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Emerging Chemicals of Concern: Preface
  2017,29(11):1-2 [Abstract(549)]  [View PDF 384.70 K (622)]
Enhanced ozonation degradation of atrazine in the presence of nano-ZnO: Performance, kinetics and effects
  Xiangjuan Yuan, Xuan Yan, Haiming Xu, Dongya Li, Lei Sun, Gang Cao and Dongsheng Xia
  2017,29(11):3-13 [Abstract(898)]  [View PDF 1.79 M (855)]
Dietary exposure to di-isobutyl phthalate increases urinary 5-methyl-2′-deoxycytidine level and affects reproductive function in adult male mice
  Yitao Pan, Xiaoyang Wang, Leo W.Y. Yeung, Nan Sheng, Qianqian Cui, Ruina Cui, Hongxia Zhang and Jiayin Dai
  2017,29(11):14-23 [Abstract(932)]  [View PDF 3.41 M (880)]
Analysis of PFAAs in American alligators part 1: Concentrations in alligators harvested for consumption during South Carolina public hunts
  Jessica J. Tipton, Louis J. Guillette Jr, Susan Lovelace, Benjamin B. Parrott, Thomas R. Rainwater and Jessica L. Reiner
  2017,29(11):24-30 [Abstract(756)]  [View PDF 2.71 M (832)]
Analysis of PFAAs in American alligators part 2: Potential dietary exposure of South Carolina hunters from recreationally harvested alligator meat
  Jessica J. Tipton, Louis J. Guillette Jr, Susan Lovelace, Benjamin B. Parrott, Thomas R. Rainwater and Jessica L. Reiner
  2017,29(11):31-38 [Abstract(865)]  [View PDF 463.89 K (764)]
Biodegradation of tetrabromobisphenol A in the sewage sludge process
  Xingxing Peng, Zhangna Wang, Dongyang Wei, Qiyuan Huang and Xiaoshan Jia
  2017,29(11):39-48 [Abstract(882)]  [View PDF 1.05 M (933)]
Occurrence and fate of endogenous steroid hormones, alkylphenol ethoxylates, bisphenol A and phthalates in municipal sewage treatment systems
  Qian Wu, James C.W. Lam, Karen Y. Kwok, Mirabelle M.P. Tsui and Paul K.S. Lam
  2017,29(11):49-58 [Abstract(850)]  [View PDF 2.56 M (961)]
Tissue distribution of perfluoroalkyl acids and health status in wild Mozambique tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) from Loskop Dam, Mpumalanga, South Africa
  Jacqueline T. Bangma, Jessica L. Reiner, Hannes Botha, Theresa M. Cantu, Marco A. Gouws, Matthew P. Guillette, Jeremy P. Koelmel, Wilmien J. Luus-Powell, Jan Myburgh, Olivia Rynders, Joseph R. Sara, Willem J. Smit and John A. Bowden
  2017,29(11):59-67 [Abstract(935)]  [View PDF 854.91 K (955)]
SeaNine 211 as antifouling biocide: A coastal pollutant of emerging concern
  Lianguo Chen and James C.W. Lam
  2017,29(11):68-79 [Abstract(1134)]  [View PDF 2.42 M (1721)]
Contribution of precursor compounds to the release of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) from waste water treatment plants (WWTPs)
  Ulrika Eriksson, Peter Haglund and Anna K?rrman
  2017,29(11):80-90 [Abstract(1010)]  [View PDF 989.58 K (1113)]
Rate of hexabromocyclododecane decomposition and production of brominated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons during combustion in a pilot-scale incinerator
  Yuichi Miyake, Masahiro Tokumura, Qi Wang, Takashi Amagai and Yuichi Horii
  2017,29(11):91-96 [Abstract(703)]  [View PDF 646.45 K (906)]
Distribution characteristics of poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances in the Yangtze River Delta
  Binghui Zheng, Xiaolei Liu, Rui Guo, Qing Fu, Xingru Zhao, Shanjun Wang, Sheng Chang, Xing Wang, Mengjiao Geng and Guang Yang
  2017,29(11):97-109 [Abstract(691)]  [View PDF 2.11 M (992)]
Amoxicillin effects on functional microbial community and spread of antibiotic resistance genes in amoxicillin manufacture wastewater treatment system
  Lingwei Meng, Xiangkun Li, Xinran Wang, Kaili Ma, Gaige Liu and Jie Zhang
  2017,29(11):110-117 [Abstract(618)]  [View PDF 1.89 M (898)]
Arsenic biotransformation and an arsenite S-adenosylmethionine methyltransferase in plankton
  Jagdeesh S. Uppal, Qin Shua, Zhuang Li and X. Chris Le
  2017,29(11):118-121 [Abstract(566)]  [View PDF 1.15 M (885)]
  2017,29(11):122-124 [Abstract(484)]  [View PDF 922.17 K (682)]

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