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Photocatalysis: Preface
  Po Keung Wong
  2017,29(10):1-2 [Abstract(658)]  [View PDF 305.97 K (953)]
TiO2–PANI/Cork composite: A new floating photocatalyst for the treatment of organic pollutants under sunlight irradiation
  Mouheb Sboui, Mohamed Faouzi Nsib, Ali Rayes, Meenakshisundaram Swaminathan and Ammar Houas
  2017,29(10):3-13 [Abstract(997)]  [View PDF 3.57 M (1412)]
Preparation of Ti species coating hydrotalcite by chemical vapor deposition for photodegradation of azo dye
  Gaofei Xiao, HongYan Zeng, Sheng Xu, ChaoRong Chen, Quan Zhao and XiaoJun Liu
  2017,29(10):14-23 [Abstract(804)]  [View PDF 2.13 M (1302)]
Preparation and photocatalytic properties of porous C and N co-doped TiO2 deposited on brick by a fast, one-step microwave irradiation method
  Fangzhou Li, Jiangshan Zhou, Chun Du, Wei Li, Yinzhen Wang, Guannan He and Qinyu He
  2017,29(10):24-32 [Abstract(783)]  [View PDF 7.08 M (1186)]
In-situ synthesis of TiO2 rutile/anatase heterostructure by DC magnetron sputtering at room temperature and thickness effect of outermost rutile layer on photocatalysis
  Wang Hui, Shi Guodong, Zhang Xiaoshu, Zhang Wei, Huang Lin and Yu Ying
  2017,29(10):33-42 [Abstract(796)]  [View PDF 2.97 M (1035)]
Preparation of Ag@AgCl-doped TiO2/sepiolite and its photocatalytic mechanism under visible light
  Shaomin Liu, Dinglong Zhu, Jinglin Zhu, Qing Yang and Huijun Wu
  2017,29(10):43-52 [Abstract(889)]  [View PDF 4.34 M (1372)]
Pd-MnO2 nanoparticles/TiO2 nanotube arrays (NTAs) photo-electrodes photo-catalytic properties and their ability of degrading Rhodamine B under visible light
  Mohamed Thabit, Huiling Liu, Jian Zhang and Bing Wang
  2017,29(10):53-60 [Abstract(877)]  [View PDF 2.00 M (1192)]
Highly efficient Zr doped-TiO2/glass fiber photocatalyst and its performance in formaldehyde removal under visible light
  Chao Huang, Yaping Ding, Yingwen Chen, Peiwen Li, Shemin Zhu and Shubao Shen
  2017,29(10):61-69 [Abstract(840)]  [View PDF 3.91 M (1247)]
La/Ce-codoped Bi2O3 composite photocatalysts with high photocatalytic performance in removal of high concentration dye
  Shuangshuang Xue, Hongbo He, Qizhe Fan, Changlin Yu, Kai Yang, Weiya Huang, Yang Zhou and Yu Xie
  2017,29(10):70-77 [Abstract(772)]  [View PDF 1.69 M (1104)]
Enhancement of photocatalytic efficiency by in situ fabrication of BiOBr/BiVO4 surface junctions
  Wenzong Yin, Xiang Sun and Wenzhong Wang
  2017,29(10):78-83 [Abstract(756)]  [View PDF 1003.55 K (944)]
Selective oxidation of benzyl alcohols to benzoic acid catalyzed by eco-friendly cobalt thioporphyrazine catalyst supported on silica-coated magnetic nanospheres
  Huan Li, Lan Cao, Changjun Yang, Zhehui Zhang, Bingguang Zhang and Kejian Deng
  2017,29(10):84-90 [Abstract(771)]  [View PDF 981.99 K (886)]
A metal-free composite photocatalyst of graphene quantum dots deposited on red phosphorus
  Donald K.L. Chan, Jimmy C. Yu, Yecheng Li and Zhuofeng Hu
  2017,29(10):91-97 [Abstract(732)]  [View PDF 4.10 M (1078)]
Construction of vesicle CdSe nano-semiconductors photocatalysts with improved photocatalytic activity: Enhanced photo induced carriers separation efficiency and mechanism insight
  Jiangsu Wen, Changchang Ma, Pengwei Huo, Xinlin Liu, Maobin Wei, Yang Liu, Xin Yao, Zhongfei Ma and Yongsheng Yan
  2017,29(10):98-107 [Abstract(766)]  [View PDF 2.01 M (1181)]
Photoelectrocatalytic reduction of CO2 to methanol over a photosystem II-enhanced Cu foam/Si-nanowire system
  Zichao Lian, Donglai Pan, Wenchao Wang, Dieqing Zhang, Guisheng Li and Hexing Li
  2017,29(10):108-113 [Abstract(1103)]  [View PDF 1.62 M (977)]
Removal of antibiotics in a parallel-plate thin-film-photocatalytic reactor: Process modeling and evolution of transformation by-products and toxicity
  Can Burak ?zkal, Zacharias Frontistis, Maria Antonopoulou, Ioannis Konstantinou, Dionissios Mantzavinos and Süreyya Meri?
  2017,29(10):114-122 [Abstract(816)]  [View PDF 1.45 M (1012)]
News: Eight research teams receive Outstanding Publication Awards
  2017,29(10):123-124 [Abstract(825)]  [View PDF 393.30 K (750)]

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