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New Takes on Emerging Contaminants: Preface
  William A. MitchWilliam A. Mitch
  2017,29(12):1-2 [Abstract(906)]  [View PDF 395.42 K (990)]
Airborne PCDD/Fs in two e-waste recycling regions after stricter environmental regulations
  Manwen Zhang, Guixian Feng, Wenhua Yin, Bing Xie, Mingzhong Ren, Zhencheng Xu, Sukun Zhang and Zongwei CaiBing Xie, Guixian Feng, Manwen Zhang, Mingzhong Ren, Sukun Zhang, Wenhua Yin, Zhencheng Xu, Zongwei Cai
  2017,29(12):3-10 [Abstract(970)]  [View PDF 1.27 M (1092)]
Oxidation reactivity of 1,2-bis(2,4,6-tribromophenoxy)ethane (BTBPE) by Compound I model of cytochrome P450s
  Zhongyu Wang, Zhiqiang Fu, Qi Yu and Jingwen ChenJingwen Chen, Qi Yu, Zhiqiang Fu, Zhongyu Wang
  2017,29(12):11-21 [Abstract(1030)]  [View PDF 2.08 M (1082)]
Development and validation of abiotic ligand model for nickel toxicity to wheat (Triticum aestivum)
  Yang Jiang, Xueyuan Gu, Bojing Zhu and Cheng GuBojing Zhu, Cheng Gu, Xueyuan Gu, Yang Jiang
  2017,29(12):22-30 [Abstract(1014)]  [View PDF 2.02 M (1172)]
Toxicities and risk assessment of heavy metals in sediments of Taihu Lake, China, based on sediment quality guidelines
  Yanfeng Zhang, Yuwei Han, Jinxi Yang, Lingyan Zhu and Wenjue ZhongJinxi Yang, Lingyan Zhu, Wenjue Zhong, Yanfeng Zhang, Yuwei Han
  2017,29(12):31-38 [Abstract(1002)]  [View PDF 4.22 M (1037)]
Potential for natural and enhanced attenuation of sulphanilamide in a contaminated chalk aquifer
  Karen A. Bennett, Simon D. Kelly, Xiangyu Tang and Brian J. ReidBrian J. Reid, Karen A. Bennett, Simon D. Kelly, Xiangyu Tang
  2017,29(12):39-48 [Abstract(823)]  [View PDF 1.26 M (962)]
Stable oligonucleotide-functionalized gold nanosensors for environmental biocontaminant monitoring
  Maria V. Riquelme, Weinan Leng, Marcos Carzolio, Amy Pruden and Peter VikeslandAmy Pruden, Marcos Carzolio, Maria V. Riquelme, Peter Vikesland, Weinan Leng
  2017,29(12):49-59 [Abstract(888)]  [View PDF 5.18 M (934)]
Effects of Cu2+ and humic acids on degradation and fate of TBBPA in pure culture of Pseudomonas sp. strain CDT
  Yini Ma, Yingying Zhao, Yongfeng Wang, Xiangzhen Li, Feifei Sun, Phillippe Francois-Xavier Corvini and Rong JiFeifei Sun, Phillippe Francois-Xavier Corvini, Rong Ji, Xiangzhen Li, Yingying Zhao, Yini Ma, Yongfeng Wang
  2017,29(12):60-67 [Abstract(887)]  [View PDF 1.41 M (1058)]
Intrinsic chemiluminescence production from the degradation of haloaromatic pollutants during environmentally-friendly advanced oxidation processes: Mechanism, structure–activity relationship and potential applications
  Benzhan Zhu, Chen Shen, Huiying Gao, Liya Zhu, Jie Shao and Li MaoBenzhan Zhu, Chen Shen, Huiying Gao, Jie Shao, Li Mao, Liya Zhu
  2017,29(12):68-83 [Abstract(1074)]  [View PDF 3.57 M (1173)]
Nontarget screening using passive air and water sampling with a level II fugacity model to identify unregulated environmental contaminants
  In-Young Chung, Yu-Mi Park, Hyun-Jeoung Lee, Hyuk Kim, Dong-Hoon Kim, Il-Gyu Kim, Sang-Min Kim, Young-Sun Do, Kwang-Seol Seok and Jung-Hwan KwonDong-Hoon Kim, Hyuk Kim, Hyun-Jeoung Lee, Il-Gyu Kim, In-Young Chung, Jung-Hwan Kwon, Kwang-Seol Seok, Sang-Min Kim, Young-Sun Do, Yu-Mi Park
  2017,29(12):84-91 [Abstract(1061)]  [View PDF 1.50 M (1384)]
Identification of differentially expressed genes response to TCDD in rat brain after long-term low-dose exposure
  Yangsheng Chen, Li Xu, Heidi Q.H. Xie, Tuan Xu, Hualing Fu, Songyan Zhang, Rui Sha, Yingjie Xia and Bin ZhaoBin Zhao, Heidi Q.H. Xie, Hualing Fu, Li Xu, Rui Sha, Songyan Zhang, Tuan Xu, Yangsheng Chen, Yingjie Xia
  2017,29(12):92-99 [Abstract(1098)]  [View PDF 2.58 M (1429)]
Mesoporous carbon nanomaterials induced pulmonary surfactant inhibition, cytotoxicity, inflammation and lung fibrosis
  Yunan Chen, Yi Yang, Bolong Xu, Shunhao Wang, Bin Li, Juan Ma, Jie Gao, Yi Y. Zuo and Sijin LiuBin Li, Bolong Xu, Jie Gao, Juan Ma, Shunhao Wang, Sijin Liu, Yi Y. Zuo, Yi Yang, Yunan Chen
  2017,29(12):100-114 [Abstract(901)]  [View PDF 6.66 M (2087)]
The presence and partitioning behavior of flame retardants in waste, leachate, and air particles from Norwegian waste-handling facilities
  Nicolas A.O. Morin, Patrik L. Andersson, Sarah E. Hale and Hans Peter H. ArpHans Peter H. Arp, Nicolas A.O. Morin, Patrik L. Andersson, Sarah E. Hale
  2017,29(12):115-132 [Abstract(734)]  [View PDF 6.58 M (1028)]
Exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals perturbs lipid metabolism and circadian rhythms
  Renate Kopp, Irene Ozáez Martínez, Jessica Legradi and Juliette LeglerIrene Ozáez Martínez, Jessica Legradi, Juliette Legler, Renate Kopp
  2017,29(12):133-137 [Abstract(768)]  [View PDF 1.31 M (1041)]
From chemical mixtures to antibiotic resistance
  Jun Ye, Christopher Rensing, Jianqiang Su and Yong-Guan ZhuChristopher Rensing, Jianqiang Su, Jun Ye, Yong-Guan Zhu
  2017,29(12):138-144 [Abstract(1146)]  [View PDF 905.72 K (1300)]
Abnormal energy metabolism and tau phosphorylation in the brains of middle-aged mice in response to atmospheric PM2.5 exposure
  Rui Gao, Tingting Ku, Xiaotong Ji, Yingying Zhang, Guangke Li and Nan SangGuangke Li, Nan Sang, Rui Gao, Tingting Ku, Xiaotong Ji, Yingying Zhang
  2017,29(12):145-153 [Abstract(954)]  [View PDF 4.12 M (1177)]
Development of matrix solid-phase dispersion method for the extraction of short-chain chlorinated paraffins in human placenta
  Ying Wang, Wei Gao, Jing Wu, Huijin Liu, Yingjun Wang, Yawei Wang and Guibin JiangGuibin Jiang, Huijin Liu, Jing Wu, Wei Gao, Yawei Wang, Ying Wang, Yingjun Wang
  2017,29(12):154-162 [Abstract(943)]  [View PDF 2.84 M (1125)]
News: JES Symposium at the 9th National Conference on Environmental Chemistry
  2017,29(12):163-165 [Abstract(667)]  [View PDF 2.42 M (691)]

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