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Microwave assisted digestion followed by ICP-MS for determination of trace metals in atmospheric and lake ecosystem
  Manan Ahmed,Ying Hui Chin,Xinxin Guo,Xing-Min Zhao
  2017,29(5):1-10 [Abstract(1279)]  [View PDF 3.00 M (1376)]
Comparative cytotoxicity of nanoparticles and ions to Escherichia coli in binary mixtures
  Swati Srivastava,Arun Kumar
  2017,29(5):11-19 [Abstract(997)]  [View PDF 1011.27 K (883)]
Carbon flow analysis of China's agro-ecosystem from 1980 to 2013: A perspective from substance flow analysis
  Yu Liu,Can Wang,Minpeng Chen
  2017,29(5):20-32 [Abstract(1106)]  [View PDF 3.72 M (902)]
Cell concentration, viability and culture composition of airborne bacteria during a dust event in Beijing
  Hongli Yuan,Daizhou Zhang,Yanning Shi,Baozhen Li,Jinshui Yang,Xuejian Yu,Nan Chen,Makiko Kakikawa
  2017,29(5):33-40 [Abstract(1120)]  [View PDF 1.59 M (1251)]
Temporal and spatial variation of nitrogen and phosphorus and eutrophication assessment for a typical arid river — Fuyang River in northern China
  Wenqiang Zhang,Xin Jin,Dong Liu,Chao Lang,Baoqing Shan
  2017,29(5):41-48 [Abstract(1298)]  [View PDF 1.01 M (1065)]
Effects of free ammonia on volatile fatty acid accumulation and process performance in the anaerobic digestion of two typical bio-wastes
  Xuchuan Shi,Jia Lin,Jiane Zuo,Peng Li,Xiaoxia Li,Xianglin Guo
  2017,29(5):49-57 [Abstract(1427)]  [View PDF 1.40 M (982)]
Effect of reclaimed water effluent on bacterial community structure in the Typha angustifolia L. rhizosphere soil of urbanized riverside wetland, China
  Xingru Huang,Wei Xiong,Wei Liu,Xiaoyu Guo
  2017,29(5):58-68 [Abstract(1168)]  [View PDF 1.33 M (994)]
Ambient volatile organic compounds pollution in China
  Xinmin Zhang,Zhigang Xue,Hong Li,Li Yan,Yuan Yang,Yi Wang,Jingchun Duan,Lei Li,Fahe Chai,Miaomiao Cheng,Weiqi Zhang
  2017,29(5):69-75 [Abstract(1508)]  [View PDF 986.66 K (1074)]
Study of cyanide removal from contaminated water using zinc peroxide nanomaterial
  Himani Uppal,S. Swarupa Tripathy,Sneha Chawla,Bharti Sharma,M.K. Dalai,S.P. Singh,Sukhvir Singh,Nahar Singh
  2017,29(5):76-85 [Abstract(1613)]  [View PDF 8.97 M (856)]
Effect of short-term regional traffic restriction on urban submicron particulate pollution
  Suping Zhao,Ye Yu
  2017,29(5):86-99 [Abstract(1315)]  [View PDF 3.71 M (897)]
Products of methotrexate during chlorination
  Jie Yin,Yumin Niu,Bing Shao
  2017,29(5):100-108 [Abstract(1240)]  [View PDF 1.23 M (1027)]
Modeling and predicting low-speed vehicle emissions as a function of driving kinematics
  Lijun Hao,Wei Chen,Lei Li,Jianwei Tan,Xin Wang,Hang Yin,Yan Ding,Yunshan Ge
  2017,29(5):109-117 [Abstract(1338)]  [View PDF 868.48 K (901)]
Pollution characteristics, sources and lung cancer risk of atmospheric polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in a new urban district of Nanjing, China
  Tao Wang,Zhonghuan Xia,Minmin Wu,Qianqian Zhang,Shiqi Sun,Jing Yin,Yanchi Zhou,Hao Yang
  2017,29(5):118-128 [Abstract(1577)]  [View PDF 2.24 M (1343)]
Novel CeO2@TiO2 core–shell nanostructure catalyst for selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3
  Bingjie Huang,Danqing Yu,Zhongyi Sheng,Liu Yang
  2017,29(5):129-136 [Abstract(1254)]  [View PDF 2.22 M (1358)]
Determination of 15 phthalate esters in air by gas-phase and particle-phase simultaneous sampling
  Chenchen Chi,Meng Xia,Chen Zhou,Xueqing Wang,Mili Weng,Xueyou Shen
  2017,29(5):137-145 [Abstract(1168)]  [View PDF 1.23 M (884)]
Size-resolved aerosol water-soluble ions at a regional background station of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei, North China
  Yongjie Yang,Rui Zhou,Yue Yu,Yan Yan,Yan Liu,Yi'an Di,Dan Wu,Weiqi Zhang
  2017,29(5):146-156 [Abstract(1405)]  [View PDF 2.45 M (1130)]
Green synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of silver nanoparticles using methanolic root extracts of Diospyros sylvatica
  Lakshmi Pethakamsetty,Kalyani Kothapenta,Hanumanta Rao Nammi,Lakshmi Kalyani Ruddaraju,Pratap Kollu,Soon Gil Yoon,Sri Venkata Narayana Pammi
  2017,29(5):157-163 [Abstract(1139)]  [View PDF 3.02 M (842)]
A nanocomposite consisting of silica-coated magnetite and phenyl-functionalized graphene oxide for extraction of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon from aqueous matrices
  Shokouh Mahpishanian,Hassan SereshtiMohammad Ahmadvand
  2017,29(5):164-173 [Abstract(863)]  [View PDF 3.99 M (1233)]
Determination of hexabromocyclododecanes in sediments from the Haihe River in China by an optimized HPLC–MS–MS method
  Yanhui Zhao,Qianqian Li,Xue Miao,Xinchen Huang,Binke Li,Guijin Su,Minghui Zheng
  2017,29(5):174-183 [Abstract(1106)]  [View PDF 1.46 M (1007)]
Chemical characteristics of trace metals in PM10 and their concentrated weighted trajectory analysis at Central Delhi, India
  Subhash Chandra,Monika J. Kulshrestha,Ruchi Singh,Nahar Singh
  2017,29(5):184-196 [Abstract(858)]  [View PDF 4.59 M (888)]
Underestimation of phosphorus fraction change in the supernatant after phosphorus adsorption onto iron oxides and iron oxide–natural organic matter complexes
  Jinlong Yan,Tao Jiang,Ying Yao,Jun Wang,Yuanli Cai,Nelson W. Green,Shiqiang Wei
  2017,29(5):197-205 [Abstract(1174)]  [View PDF 1.57 M (979)]
A comparison of the toxicity of landfill leachate exposure at the seed soaking and germination stages on Zea mays L. (maize)
  Guangke Li,Junyan Chen,Wei YanNan Sang
  2017,29(5):206-213 [Abstract(1332)]  [View PDF 1.09 M (953)]
Combined effects of adsorption and photocatalysis by hybrid TiO2/ZnO-calcium alginate beads for the removal of copper
  Devagi Kanakaraju,Shantini Ravichandar,Ying Chin Lim
  2017,29(5):214-223 [Abstract(2535)]  [View PDF 2.36 M (1475)]
Aeration optimization through operation at low dissolved oxygen concentrations: Evaluation of oxygen mass transfer dynamics in different activated sludge systems
  Haitao Fan,Lu Qi,Guoqiang Liu,Yuankai Zhang,Qiang Fan,Hongchen Wang
  2017,29(5):224-235 [Abstract(1245)]  [View PDF 4.23 M (1690)]
Photocatalytic reduction of organic pollutant under visible light by green route synthesized gold nanoparticles
  Bharat C. Choudhary,Debajyoti Paul,Tarun Gupta,Sandesh R. Tetgure,Vaman J. Garole,Amulrao U. Borse,Dipak J. Garole
  2017,29(5):236-246 [Abstract(1253)]  [View PDF 5.29 M (1327)]
Effects of duckweed (Spriodela polyrrhiza) remediation on the composition of dissolved organic matter in effluent of scale pig farms
  Lei Li,Ming Liu,Meng Wu,Chunyu Jiang,Xiaofen Chen,Xiaoyan Ma,Jia Liu,Weitao Li,Xiaoxue Tang,Zhongpei Li
  2017,29(5):247-256 [Abstract(1259)]  [View PDF 1.07 M (925)]
Triton X-100 induced cuboid-like BiVO4 microsphere with high photocatalytic performance
  Cheewita Suwanchawalit,Supat Buddee,Sumpun Wongnawa
  2017,29(5):257-265 [Abstract(1497)]  [View PDF 5.11 M (962)]
Efficient degradation of chlorobenzene in a non-thermal plasma catalytic reactor supported on CeO2/HZSM-5 catalysts
  Liying Jiang,Guofeng Nie,Runye Zhu,Jiade Wang,Jianmeng Chen,Yubo Mao,Zhuowei Cheng,Willam A. Anderson
  2017,29(5):266-273 [Abstract(1296)]  [View PDF 1.49 M (1205)]
Use of oleaginous plants in phytotreatment of grey water and yellow water from source separation of sewage
  Maria Cristina Lavagnolo,Mario Malagoli,Luca Alibardi,Francesco Garbo,Alberto Pivato,Raffaello Cossu
  2017,29(5):274-282 [Abstract(1278)]  [View PDF 1.42 M (1002)]
Synthesis, characterization and application of Lagerstroemia speciosa embedded magnetic nanoparticle for Cr(VI) adsorption from aqueous solution
  Shalini Srivastava,Shashi Bhushan Agrawal,Monoj Kumar Mondal
  2017,29(5):283-293 [Abstract(1152)]  [View PDF 6.52 M (988)]
Characteristics of biomass ashes from different materials and their ameliorative effects on acid soils
  Renyong Shi,Jiuyu Li,Jun Jiang,Khalid Mehmood,Yuan Liu,Renkou Xu,Wei Qian
  2017,29(5):294-302 [Abstract(1280)]  [View PDF 889.93 K (844)]
Investigation on the relationship between the fine particle emission and crystallization characteristics of gypsum during wet flue gas desulfurization process
  Danping Pan,Hao Wu,Linjun Yang
  2017,29(5):303-310 [Abstract(1360)]  [View PDF 2.89 M (757)]
Adsorption and desorption of Cu on paddy soil aggregates pretreated with different levels of phosphate
  Jun Dai,Wenqin Wang,Wenchen Wu,Jianbo Gao,Changxun Dong
  2017,29(5):311-320 [Abstract(1162)]  [View PDF 1.14 M (1117)]
Development of metal organic framework-199 immobilized zeolite foam for adsorption of common indoor VOCs
  Vipin K. Saini,João Pires
  2017,29(5):321-330 [Abstract(1995)]  [View PDF 3.40 M (1157)]
Template-free synthesis of inorganic hollow spheres at water/“water-brother” interfaces as Fenton-like reagents for water treatment
  Yingchun Su,Shenghua Ma,Xiaole Zhao,Mingdong Dong,Xiaojun Han
  2017,29(5):331-338 [Abstract(1087)]  [View PDF 1.40 M (1066)]
Comparison of inorganic chemical compositions of atmospheric TSP, PM10 and PM2.5 in northern and southern Chinese coastal cities
  Yiding Ma,Zongshuang Wang,Yufei Tan,Shu Xu,Shaofei Kong,Gang Wu,Xuefang Wu,Hong Li
  2017,29(5):339-353 [Abstract(1262)]  [View PDF 2.87 M (1121)]
Effect of lubricant sulfur on the morphology and elemental composition of diesel exhaust particles
  Piqiang Tan,Yuan LiHanyan Shen
  2017,29(5):354-362 [Abstract(1909)]  [View PDF 7.15 M (817)]
News: Dr. Susan D. Richardson appointed an Associate Editor of Environmental Science & Technology
  2017,29(5):363 [Abstract(642)]  [View PDF 455.50 K (592)]

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