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Refining mercury emission estimations to the atmosphere from iron and steel production
  Yongmin Wang,Guangliang Liu,Dingyong Wang,Yong Cai
  Published On may 1, 2016 (3 pages)
  2016,28(5):1-3 [Abstract(1808)]  [View PDF 1.50 M (1507)]

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Spatial variance and assessment of nitrogen dioxide pollution in major cities of Pakistan along N5-Highway
  Yasir Shabbir,Muhammad Fahim Khokhar,Reza Shaiganfar,Thomas Wagner
  Published On may 1, 2016 (11 pages)
  2016,28(5):4-14 [Abstract(1228)]  [View PDF 3.64 M (1836)]
Modeling the impacts of temperature and precipitation changes on soil CO2 fluxes from a Switchgrass stand recently converted from cropland
  Liming Lai,Sandeep Kumar,Rajesh Chintala,Vance N. Owens,David Clay,Joseph Schumacher,Abdul-Sattar Nizami,Sang Soo Lee,Rashad Rafique
  Published On may 1, 2016 (11 pages)
  2016,28(5):15-25 [Abstract(1412)]  [View PDF 1.10 M (1278)]
Photocatalytic parameters and kinetic study for degradation of dichlorophenol-indophenol (DCPIP) dye using highly active mesoporous TiO2 nanoparticles
  H.A. Hamad,W.A. Sadik,M.M. Abd El-latif,A.B. Kashyout,M.Y. Feteha
  Published On may 1, 2016 (14 pages)
  2016,28(5):26-39 [Abstract(1666)]  [View PDF 1.44 M (1785)]
Growth inhibition and oxidative damage of Microcystis aeruginosa induced by crude extract of Sagittaria trifolia tubers
  Jiang Li,Yunguo Liu,Pingyang Zhang,Guangming Zeng,Xiaoxi Cai,Shaobo Liu,Yicheng Yin,Xinjiang Hu,Xi Hu,Xiaofei Tan
  Published On may 1, 2016 (8 pages)
  2016,28(5):40-47 [Abstract(1363)]  [View PDF 844.84 K (1307)]
Determination of estrogenic activity in the river Chienti (Marche Region, Italy) by using in vivo and in vitro bioassays
  Paolo Cocci,Francesco Alessandro Palermo,Luana Quassinti,Massimo Bramucci,Antonino Miano,Gilberto Mosconi
  Published On may 1, 2016 (6 pages)
  2016,28(5):48-53 [Abstract(1138)]  [View PDF 1.24 M (1110)]
Electro-catalytic degradation of sulfisoxazole by using graphene anode
  Yanyan Wang,Shuan Liu,Ruiping Li,Yingping Huang,Chuncheng Chen
  Published On may 1, 2016 (7 pages)
  2016,28(5):54-60 [Abstract(1173)]  [View PDF 1.21 M (1202)]
Distribution of bacterial communities across plateau freshwater lake and upslope soils
  Yihui Chen,Yu Dai,Yilin Wang,Zhen Wu,Shuguang Xie,Yong Liu
  Published On may 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(5):61-69 [Abstract(1401)]  [View PDF 1.16 M (1365)]
Aerobic N2O emission for activated sludge acclimated under different aeration rates in the multiple anoxic and aerobic process
  Huoqing Wang,Yuntao Guan,Min Pan,Guangxue Wu
  Published On may 1, 2016 (10 pages)
  2016,28(5):70-79 [Abstract(1258)]  [View PDF 951.94 K (1320)]
The effect of salinity on waste activated sludge alkaline fermentation and kinetic analysis
  Baodan Jin,Shuying Wang,Liqun Xing,Baikun Li,Yongzhen Peng
  Published On may 1, 2016 (11 pages)
  2016,28(5):80-90 [Abstract(1242)]  [View PDF 717.80 K (1477)]
Distribution and mode of occurrence of uranium in bottom ash derived from high-germanium coals
  Yinglong Sun,Guangxia Qi,Xuefei Lei,Hui Xu,Lei Li,Chao Yuan,Yi Wang
  Published On may 1, 2016 (8 pages)
  2016,28(5):91-98 [Abstract(1318)]  [View PDF 2.53 M (2417)]
Influence of phenol on ammonia removal in an intermittent aeration bioreactor treating biologically pretreated coal gasification wastewater
  Chunyan Xu,Hongjun HanShengyong Jia,Qian Zhao
  Published On may 1, 2016 (7 pages)
  2016,28(5):99-105 [Abstract(1332)]  [View PDF 728.06 K (1289)]
Advanced treatment of municipal wastewater by nanofiltration: Operational optimization and membrane fouling analysis
  Kun Li,Jianxing Wang,Jibao Liu,Yuansong Wei,Meixue Chen
  Published On may 1, 2016 (12 pages)
  2016,28(5):106-117 [Abstract(1322)]  [View PDF 878.92 K (1183)]
Removal of fluorescence and ultraviolet absorbance of dissolved organic matter in reclaimed water by solar light
  Qianyuan Wu,Chao Li,Wenlong Wang,Tao He,Hongying Hu,Ye Du,Ting Wang
  Published On may 1, 2016 (10 pages)
  2016,28(5):118-127 [Abstract(1424)]  [View PDF 1.31 M (1048)]
Adsorption and desorption of SO2, NO and chlorobenzene on activated carbon
  Yuran Li,Yangyang Guo,Tingyu ZhuSong Ding
  Published On may 1, 2016 (8 pages)
  2016,28(5):128-135 [Abstract(1222)]  [View PDF 1.05 M (2343)]
Comparison the effects of bioaugmentation versus biostimulation on marine microbial community by PCR–DGGE: A mesocosm scale
  Mehdi Hassanshahian,Zeynab Bayat,Simone Cappello,Francesco Smedile,Michail Yakimov
  Published On may 1, 2016 (11 pages)
  2016,28(5):136-146 [Abstract(1397)]  [View PDF 1.70 M (1452)]
Effect of dissolved oxygen on nitrate removal using polycaprolactone as an organic carbon source and biofilm carrier in fixed-film denitrifying reactors
  Guozhi Luo,Guimei Xu,Jinfang Gao,Hongxin Tan
  Published On may 1, 2016 (6 pages)
  2016,28(5):147-152 [Abstract(1440)]  [View PDF 852.25 K (1268)]
Study on the effect of landfill leachate on nutrient removal from municipal wastewater
  Qiuyan Yuan,Huijun JiaMario Poveda
  Published On may 1, 2016 (6 pages)
  2016,28(5):153-158 [Abstract(1347)]  [View PDF 614.87 K (1293)]
A new process to improve short-chain fatty acids and bio-methane generation from waste activated sludge
  Bin Dong,Peng GaoDong Zhang,Yinguang Chen,Lingling DaiXiaohu Dai
  Published On may 1, 2016 (10 pages)
  2016,28(5):159-168 [Abstract(1160)]  [View PDF 1.72 M (1290)]
Fate of mercury in flue gas desulfurization gypsum determined by Temperature Programmed Decomposition and Sequential Chemical Extraction
  Zhenwu Zhu,Yuqun Zhuo,Yaming FanZhipeng Wang
  Published On may 1, 2016 (8 pages)
  2016,28(5):169-176 [Abstract(1337)]  [View PDF 863.68 K (1900)]
Towards a better hydraulic cleaning strategy for ultrafiltration membrane fouling by humic acid: Effect of backwash water composition
  Haiqing Chang,Heng LiangFangshu Qu,Jun MaNanqi Ren,Guibai Li
  Published On may 1, 2016 (10 pages)
  2016,28(5):177-186 [Abstract(1225)]  [View PDF 2.25 M (1147)]
Adsorption of chlorophenols from aqueous solutions by pristine and surface functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes
  Han Ding,Xin Li,Jun WangXiaojian Zhang,Chao Chen
  Published On may 1, 2016 (12 pages)
  2016,28(5):187-198 [Abstract(1312)]  [View PDF 1.73 M (1440)]
Exploration of the key functional proteins from an efficient cellulolytic microbial consortium using dilution-to-extinction approach
  Qinghua Zhang,Hanguang Li,Xiangdong ZhuFenju Lai,Zhijun ZhaiYuanxiu Wang
  Published On may 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(5):199-207 [Abstract(1238)]  [View PDF 2.82 M (1742)]
Sorption of tylosin and sulfamethazine on solid humic acid
  Xuetao Guo,Bei Tu,Jianhua Ge,Chen Yang,Xiaomei Song,Zhi Dang
  Published On may 1, 2016 (8 pages)
  2016,28(5):208-215 [Abstract(1220)]  [View PDF 859.77 K (1349)]
In situ combined chemical and biological assessment of estrogenic pollution in a water recycling system
  Yulang Chi,Qiansheng Huang,Huanteng Zhang,Yajie ChenSijun Dong
  Published On may 1, 2016 (8 pages)
  2016,28(5):216-223 [Abstract(1154)]  [View PDF 697.07 K (1190)]
Anaerobic digestion in mesophilic and room temperature conditions: Digestion performance and soil-borne pathogen survival
  Le Chen,Shanshan Jian,Jinhua Bi,Yunlong Li,Zhizhou Chang,Jian He,Xiaomei Ye
  Published On may 1, 2016 (10 pages)
  2016,28(5):224-233 [Abstract(1268)]  [View PDF 919.22 K (1090)]
Membrane fouling in ultrafiltration of natural water after pretreatment to different extents
  Lu Ao,Wenjun Liu,Lin Zhao,Xiaomao Wang
  Published On may 1, 2016 (10 pages)
  2016,28(5):234-243 [Abstract(2584)]  [View PDF 2.05 M (1465)]
Organic matter and pH affect the analysis efficiency of P-NMR
  Wenqiang Zhang,Xin Jin,Nan Rong,Jie Li,Baoqing Shan
  Published On may 1, 2016 (6 pages)
  2016,28(5):244-249 [Abstract(1198)]  [View PDF 911.76 K (1129)]
Occurrence and bioaccumulation of polybrominated diphenyl ethers in sediments and paddy ecosystems of Liaohe River Basin, northeast China
  Xindong Ma,Haijun Zhang,Wenjun Yao,Wen Guo,Depeng Li,Ziwei Yao,Jiping Chen
  Published On may 1, 2016 (7 pages)
  2016,28(5):250-256 [Abstract(1323)]  [View PDF 1.12 M (1549)]
Relationship between reaction rate constants of organic pollutants and their molecular descriptors during Fenton oxidation and in situ formed ferric-oxyhydroxides
  Lijuan Jia,Zhemin Shen,Pingru Su
  Published On may 1, 2016 (8 pages)
  2016,28(5):257-264 [Abstract(1290)]  [View PDF 574.73 K (1398)]
Large inter annual variation in air quality during the annual festival ‘Diwali’ in an Indian megacity
  Neha Parkhi,Dilip Chate,Sachin D. Ghude,Sunil Peshin,Anoop Mahajan,Reka Srinivas,Divya Surendran,Kaushar Ali,Siddhartha Singh,Hanumant Trimbake,Gufran Beig
  Published On may 1, 2016 (8 pages)
  2016,28(5):265-272 [Abstract(1438)]  [View PDF 1.35 M (1389)]
In situ monitoring of atmospheric nitrous acid based on multi-pumping flow system and liquid waveguide capillary cell
  Yuhan Liu,Keding Lu,Huabin Dong,Xin Li,Peng Cheng,Qi Zou,Yusheng Wu,Xingang Liu,Yuanhang Zhang
  Published On may 1, 2016 (12 pages)
  2016,28(5):273-284 [Abstract(1016)]  [View PDF 4.01 M (1576)]
Escherichia coli inactivation by pressurized CO2 treatment methods at room temperature: Critical issues
  Yongji Zhang,Doudou Huang,Lingling Zhou
  Published On may 1, 2016 (8 pages)
  2016,28(5):285-292 [Abstract(1114)]  [View PDF 8.68 M (950)]
Mercury mass flow in iron and steel production process and its implications for mercury emission control
  Fengyang Wang,Shuxiao WangLei Zhang,Hai YangWei Gao,Qingru WuJiming Hao
  Published On may 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(5):293-301 [Abstract(1106)]  [View PDF 1.14 M (1242)]
Physicochemical regeneration of high silica zeolite Y used to clean-up water polluted with sulfonamide antibiotics
  I. Braschi,S. Blasioli,E. Buscaroli,D. Montecchio,A. Martucci
  Published On may 1, 2016 (11 pages)
  2016,28(5):302-312 [Abstract(1371)]  [View PDF 895.30 K (1200)]

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