreena Dominick, Intan Suraya Razak, Xinxin Guo, Thunwadee Srithawirat and Idris Mushrifah
  Published July 1, 2015 (13 pages)
  2015,27(7):143-155 [Abstract(1068)]  [View PDF 14.16 M (2009)]
Mercury adsorption characteristics of HBr-modified fly ash in an entrained-flow reactor
  Yongsheng Zhang, Lilin Zhao, Ruitao Guo, Na Song, Jiawei Wang, Yan Cao, William Orndorff and Wei-ping Pan
  Published July 1, 2015 (7 pages)
  2015,27(7):156-162 [Abstract(1239)]  [View PDF 1.80 M (1101)]
Effects of metal ions on the catalytic degradation of dicofol by cellulase
  Zihan Zhai, Ting Yang, Boya Zhang and Jianbo Zhang
  Published July 1, 2015 (6 pages)
  2015,27(7):163-168 [Abstract(1257)]  [View PDF 604.61 K (1497)]
Photocatalytic decomposition of acrylonitrile with N–F codoped TiO2/SiO2 under simulant solar light irradiation
  Dandan Pang, Lu Qiu, Yunteng Wang, Rongshu Zhu and Feng Ouyang
  Published July 1, 2015 (10 pages)
  2015,27(7):169-178 [Abstract(1155)]  [View PDF 1.47 M (1646)]
Assessment of lead pollution in topsoils of a southern Italy area: Analysis of urban and peri-urban environment
  Ilaria Guagliardi, Domenico Cicchella, Rosanna De Rosa and Gabriele Buttafuoco
  Published July 1, 2015 (9 pages)
  2015,27(7):179-187 [Abstract(1021)]  [View PDF 2.14 M (1630)]
Physico-chemical characterization and source tracking of black carbon at a suburban site in Beijing
  Hailin Wang, Lei Nie, Dan Liu, Meiping Gao, Minyan Wang and Zhengping Hao
  Published July 1, 2015 (7 pages)
  2015,27(7):188-194 [Abstract(1056)]  [View PDF 1.66 M (1040)]
Biological removal of antiandrogenic activity in gray wastewater and coking wastewater by membrane reactor process
  Dehua Ma, Lujun Chen, Cong Liu, Chenjun Bao and Rui Liu
  Published July 1, 2015 (8 pages)
  2015,27(7):195-202 [Abstract(1199)]  [View PDF 713.31 K (1306)]
Effect of arsenic on tolerance mechanisms of two plant growth-promoting bacteria used as biological inoculants
  Ana L. Armendariz, Melina A. Talano, Ana L. Wevar Oller, María I. Medina and Elizabeth Agostini
  Published July 1, 2015 (8 pages)
  2015,27(7):203-210 [Abstract(1141)]  [View PDF 661.39 K (1362)]
Can arbuscular mycorrhiza and fertilizer management reduce phosphorus runoff from paddy fields?
  Shujuan Zhang, Li Wang, Fang Ma, Xue Zhang, Zhe Li, Shiyang Li and Xiaofeng Jiang
  Published July 1, 2015 (8 pages)
  2015,27(7):211-218 [Abstract(1057)]  [View PDF 985.38 K (1098)]
Photocatalytic degradation of the diazo dye naphthol blue black in water using MWCNT/Gd,N,S-TiO2 nanocomposites under simulated solar light
  Gcina Mamba, Xavier Yangkou Mbianda and Ajay Kumar Mishra
  Published July 1, 2015 (10 pages)
  2015,27(7):219-228 [Abstract(1242)]  [View PDF 2.43 M (1559)]
Syntrophic co-culture of Bacillus subtilis and Klebsiella pneumonia for degradation of kraft lignin discharged from rayon grade pulp industry
  Sangeeta Yadav and Ram Chandra
  Published July 1, 2015 (10 pages)
  2015,27(7):229-238 [Abstract(1091)]  [View PDF 1.59 M (2295)]
On-line CO, CO2 emissions evaluation and (benzene, toluene, xylene) determination from experimental burn of tropical biomass
  Mohammed F. Tawfiq, Mohamed Kheireddine Aroua and Nik Meriam Nik Sulaiman
  Published July 1, 2015 (6 pages)
  2015,27(7):239-244 [Abstract(1138)]  [View PDF 625.48 K (1645)]

Highlight articles

Haze formation in China: Importance of secondary aerosol
  Alex K.Y. Lee
  Published July 1, 2015 (2 pages)
  2015,27(7):261-262 [Abstract(2930)]  [View PDF 758.67 K (1855)]

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