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Novel Al-doped carbon nanotubes with adsorption and coagulation promotion for organic pollutant removal
  Dongjuan Kang,Xiaolin Yu,Maofa Ge,Feng Xiao,Hui Xu
  2017,29(4):1-12 [Abstract(1160)]  [View PDF 3.80 M (1493)]
Selected dark sides of biomass-derived biochars as environmental amendments
  Zien Chen,Lei Luo,Diyi Xiao,Jitao Lv,Bei Wen,Yibing Ma,Shuzhen Zhang
  2017,29(4):13-20 [Abstract(1495)]  [View PDF 3.64 M (1335)]
Characterization of particulate matter from diesel passenger cars tested on chassis dynamometers
  Sungwoon Jung,Jaehyun Lim,Sangil Kwon,Sangwoo Jeon,Jeongsoo Kim,Jongtae Lee,Sunmoon Kim
  2017,29(4):21-32 [Abstract(1345)]  [View PDF 3.69 M (1172)]
Effects of exogenous short-chain N-acyl homoserine lactone on denitrifying process of Paracoccus denitrificans
  Yun Cheng,Yang Zhang,Qiuxuan Shen,Jie Gao,Guoqiang Zhuang,Xuliang Zhuang
  2017,29(4):33-39 [Abstract(1227)]  [View PDF 949.28 K (1110)]
Adsorption behavior of benzenesulfonic acid by novel weakly basic anion exchange resins
  Yue Sun,Peng ZuoJunfen Luo,Rajendra Prasad Singh
  2017,29(4):40-47 [Abstract(1383)]  [View PDF 4.73 M (939)]
Acute toxicity variation of hydroxyl benzophenone UV filters during photoinduction–chlorination disinfection processes
  Qi Yu,Dongbin Wei,Wei LiuYuguo Du
  2017,29(4):48-55 [Abstract(1312)]  [View PDF 1.47 M (1030)]
Metals and metalloid bioconcentrations in the tissues of Typha latifolia grown in the four interconnected ponds of a domestic landfill site
  Zohra Ben Salem,Xavier Laffray,Ahmed Al-Ashoor,Habib Ayadi,Lotfi Aleya
  2017,29(4):56-68 [Abstract(1278)]  [View PDF 2.69 M (1157)]
Fractionation of rare earth and other trace elements in crabs, Ucides cordatus, from a subtropical mangrove affected by fertilizer industry
  Alice Bosco-Santos,Wanilson Luiz-Silva,Emmanoel Vieira da Silva-Filho,Monique Dias Corrêa de Souza,Elton Luiz Dantas,Margareth Sugano Navarro
  2017,29(4):69-76 [Abstract(1009)]  [View PDF 1.88 M (1007)]
Source apportionment of PAHs and n-alkanes bound to PM1 collected near the Venice highway
  Gabrio Valotto,Giancarlo Rampazzo,Francesco Gonella,Gianni Formenton,Silvia Ficotto,Giorgia Giraldo
  2017,29(4):77-89 [Abstract(1190)]  [View PDF 2.12 M (968)]
An estimation of vehicle kilometer traveled and on-road emissions using the traffic volume and travel speed on road links in Incheon City
  Sungwoon Jung,Jounghwa Kim,Jeongsoo Kim,Dahee Hong,Dongjoo Park
  2017,29(4):90-100 [Abstract(1373)]  [View PDF 6.52 M (1190)]
Typical atmospheric haze during crop harvest season in northeastern China: A case in the Changchun region
  WeiWei Chen,Daniel Q. Tong,Mo Dan,ShiChun Zhang,XueLei Zhang,YuePeng Pan
  2017,29(4):101-113 [Abstract(1354)]  [View PDF 9.32 M (805)]
Ethanol mediated As(III) adsorption onto Zn-loaded pinecone biochar: Experimental investigation, modeling, and optimization using hybrid artificial neural network-genetic algorithm approach
  Mohd. Zafar,N. Van Vinh,Shishir Kumar Behera,Hung-Suck Park
  2017,29(4):114-125 [Abstract(1017)]  [View PDF 4.95 M (989)]
Antimony oxidation and adsorption by in-situ formed biogenic Mn oxide and Fe–Mn oxides
  Yaohui Bai,William A. Jefferson,Jinsong Liang,Tingting Yang,Jiuhui Qu
  2017,29(4):126-134 [Abstract(1838)]  [View PDF 1.49 M (1007)]
Influences of anion concentration and valence on dispersion and aggregation of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in aqueous solutions
  Huijun He,Yan Cheng,Chunping Yang,Guangming Zeng,Canyao Zhu,Zhou Yan
  2017,29(4):135-141 [Abstract(1242)]  [View PDF 1.16 M (3100)]
Evolutionary processes and sources of high-nitrate haze episodes over Beijing, Spring
  Ting Yang,Yele Sun,Wei Zhang,Zifa Wang,Xingang Liu,Pingqing Fu,Xiquan Wang
  2017,29(4):142-151 [Abstract(1320)]  [View PDF 4.70 M (964)]
Pseudomonas sp. ZXY-1, a newly isolated and highly efficient atrazine-degrading bacterium, and optimization of biodegradation using response surface methodology
  Xinyue Zhao,Li Wang,Fang MaShunwen Bai,Jixian YangShanshan Qi
  2017,29(4):152-159 [Abstract(1211)]  [View PDF 2.16 M (962)]
Removal of perfluorinated surfactants from wastewater by adsorption and ion exchange — Influence of material properties, sorption mechanism and modeling
  Falk Schuricht,Ekaterina S. Borovinskaya,Wladimir Reschetilowski
  2017,29(4):160-170 [Abstract(931)]  [View PDF 5.04 M (1357)]
Hydrolysis mechanism of carbendazim hydrolase from the strain Microbacterium sp. djl-6F
  Ji Lei,Shaopeng Wei,Lijun Ren,Shibin Hu,Peng Chen
  2017,29(4):171-177 [Abstract(3587)]  [View PDF 1.26 M (1536)]
Chemical composition and properties of ashes from combustion plants using Miscanthus as fuel
  Christof Lanzerstorfer
  2017,29(4):178-183 [Abstract(1226)]  [View PDF 967.35 K (1891)]
The application of iron mesh double layer as anode for the electrochemical treatment of Reactive Black 5 dye
  Wei Tze Mook,Mohammed A. Ajeel,Mohamed Kheireddine Aroua,Ma?gorzata Szlachta
  2017,29(4):184-195 [Abstract(1228)]  [View PDF 3.29 M (1188)]
Photodegradation of 17α-ethynylestradiol in dissolved humic substances solution: Kinetics, mechanism and estrogenicity variation
  Dong Ren,Bin Huang,Dan XiongHuan He,Xiangqi MengXuejun Pan
  2017,29(4):196-205 [Abstract(1230)]  [View PDF 1.24 M (1088)]
Kinetics of nitrobenzene degradation coupled to indigenous microorganism dissimilatory iron reduction stimulated by emulsified vegetable oil
  Jun Dong,Linjie Ding,Zifang Chi,Jiansen Lei,Yan Su
  2017,29(4):206-216 [Abstract(1174)]  [View PDF 2.10 M (1055)]
Seasonal variations in the concentration and removal of nonylphenol ethoxylates from the wastewater of a sewage treatment plant
  Dawen Gao,Zhe Li,Junxue Guan,Hong Liang
  2017,29(4):217-223 [Abstract(1298)]  [View PDF 2.23 M (1037)]
Effects of the support material addition on the hydrodynamic behavior of an anaerobic expanded granular sludge bed reactor
  Tania Pérez-Pérez,Gleyce Teixeira Correia,Wu Hong Kwong,Ileana Pereda-Reyes,Deny Oliva-Merencio,Marcelo Zaiat
  2017,29(4):224-230 [Abstract(1479)]  [View PDF 1.94 M (1437)]
Enhanced debromination of 4-bromophenol by the UV/sulfite process: Efficiency and mechanism
  Bihuang Xie,Xuchun LiXianfeng Huang,Zhe XuWeiming Zhang,Bingcai Pan
  2017,29(4):231-238 [Abstract(1843)]  [View PDF 863.36 K (1205)]
Gas-phase and particle-phase PCDD/F congener distributions in the flue gas from an iron ore sintering plant
  Xiaolong Liu,Meng Ye,Xue WangWen Liu,Tingyu Zhu
  2017,29(4):239-245 [Abstract(1280)]  [View PDF 1.11 M (1105)]
Shifts in microbial community structure and diversity in a MBR combined with worm reactors treating synthetic wastewater
  Jia Liu,Wei Zuo,Jun Zhang,Hui LiLipin Li,Yu Tian
  2017,29(4):246-255 [Abstract(1472)]  [View PDF 1.89 M (983)]
Charge transfer between biogenic jarosite derived Fe and TiO2 enhances visible light photocatalytic activity of TiO2
  Mahabubur Chowdhury,Sipiwe Shoko,Fransciuos Cummings,Veruscha Fester,Tunde Victor Ojumu
  2017,29(4):256-267 [Abstract(1224)]  [View PDF 4.42 M (1073)]
Visible light driven mineralization of spiramycin over photostructured N-doped TiO2 on up conversion phosphors
  Olga Sacco,Vincenzo VaianoDiana Sannino,Paolo Ciambelli
  2017,29(4):268-276 [Abstract(980)]  [View PDF 4.09 M (962)]
Effects of synthesis methods on catalytic activities of CoOx–TiO2 for low-temperature NH3-SCR of NO
  Li Zhu,Yiqing Zeng,Shule Zhang,Jinli Deng,Qin Zhong
  2017,29(4):277-287 [Abstract(1000)]  [View PDF 6.46 M (1544)]
Spatio-temporal variation of landfill gas in pilot-scale semi-aerobic and anaerobic landfills over 5 years
  Xiaohui Wu,Bo Yue,Qifei Huang,Qi Wang,Ye Lin,Wei Zhang,Zhuoyi Yan
  2017,29(4):288-297 [Abstract(1291)]  [View PDF 6.19 M (1529)]
Size-resolved carbonaceous components and water-soluble ions measurements of ambient aerosol in Beijing
  Pusheng Zhao,Yina Chen,Jie Su
  2017,29(4):298-313 [Abstract(1176)]  [View PDF 15.70 M (649)]
Responses of greenhouse gas fluxes to experimental warming in wheat season under conventional tillage and no-tillage fields
  Chun Tu,Fadong Li
  2017,29(4):314-327 [Abstract(1513)]  [View PDF 3.49 M (2185)]
Treatability of volatile chlorinated hydrocarbon-contaminated soils of different textures along a vertical profile by mechanical soil aeration: A laboratory test
  Yan Ma,Yi Shi,Deyi Hou,Xi Zhang,Jiaqi Chen,Zhifen Wang,Zhu Xu,Fasheng Li,Xiaoming Du
  2017,29(4):328-335 [Abstract(1133)]  [View PDF 2.24 M (1201)]
Particulate matter (PM2.5) exposure season-dependently induces neuronal apoptosis and synaptic injuries
  Minjun Chen,Ben Li,Nan Sang
  2017,29(4):336-345 [Abstract(1101)]  [View PDF 3.36 M (887)]
Fabrication of bimetallic Ag/Fe immobilized on modified biochar for removal of carbon tetrachloride
  Hongwei Wu,Qiyan Feng
  2017,29(4):346-357 [Abstract(1526)]  [View PDF 5.95 M (1171)]
News: Dr. Samuel Cohen receives SOT Merit Award
  Samuel CohenAuthor Vitae
  2017,29(4):358 [Abstract(991)]  [View PDF 468.57 K (844)]

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