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Historical record of effects of human activities on absolute and relative concentrations of Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Lake Chao, China
  John P. Giesy,Zhi Tang,Xiaoli Zhao
  Published August 1, 2016 (4 pages)
  2016,28(8):1-4 [Abstract(1191)]  [View PDF 583.22 K (1144)]

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Investigation on the eco-toxicity of lake sediments with the addition of drinking water treatment residuals
  Nannan Yuan,Changhui Wang,Yuansheng Pei
  Published August 1, 2016 (11 pages)
  2016,28(8):5-15 [Abstract(1556)]  [View PDF 1.50 M (1439)]
Kinetic study of phytotoxicity induced by foliar lead uptake for vegetables exposed to fine particles and implications for sustainable urban agriculture
  TianTian Xiong,Annabelle Austruy,Antoine Pierart,Muhammad Shahid,Eva Schreck,Stéphane Mombo,Camille Dumat
  Published August 1, 2016 (12 pages)
  2016,28(8):16-27 [Abstract(1571)]  [View PDF 1.24 M (1565)]
On-board measurements of gaseous pollutant emission characteristics under real driving conditions from light-duty diesel vehicles in Chinese cities
  Gang Wang,Shuiyuan Cheng,Jianlei Lang,Song Li,Liang Tian
  Published August 1, 2016 (10 pages)
  2016,28(8):28-37 [Abstract(1162)]  [View PDF 888.43 K (1161)]
Performance assessment and microbial diversity of two pilot scale multi-stage sub-surface flow constructed wetland systems
  A.O. Babatunde,Raul Miranda-CasoLuengo,Mehreen Imtiaz,Y.Q. Zhao,Wim G. Meijer
  Published August 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(8):38-46 [Abstract(1079)]  [View PDF 2.84 M (937)]
Reference gene validation for quantification of gene expression during final oocyte maturation induced by diethylstilbestrol and di-(2-ethylhexyl)-phthalate in common carp
  Yanyan Shi,Jie Lu,Yilei Wang,Shuhong Wang
  Published August 1, 2016 (8 pages)
  2016,28(8):47-54 [Abstract(1141)]  [View PDF 1.53 M (1228)]
Fatty acid fouling of forward osmosis membrane: Effects of pH, calcium, membrane orientation, initial permeate flux and foulant composition
  Pin Zhao,Baoyu Gao,Qinyan Yue,Pan Liu,Ho Kyong Shon
  Published August 1, 2016 (8 pages)
  2016,28(8):55-62 [Abstract(1297)]  [View PDF 879.00 K (1138)]
Kinetics and mechanism of hexavalent chromium removal by basic oxygen furnace slag
  Chong Han,Yanan JiaoQianqian Wu,Wangjin YangHe Yang,Xiangxin Xue
  Published August 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(8):63-71 [Abstract(1114)]  [View PDF 1.26 M (1250)]
Numerical model to quantify biogenic volatile organic compound emissions: The Pearl River Delta region as a case study
  Xuemei Wang,Shuping Situ,Weihua Chen,Junyu Zheng,Alex Guenther,Qi Fan,Ming Chang
  Published August 1, 2016 (11 pages)
  2016,28(8):72-82 [Abstract(1546)]  [View PDF 6.93 M (1319)]
Selection of microalgae for high CO2 fixation efficiency and lipid accumulation from ten Chlorella strains using municipal wastewater
  Xia Hu,Jiti Zhou,Guangfei LiuBing Gui
  Published August 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(8):83-91 [Abstract(1189)]  [View PDF 1.59 M (1834)]
Reducing nitrogen runoff from paddy fields with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi under different fertilizer regimes
  Shujuan Zhang,Li Wang,Fang Ma,Xue Zhang,Dafang Fu
  Published August 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(8):92-100 [Abstract(1295)]  [View PDF 682.33 K (1169)]
Greenhouse gas emissions from oilfield-produced water in Shengli Oilfield, Eastern China
  Shuang Yang,Wei Yang,Guojun Chen,Xuan Fang,Chengfu Lv,Jiaai Zhong,Lianhua Xue
  Published August 1, 2016 (8 pages)
  2016,28(8):101-108 [Abstract(1209)]  [View PDF 1.31 M (1436)]
Bacterial communities in different locations, seasons and segments of a dairy wastewater treatment system consisting of six segments
  Kikue Hirota,Yuji Yokota,Toru Sekimura,Hiroshi Uchiumi,Yong Guo,Hiroyuki Ohta,Isao Yumoto
  Published August 1, 2016 (7 pages)
  2016,28(8):109-115 [Abstract(1353)]  [View PDF 1.51 M (999)]
Effects of multiple but low pesticide loads on aquatic fungal communities colonizing leaf litter
  Anne Talk,Susanne Kublik,Marie Uksa,Marion Engel,Rüdiger Berghahn,Gerhard Welzl,Michael Schloter,Silvia Mohr
  Published August 1, 2016 (10 pages)
  2016,28(8):116-125 [Abstract(1220)]  [View PDF 2.03 M (1337)]
Preparation, characterization and performance of poly(m-phenylene isophthalamide)/organically modified montmorillonite nanocomposite membranes in removal of perfluorooctane sulfonate
  Qin Luo,Yanxia Liu,Guixia Liu,Changwei Zhao
  Published August 1, 2016 (8 pages)
  2016,28(8):126-133 [Abstract(1159)]  [View PDF 3.77 M (1906)]
Spatial and temporal variation of haze in China from 1961 to 2012
  Rui Han,Shuxiao Wang,Wenhai Shen,Jiandong Wang,Kang Wu,Zhihua Ren,Mingnong Feng
  Published August 1, 2016 (13 pages)
  2016,28(8):134-146 [Abstract(1270)]  [View PDF 8.09 M (1167)]
Effects of road dust on the growth characteristics of Sophora japonica L. seedlings
  Le Bao,Laiye Qu,Keming Ma,Lin Lin
  Published August 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(8):147-155 [Abstract(1155)]  [View PDF 581.87 K (751)]
Liver histological changes and lipid peroxidation in the amphibian Ambystoma mexicanum induced by sediment elutriates from the Lake Xochimilco
  Esperanza Ortiz-Ordoñez,Eugenia López-López,Jacinto Elías Sedeño-Díaz,Esther Uría,Ignacio Andrés Morales,María Estela Pérez,Mineko Shibayama
  Published August 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(8):156-164 [Abstract(1222)]  [View PDF 3.72 M (1508)]
Effect of copper tolerant Elsholtzia splendens on bacterial community associated with Commelina communis on a copper mine spoil
  Ruyi Yang,Fuyu GuoJing Li,Nannan SuZongyuan Shao,Shuting Zan
  Published August 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(8):165-173 [Abstract(1298)]  [View PDF 9.66 M (952)]
Construction and application of the Synechocystis sp. PCC6803-ftnA in microbial contamination control in a coupled cultivation and wastewater treatment
  Yalei Zhang,Chunmin Zhang,Xuefei Zhou,Zheng Shen,Fangchao Zhao,Jianfu Zhao
  Published August 1, 2016 (8 pages)
  2016,28(8):174-181 [Abstract(1165)]  [View PDF 842.60 K (1098)]
Removal of carbofuran is not affected by co-application of chlorpyrifos in a coconut fiber/compost based biomixture after aging or pre-exposure
  Juan Salvador Chin-Pampillo,Mario Masís-Mora,Karla Ruiz-HidalgoElizabeth Carazo-Rojas,Carlos E. Rodríguez-Rodríguez
  Published August 1, 2016 (8 pages)
  2016,28(8):182-189 [Abstract(1216)]  [View PDF 631.08 K (1234)]
Spatial and temporal variability of marine-origin matter along a transect from Zhongshan Station to Dome A, Eastern Antarctica
  Chuanjin Li,Cunde Xiao,Guitao Shi,Minghu Ding,Dahe Qin,Jiawen Ren
  Published August 1, 2016 (13 pages)
  2016,28(8):190-202 [Abstract(1402)]  [View PDF 2.61 M (990)]
Synthesis, characterization, and photocatalytic activity of porous La–N–co-doped TiO2 nanotubes for gaseous chlorobenzene oxidation
  Zhuowei Cheng,Zhiqi GuJianmeng Chen,Jianming YuLingjun Zhou
  Published August 1, 2016 (11 pages)
  2016,28(8):203-213 [Abstract(1337)]  [View PDF 1.31 M (1505)]
Effects of sulfate-reducing bacteria on methylmercury at the sediment–water interface
  Lingxia Zeng,Guangjun Luo,Tianrong He,Yanna Guo,Xiaoli Qian
  Published August 1, 2016 (6 pages)
  2016,28(8):214-219 [Abstract(1222)]  [View PDF 746.38 K (1219)]
Response of organic carbon burial to trophic level changes in a shallow eutrophic lake in SE China
  Pengbao Wu,Chao Gao,Furong Chen,Shiyong Yu
  Published August 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(8):220-228 [Abstract(1085)]  [View PDF 5.04 M (1332)]
Fungal spores and pollen in particulate matter collected during agricultural activities in the Po Valley (Italy)
  Chiara Telloli,Milvia Chicca,Marilena Leis,Carmela Vaccaro
  Published August 1, 2016 (12 pages)
  2016,28(8):229-240 [Abstract(1028)]  [View PDF 6.55 M (1178)]
Mechanism of Deca-BDE-induced apoptosis in Neuro-2a cells: Role of death-receptor pathway and reactive oxygen species-mediated mitochondrial pathway
  Hongmei Chen,Xuexi Tang,Bin ZhouNingning Xu,You Wang
  Published August 1, 2016 (11 pages)
  2016,28(8):241-251 [Abstract(1314)]  [View PDF 1.55 M (1064)]
Gamma irradiation of 2-mercaptobenzothiazole aqueous solution in the presence of persulfate
  Qiburi Bao,Lujun Chen,Jinping Tian,Jianlong Wang
  Published August 1, 2016 (7 pages)
  2016,28(8):252-258 [Abstract(1170)]  [View PDF 886.77 K (1538)]


Corrigendum to “Development and characterization of monoclonal antibodies against human aryl hydrocarbon receptor” [J. Environ. Sci. 39 (2016) 165–174]
  Wenjing Tian,Xinhui Pei,Heidi Qunhui Xie,Sherry Li Xu,Jijing Tian,Qin Hu,Haiming Xu,Yangsheng Chen,Hualing Fu,Zhengyu Cao,Bin Zhao
  Published August 1, 2016 (2 pages)
  2016,28(8):259-260 [Abstract(913)]  [View PDF 626.66 K (957)]

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