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Benefits and risks associated with consumption of Great Lakes fish containing omega-3 fatty acids and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
  Rebecca E. Paliwoda,Ashley M. Newbigging,Zhixin Wang,X. Chris LeAshley M. Newbigging, Rebecca E. Paliwoda, X. Chris Le, Zhixin Wang
  Published March 1, 2016 (5 pages)
  2016,28(3):1-5 [Abstract(2052)]  [View PDF 799.44 K (1468)]

Regular articles

Distribution and contamination of metals and biogenic elements in sediments from Zhifu Bay of the Yellow Sea, China
  Zhaohui Wang,Xinxin LuKe ZhangKe Zhang, Xinxin Lu, Zhaohui Wang
  Published March 1, 2016 (10 pages)
  2016,28(3):6-15 [Abstract(1841)]  [View PDF 3.12 M (1545)]
Enhancement of Fenton oxidation for removing organic matter from hypersaline solution by accelerating ferric system with hydroxylamine hydrochloride and benzoquinone
  Siwei Peng,Weijun Zhang,Jie He,Xiaofang Yang,Dongsheng Wang,Guisheng ZengDongsheng Wang, Guisheng Zeng, Jie He, Siwei Peng, Weijun Zhang, Xiaofang Yang
  Published March 1, 2016 (8 pages)
  2016,28(3):16-23 [Abstract(1566)]  [View PDF 1.10 M (1866)]
The relationship between the black carbon and bisphenol A in sea and river sediments (Southern Baltic)
  Marta Staniszewska,Iga KonieckoLucyna Falkowska,Dorota BurskaJoanna Kie?czewskaDorota Burska, Iga Koniecko, Joanna Kie?czewska, Lucyna Falkowska, Marta Staniszewska
  Published March 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(3):24-32 [Abstract(1364)]  [View PDF 1.14 M (1482)]
Ammonium sulfide-assisted hydrothermal activation of palygorskite for enhanced adsorption of methyl violet
  Guangyan Tian,Wenbo Wang,Yuru Kang,Aiqin WangAiqin Wang, Guangyan Tian, Wenbo Wang, Yuru Kang
  Published March 1, 2016 (11 pages)
  2016,28(3):33-43 [Abstract(1230)]  [View PDF 2.38 M (2271)]
Development of natural treatment system consisting of black soil and Kentucky bluegrass for the post-treatment of anaerobically digested strong wastewater
  Xiaochen Chen,Kensuke FukushiKensuke Fukushi, Xiaochen Chen
  Published March 1, 2016 (7 pages)
  2016,28(3):44-50 [Abstract(1430)]  [View PDF 744.06 K (1228)]
Numerical evaluation of the effectiveness of NO2 and N2O5 generation during the NO ozonation process
  Haiqiang Wang,Zhuokai Zhuang,Chenglang SunNan Zhao,Yue LiuZhongbiao WuChenglang Sun, Haiqiang Wang, Nan Zhao, Yue Liu, Zhongbiao Wu, Zhuokai Zhuang
  Published March 1, 2016 (8 pages)
  2016,28(3):51-58 [Abstract(1823)]  [View PDF 935.46 K (1807)]
Application of high silica zeolite ZSM-5 in a hybrid treatment process based on sequential adsorption and ozonation for VOCs elimination
  Hicham Zaitan,Marie Hélène Manero,Héctor ValdésHéctor Valdés, Hicham Zaitan, Marie Hélène Manero
  Published March 1, 2016 (10 pages)
  2016,28(3):59-68 [Abstract(1636)]  [View PDF 917.46 K (2131)]

Review articles

A case study of development and application of a streamlined control and response modeling system for PM2.5 attainment assessment in China
  Shicheng Long,Yun Zhu,Carey Jang,Che-Jen Lin,Shuxiao Wang,Bin Zhao,Jian Gao,Shuang Deng,Junping Xie,Xuezhen QiuBin Zhao, Carey Jang, Che-Jen Lin, Jian Gao, Junping Xie, Shicheng Long, Shuang Deng, Shuxiao Wang, Xuezhen Qiu, Yun Zhu
  Published March 1, 2016 (12 pages)
  2016,28(3):69-80 [Abstract(1618)]  [View PDF 3.62 M (1198)]

Regular articles

Fungal diversity in major oil-shale mines in China
  Shaoyan Jiang,Wenxing Wang,Xiangxin Xue,Chengyou Cao,Ying ZhangChengyou Cao, Shaoyan Jiang, Wenxing Wang, Xiangxin Xue, Ying Zhang
  Published March 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(3):81-89 [Abstract(1824)]  [View PDF 748.22 K (1665)]
Comparison of using polyurethane foam passive samplers and tree bark samples from Western China to determine atmospheric organochlorine pesticide
  Qiuxu Li,Yao Lu,Jun Jin,Guangyao Li,Peng Li,Chang He,Ying WangChang He, Guangyao Li, Jun Jin, Peng Li, Qiuxu Li, Yao Lu, Ying Wang
  Published March 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(3):90-98 [Abstract(1428)]  [View PDF 1.65 M (2086)]
CO2 sequestration utilizing basic-oxygen furnace slag: Controlling factors, reaction mechanisms and V–Cr concerns
  Tung-Hsin Su,Huai-Jen Yang,Yen-Hong Shau,Eiichi Takazawa,Yu-Chen LeeEiichi Takazawa, Huai-Jen Yang, Tung-Hsin Su, Yen-Hong Shau, Yu-Chen Lee
  Published March 1, 2016 (13 pages)
  2016,28(3):99-111 [Abstract(1358)]  [View PDF 3.05 M (1696)]
Antimicrobial activity of silver loaded MnO2 nanomaterials with different crystal phases against Escherichia coli
  Lian Wang,Hong HeChangbin Zhang,Li SunSijin Liu,Shaoxin WangChangbin Zhang, Hong He, Li Sun, Lian Wang, Shaoxin Wang, Sijin Liu
  Published March 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(3):112-120 [Abstract(1448)]  [View PDF 1.48 M (1848)]
Biodegradation of pendimethalin by Bacillus subtilis Y3
  Haiyan Ni,Li Yao,Na Li,Qin Cao,Chen Dai,Jun Zhang,Qin He,Jian HeChen Dai, Haiyan Ni, Jian He, Jun Zhang, Li Yao, Na Li, Qin Cao, Qin He
  Published March 1, 2016 (7 pages)
  2016,28(3):121-127 [Abstract(1828)]  [View PDF 695.06 K (1510)]
Seasonal comparison of moss bag technique against vertical snow samples for monitoring atmospheric pollution
  Hanna Salo,Anna-Kaisa Berisha,Joni MäkinenAnna-Kaisa Berisha, Hanna Salo, Joni Mäkinen
  Published March 1, 2016 (10 pages)
  2016,28(3):128-137 [Abstract(1794)]  [View PDF 3.28 M (1615)]
In vitro evaluation of inorganic and methyl mercury mediated cytotoxic effect on neural cells derived from different animal species
  Jing Tong,Youwei Wang,Yuanan LuJing Tong, Youwei Wang, Yuanan Lu
  2016,28(3):138-145 [Abstract(1068)]  [View PDF 538.99 K (1510)]
UV light tolerance and reactivation potential of tetracycline-resistant bacteria from secondary effluents of a wastewater treatment plant
  Jing-Jing Huang,Jinying Xi,Hong-Ying Hu,Yi Li,Sun-Qin Lu,Fang Tang,Yu-Chen PangFang Tang, Hong-Ying Hu, Jing-Jing Huang, Jinying Xi, Sun-Qin Lu, Yi Li, Yu-Chen Pang
  Published March 1, 2016 (8 pages)
  2016,28(3):146-153 [Abstract(1620)]  [View PDF 681.84 K (1655)]
Estimating the combined toxicity of flufenacet and imazaquin to sorghum with pore water herbicide concentration
  Donghong Wang,Qian Zhang,Yuan ZhengDunli Lin,Yunlong YuDonghong Wang, Dunli Lin, Qian Zhang, Yuan Zheng, Yunlong Yu
  Published March 1, 2016 (8 pages)
  2016,28(3):154-161 [Abstract(1627)]  [View PDF 2.31 M (1202)]
Bioaccumulation characterization of uranium by a novel Streptomyces sporoverrucosus dwc-3
  Xiaolong Li,Congcong Ding,Jiali Liao,Liang Du,Qun Sun,Jijun Yang,Yuanyou Yang,Dong Zhang,Jun Tang,Ning LiuCongcong Ding, Dong Zhang, Jiali Liao, Jijun Yang, Jun Tang, Liang Du, Ning Liu, Qun Sun, Xiaolong Li, Yuanyou Yang
  Published March 1, 2016 (10 pages)
  2016,28(3):162-171 [Abstract(1980)]  [View PDF 2.09 M (1780)]
Synchrotron micro-scale measurement of metal distributions in Phragmites australis and Typha latifolia root tissue from an urban brownfield site
  Huan Feng,Yu Qian,Frank J. Gallagher,Weiguo Zhang,Lizhong Yu,Changjun Liu,Keith W. Jones,Ryan TapperoChangjun Liu, Frank J. Gallagher, Huan Feng, Keith W. Jones, Lizhong Yu, Ryan Tappero, Weiguo Zhang, Yu Qian
  Published March 1, 2016 (11 pages)
  2016,28(3):172-182 [Abstract(1624)]  [View PDF 5.86 M (1298)]
Comparison of surface water chemistry and weathering effects of two lake basins in the Changtang Nature Reserve, China
  Rui Wang,Zhaofei Liu,Liguang Jiang,Zhijun Yao,Junbo Wang,Jianting JuJianting Ju, Junbo Wang, Liguang Jiang, Rui Wang, Zhaofei Liu, Zhijun Yao
  Published March 1, 2016 (12 pages)
  2016,28(3):183-194 [Abstract(1733)]  [View PDF 3.79 M (2352)]
Microcystin-degrading bacteria affect mcyD expression and microcystin synthesis in Microcystis spp.
  Lin Zhu,Jun Zuo,Lirong Song,Nanqin GanJun Zuo, Lin Zhu, Lirong Song, Nanqin Gan
  Published March 1, 2016 (7 pages)
  2016,28(3):195-201 [Abstract(1385)]  [View PDF 575.79 K (1712)]
Removal of heavy metals and arsenic from a co-contaminated soil by sieving combined with washing process
  Xiaoyong Liao,You Li,Xiulan YanXiaoyong Liao, Xiulan Yan, You Li
  Published March 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(3):202-210 [Abstract(1293)]  [View PDF 5.27 M (2014)]
Dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction of silver nanoparticles in water using ionic liquid 1-octyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate
  Sha Chen,Yuanjing Sun,Jingbo Chao,Liping Cheng,Yun Chen,Jingfu LiuJingbo Chao, Jingfu Liu, Liping Cheng, Sha Chen, Yuanjing Sun, Yun Chen
  Published March 1, 2016 (7 pages)
  2016,28(3):211-217 [Abstract(1563)]  [View PDF 1.07 M (1536)]
Carbonyl compounds in dining areas, kitchens and exhaust streams in restaurants with varying cooking methods in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  Jen-Hsuan Cheng,Yi-Shiun Lee,Kang-Shin ChenJen-Hsuan Cheng, Kang-Shin Chen, Yi-Shiun Lee
  Published March 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(3):218-226 [Abstract(1915)]  [View PDF 1.14 M (1501)]
Removal of C.I. Reactive Red 2 by low pressure UV/chlorine advanced oxidation
  Qianyuan Wu,Yue Li,Wenlong WangTing Wang,Hongying HuHongying Hu, Qianyuan Wu, Ting Wang, Wenlong Wang, Yue Li
  Published March 1, 2016 (8 pages)
  2016,28(3):227-234 [Abstract(1669)]  [View PDF 1.10 M (1388)]
Insights into properties of activated carbons prepared from different raw precursors by pyrophosphoric acid activation
  Yuan Gao,Qinyan YueBaoyu GaoBaoyu Gao, Qinyan Yue, Yuan Gao
  Published March 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(3):235-243 [Abstract(1576)]  [View PDF 1.74 M (2258)]
Optimizing the crystallinity and acidity of H-SAPO-34 by fluoride for synthesizing Cu/SAPO-34 NH3-SCR catalyst
  Jing Ma,Zhichun Si,Xiaodong Wu,Duan Weng,Yue MaDuan Weng, Jing Ma, Xiaodong Wu, Yue Ma, Zhichun Si
  Published March 1, 2016 (8 pages)
  2016,28(3):244-251 [Abstract(1658)]  [View PDF 1.76 M (1818)]
Lambda-cyhalothrin disrupts the up-regulation effect of 17β-estradiol on post-synaptic density 95 protein expression via estrogen receptor α-dependent Akt pathway
  Qunan Wang,Xin Xia,Xiaomei Deng,Nian Li,Daji Wu,Long Zhang,Chengwei Yang,Fangbiao Tao,Jiangning ZhouChengwei Yang, Daji Wu, Fangbiao Tao, Jiangning Zhou, Long Zhang, Nian Li, Qunan Wang, Xiaomei Deng, Xin Xia
  Published March 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(3):252-260 [Abstract(1401)]  [View PDF 2.63 M (1376)]
Historical records of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon deposition in a shallow eutrophic lake: Impacts of sources and sedimentological conditions
  Chaocan Li,Shouliang Huo,Zhiqiang Yu,Wei Guo,Beidou Xi,Zhuoshi He,Xiangying Zeng,Fengchang WuBeidou Xi, Chaocan Li, Fengchang Wu, Shouliang Huo, Wei Guo, Xiangying Zeng, Zhiqiang Yu, Zhuoshi He
  Published March 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(3):261-269 [Abstract(1529)]  [View PDF 702.85 K (1653)]
Polychlorinated biphenyls and omega-3 fatty acid exposure from fish consumption, and thyroid cancer among New York anglers
  Alyson Haslam,Sara Wagner Robb,Matthew R. Bonner,William Lindblad,Joey Allegra,Ye Shen,John E. VenaAlyson Haslam, Joey Allegra, John E. Vena, Matthew R. Bonner, Sara Wagner Robb, William Lindblad, Ye Shen
  Published March 1, 2016 (8 pages)
  2016,28(3):270-277 [Abstract(1564)]  [View PDF 536.70 K (1441)]

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