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Regular articles

Development of EMC-based empirical model for estimating spatial distribution of pollutant loads and its application in rural areas of Korea
  Qitao Yi,Hui Li,Jin-Woo Lee,Youngchul Kim
  Published September 1, 2015 (11 pages)
  2015,27(9):1-11 [Abstract(1194)]  [View PDF 5.75 M (1708)]
Effects of surfactants on graphene oxide nanoparticles transport in saturated porous media
  Wei Fan,Xuehui Jiang,Ying Lu,Mingxin Huo,Shanshan Lin,Zhi Geng
  Published September 1, 2015 (8 pages)
  2015,27(9):12-19 [Abstract(1368)]  [View PDF 891.88 K (1706)]
Fenton-like degradation of Methylene Blue using paper mill sludge-derived magnetically separable heterogeneous catalyst: Characterization and mechanism
  Guoqiang Zhou,Ziwen ChenFei Fang,Yuefeng HeHaili Sun,Huixiang Shi
  Published September 1, 2015 (7 pages)
  2015,27(9):20-26 [Abstract(1259)]  [View PDF 1.59 M (1770)]
San copolymer membranes with ion exchangers for Cu(II) removal from synthetic wastewater by electrodialysis
  Simona Caprarescu,Mihai Cosmin Corobea,Violeta Purcar,Catalin Ilie Spataru,Raluca Ianchis,Gabriel Vasilievici,Zina Vuluga
  Published September 1, 2015 (11 pages)
  2015,27(9):27-37 [Abstract(1152)]  [View PDF 2.44 M (2186)]
Analysis of trace dicyandiamide in stream water using solid phase extraction and liquid chromatography UV spectrometry
  Huidong Qiu,Dongdi Sun,Sameera R. Gunatilake,Jinyan She,Todd E. Mlsna
  Published September 1, 2015 (5 pages)
  2015,27(9):38-42 [Abstract(1594)]  [View PDF 594.68 K (2460)]
An experimental and thermodynamic equilibrium investigation of the Pb, Zn, Cr, Cu, Mn and Ni partitioning during sewage sludge incineration
  Jingyong Liu,Jiewen FuXun'an Ning,Shuiyu SunYujie Wang,Wuming XieShaosong Huang,Sheng Zhong
  Published September 1, 2015 (12 pages)
  2015,27(9):43-54 [Abstract(1337)]  [View PDF 2.33 M (2242)]
High NO2/NOx emissions downstream of the catalytic diesel particulate filter: An influencing factor study
  Chao He,Jiaqiang Li,Zhilei Ma,Jianwei Tan,Longqing Zhao
  Published September 1, 2015 (7 pages)
  2015,27(9):55-61 [Abstract(1422)]  [View PDF 1.87 M (2931)]
Sunlight-driven reduction of silver ion to silver nanoparticle by organic matter mitigates the acute toxicity of silver to Daphnia magna
  Zhen Zhang,Xiaoya Yang,Mohai Shen,Yongguang Yin,Jingfu Liu
  Published September 1, 2015 (7 pages)
  2015,27(9):62-68 [Abstract(1377)]  [View PDF 1.22 M (1464)]
Remarkable promotion effect of trace sulfation on OMS-2 nanorod catalysts for the catalytic combustion of ethanol
  Jie Zhang,Changbin Zhang,Hong He
  Published September 1, 2015 (7 pages)
  2015,27(9):69-75 [Abstract(1498)]  [View PDF 1.26 M (1420)]
Fabrication of ion doped WO3 photocatalysts through bulk and surface doping
  Xiaoying Wang,Laixue PangXiuying Hu,Nianfeng Han
  Published September 1, 2015 (7 pages)
  2015,27(9):76-82 [Abstract(1171)]  [View PDF 2.32 M (1701)]
Catalytic activities of ultra-small β-FeOOH nanorods in ozonation of 4-chlorophenol
  Ogheneochuko Oputu,Mahabubur Chowdhury,Kudzanai Nyamayaro,Olalekan Fatoki,Veruscha Fester
  Published September 1, 2015 (8 pages)
  2015,27(9):83-90 [Abstract(1419)]  [View PDF 1.46 M (1897)]
Environmental behaviors of phoxim with two formulations in bamboo forest under soil surface mulching
  Yihua Liu,Zhanglin Ni,Runhong MoDanyu Shen,Donglian ZhongFubin Tang
  Published September 1, 2015 (10 pages)
  2015,27(9):91-100 [Abstract(1238)]  [View PDF 1.08 M (1750)]
Distribution of chlorpyrifos in rice paddy environment and its potential dietary risk
  Yan Fu,Feifei Liu,Chenglin Zhao,Ying Zhao,Yihua Liu,Guonian Zhu
  Published September 1, 2015 (7 pages)
  2015,27(9):101-107 [Abstract(1284)]  [View PDF 524.96 K (1982)]
Assessment of potential soybean cadmium excluder cultivars at different concentrations of Cd in soils
  Yang Zhi,Kangxin He,Ting Sun,Yongqiang Zhu,Qixing Zhou
  Published September 1, 2015 (7 pages)
  2015,27(9):108-114 [Abstract(1239)]  [View PDF 457.05 K (1724)]

Review articles

Significance of adverse outcome pathways in biomarker-based environmental risk assessment in aquatic organisms
  Jin Wuk Lee,Eun-Ji Won,Sheikh Raisuddin,Jae-Seong Lee
  Published September 1, 2015 (13 pages)
  2015,27(9):115-127 [Abstract(1332)]  [View PDF 1.27 M (2445)]

Regular articles

Application of internal standard method in recombinant luminescent bacteria test
  Yong-zhi Wang,Dan Li,Miao He
  Published September 1, 2015 (7 pages)
  2015,27(9):128-134 [Abstract(1379)]  [View PDF 607.37 K (1320)]
Ultrasound-assistant preparation of Cu-SAPO-34 nanocatalyst for selective catalytic reduction of NO by NH3
  Parvaneh Nakhostin Panahi,Ali Niaei,Darush Salari,Seyed Mahdi Mousavi,Gérard Delahay
  Published September 1, 2015 (9 pages)
  2015,27(9):135-143 [Abstract(1236)]  [View PDF 1.27 M (1984)]
Influence of microbial community structure of seed sludge on the properties of aerobic nitrifying granules
  Zhiwei Song,Ting LiQiuxu Wang,Yu PanLixin Li
  Published September 1, 2015 (7 pages)
  2015,27(9):144-150 [Abstract(1330)]  [View PDF 2.37 M (1217)]
Biodegradation of nicosulfuron by a novel Alcaligenes faecalis strain ZWS11
  Weisong Zhao,Chen Wang,Li XuChunqing Zhao,Hongwu LiangLihong Qiu
  Published September 1, 2015 (12 pages)
  2015,27(9):151-162 [Abstract(1326)]  [View PDF 6.45 M (2382)]
CO2 adsorption using TiO2 composite polymeric membranes: A kinetic study
  Sarah Hafeez,X. Fan,Arshad Hussain,C.F. Martín
  Published September 1, 2015 (9 pages)
  2015,27(9):163-171 [Abstract(1317)]  [View PDF 2.47 M (2370)]
Photocatalytic properties of hierarchical BiOXs obtained via an ethanol-assisted solvothermal process
  Manke Jia,Xiaolong Hu,Shulian Wang,Yingping Huang,Lirong Song
  Published September 1, 2015 (9 pages)
  2015,27(9):172-180 [Abstract(1290)]  [View PDF 1.13 M (1698)]
The first metagenome of activated sludge from full-scale anaerobic/anoxic/oxic (A2O) nitrogen and phosphorus removal reactor using Illumina sequencing
  Mei Tian,Fangqing Zhao,Xin Shen,Kahou Chu,Jinfeng Wang,Shuai Chen,Yan Guo,Hanhu Liu
  Published September 1, 2015 (10 pages)
  2015,27(9):181-190 [Abstract(1963)]  [View PDF 3.20 M (2802)]

Highlight articles

Adverse outcome pathway: Framework, application, and challenges in chemical risk assessment
  Bingsheng Zhou
  Published September 1, 2015 (3 pages)
  2015,27(9):191-193 [Abstract(2468)]  [View PDF 737.99 K (2053)]

Regular articles

Synthesis, characterization and application of ZnO-Ag as a nanophotocatalyst for organic compounds degradation, mechanism and economic study
  S. Mohammadzadeh,M.E. Olya,A.M. Arabi,A. Shariati,M.R. Khosravi Nikou
  Published September 1, 2015 (14 pages)
  2015,27(9):194-207 [Abstract(1265)]  [View PDF 6.22 M (3444)]

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