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Disinfection By-Products in Drinking Water, Recycled Waterand Wastewater: Formation, Detection, Toxicity and HealthEffects: Preface
  2017,29(8):1 [Abstract(877)]  [View PDF 446.30 K (850)]
Organic chloramines in chlorine-based disinfected watersystems: A critical review
  Zuo Tong How, Ina Kristiana, Francesco Busetti, Kathryn L. Linge and Cynthia A. JollCynthia A. Joll, Francesco Busetti, Ina Kristiana, Kathryn L. Linge, Zuo Tong How
  2017,29(8):2-18 [Abstract(1671)]  [View PDF 1010.98 K (1396)]
Occurrence and formation of disinfection by-products in the swimming pool environment: A critical review
  Rhys A.A.Carter and Cynthia A.JollCynthia A.Joll, Rhys A.A.Carter
  2017,29(8):19-50 [Abstract(1785)]  [View PDF 1.14 M (1733)]
Formation and control of disinfection byproducts and toxicity during reclaimed water chlorination: A review
  Ye Du, Xiao-Tong Lv, Qian-Yuan Wu, Da-Yin Zhang, Yu-Ting Zhou, Lu Peng and Hong-Ying HuDa-Yin Zhang, Hong-Ying Hu, Lu Peng, Qian-Yuan Wu, Xiao-Tong Lv, Ye Du, Yu-Ting Zhou
  2017,29(8):51-63 [Abstract(1324)]  [View PDF 1.38 M (1565)]
CHO cell cytotoxicity and genotoxicity analyses of disinfection by-products: An updated review
  Elizabeth D. Wagner and Michael J. PlewaElizabeth D. Wagner, Michael J. Plewa
  2017,29(8):64-76 [Abstract(1021)]  [View PDF 2.02 M (1320)]
Trihalomethane concentrations in tap water as determinant of bottled water use in the city of Barcelona
  Laia Font-Ribera, Jordi Colomer Cotta, Anna Gómez-Gutiérrez and Cristina M. VillanuevaAnna Gómez-Gutiérrez, Cristina M. Villanueva, Jordi Colomer Cotta, Laia Font-Ribera
  2017,29(8):77-82 [Abstract(1062)]  [View PDF 495.19 K (916)]
Characterization of halogenated DBPs and identification of new DBPs trihalomethanols in chlorine dioxide treated drinking water with multiple extractions
  Jiarui Han, Xiangru Zhang, Jiaqi Liu, Xiaohu Zhu and Tingting GongJiaqi Liu, Jiarui Han, Tingting Gong, Xiangru Zhang, Xiaohu Zhu
  2017,29(8):83-92 [Abstract(1117)]  [View PDF 4.00 M (1486)]
The chlorination transformation characteristics of benzophenone-4 in the presence of iodide ions
  Fan Yang, Dongbin Wei, Ming Xiao, Xuefeng Sun, Qiaorong Guo, Yi Liu and Yuguo DuDongbin Wei, Fan Yang, Ming Xiao, Qiaorong Guo, Xuefeng Sun, Yi Liu, Yuguo Du
  2017,29(8):93-101 [Abstract(959)]  [View PDF 1.57 M (970)]
Formation and control of nitrogenous DBPs from Western Australian source waters: Investigating the impacts of high nitrogen and bromide concentrations
  Ina Kristiana, Deborah Liew, Rita K. Henderson, Cynthia A. Joll and Kathryn L. LingeCynthia A. Joll, Deborah Liew, Ina Kristiana, Kathryn L. Linge, Rita K. Henderson
  2017,29(8):102-115 [Abstract(900)]  [View PDF 940.48 K (900)]
Characterization of N-nitrosodimethylamine formation from the ozonation of ranitidine
  Juan Lv, Lin Wang and Yongmei LiJuan Lv, Lin Wang, Yongmei Li
  2017,29(8):116-126 [Abstract(7764)]  [View PDF 1.64 M (2819)]
Formation of iodo-trihalomethanes, iodo-haloacetic acids, and haloacetaldehydes during chlorination and chloramination of iodine containing waters in laboratory controlled reactions
  Cristina Postigo, Susan D. Richardson and Damia BarcelóCristina Postigo, Damia Barceló, Susan D. Richardson
  2017,29(8):127-134 [Abstract(1334)]  [View PDF 799.49 K (970)]
Chloramination of wastewater effluent: Toxicity and formation of disinfection byproducts
  Julien Le Roux, Michael J. Plewa, Elizabeth D. Wagner, Maolida Nihemaiti, Azra Dad and Jean-Philippe CrouéAzra Dad, Elizabeth D. Wagner, Jean-Philippe Croué, Julien Le Roux, Maolida Nihemaiti, Michael J. Plewa
  2017,29(8):135-145 [Abstract(1383)]  [View PDF 2.15 M (893)]
DBP formation from degradation of DEET and ibuprofen by UV/chlorine process and subsequent post-chlorination
  Ehsan Aghdam, Yingying Xiang, Jianliang Sun, Chii Shang, Xin Yang and Jingyun FangChii Shang, Ehsan Aghdam, Jianliang Sun, Jingyun Fang, Xin Yang, Yingying Xiang
  2017,29(8):146-154 [Abstract(1481)]  [View PDF 856.15 K (1263)]
Impact of combining chlorine dioxide and chlorine on DBP formation in simulated indoor swimming pools
  Daekyun Kim, Nuray Ates, Sehnaz Sule Kaplan Bekaroglu, Meric Selbes and Tanju KaranfilDaekyun Kim, Meric Selbes, Nuray Ates, Sehnaz Sule Kaplan Bekaroglu, Tanju Karanfil
  2017,29(8):155-162 [Abstract(1397)]  [View PDF 984.16 K (985)]
Concentrations of disinfection by-products in swimming pool following modifications of the water treatment process: An exploratory study
  Robert Tardif, Manuel Rodriguez, Cyril Catto, Ginette Charest-Tardif and Sabrina SimardCyril Catto, Ginette Charest-Tardif, Manuel Rodriguez, Robert Tardif, Sabrina Simard
  2017,29(8):163-172 [Abstract(803)]  [View PDF 1.85 M (1124)]
The impact of iodinated X-ray contrast agents on formation and toxicity of disinfection by-products in drinking water
  Clara H. Jeong, Edward J. Machek, Morteza Shakeri, Stephen E. Duirk, Thomas A. Ternes, Susan D. Richardson, Elizabeth D. Wagner and Michael J. PlewaClara H. Jeong, Edward J. Machek, Elizabeth D. Wagner, Michael J. Plewa, Morteza Shakeri, Stephen E. Duirk, Susan D. Richardson, Thomas A. Ternes
  2017,29(8):173-182 [Abstract(1294)]  [View PDF 860.79 K (959)]
Case study approach to modeling historical disinfection by-product exposure in Iowa drinking waters
  Stuart W. Krasner, Kenneth P. Cantor, Peter J. Weyer, Mariana Hildesheim and Gary AmyGary Amy, Kenneth P. Cantor, Mariana Hildesheim, Peter J. Weyer, Stuart W. Krasner
  2017,29(8):183-190 [Abstract(1029)]  [View PDF 994.66 K (820)]
Disinfection byproduct regulatory compliance surrogates and bromide-associated risk
  Chelsea Kolb, Royce A. Francis and Jeanne M. VanBriesenChelsea Kolb, Jeanne M. VanBriesen, Royce A. Francis
  2017,29(8):191-207 [Abstract(955)]  [View PDF 7.93 M (1124)]
TIC-Tox: A preliminary discussion on identifying the forcing agents of DBP-mediated toxicity of disinfected water
  Michael J. Plewa, Elizabeth D. Wagner and Susan D. RichardsonElizabeth D. Wagner, Michael J. Plewa, Susan D. Richardson
  2017,29(8):208-216 [Abstract(1233)]  [View PDF 2.20 M (1045)]
Biomarkers of end of shift exposure to disinfection byproducts in nurses
  Solomon Ioannou, Xanthi D. Andrianou, Pantelis Charisiadis and Konstantinos C. MakrisKonstantinos C. Makris, Pantelis Charisiadis, Solomon Ioannou, Xanthi D. Andrianou
  2017,29(8):217-223 [Abstract(902)]  [View PDF 534.59 K (892)]
Monohalogenated acetamide-induced cellular stress and genotoxicity are related to electrophilic softness and thiol/thiolate reactivity
  Justin A. Pals, Elizabeth D. Wagner, Michael J. Plewa, Menghang Xia and Matias S. Attene-RamosElizabeth D. Wagner, Justin A. Pals, Matias S. Attene-Ramos, Menghang Xia, Michael J. Plewa
  2017,29(8):224-230 [Abstract(1069)]  [View PDF 675.98 K (933)]
Investigation of nuclear enzyme topoisomerase as a putative molecular target of monohaloacetonitrile disinfection by-products
  Yukako Komaki and Michael J. PlewaMichael J. Plewa, Yukako Komaki
  2017,29(8):231-238 [Abstract(1022)]  [View PDF 2.25 M (871)]
Effects of halobenzoquinone and haloacetic acid water disinfection byproducts on human neural stem cells
  Katherine Z. Fu, Jinhua Li, Sai Vemula, Birget Moe and Xing-Fang LiBirget Moe, Jinhua Li, Katherine Z. Fu, Sai Vemula, Xing-Fang Li
  2017,29(8):239-249 [Abstract(1101)]  [View PDF 3.23 M (1024)]
Gene expression changes in blood RNA after swimming in a chlorinated pool
  Lucas A. Salas, Laia Font-Ribera, Mariona Bustamante, Lauro Sumoy, Joan O. Grimalt, Sarah Bonnin, Maria Aguilar, Heidi Mattlin, Manuela Hummel, Anna Ferrer, Manolis Kogevinas and Cristina M. VillanuevaAnna Ferrer, Cristina M. Villanueva, Heidi Mattlin, Joan O. Grimalt, Laia Font-Ribera, Lauro Sumoy, Lucas A. Salas, Manolis Kogevinas, Manuela Hummel, Maria Aguilar, Mariona Bustamante, Sarah Bonnin
  2017,29(8):250-261 [Abstract(1037)]  [View PDF 890.48 K (855)]
Monitoring and factors affecting levels of airborne and water bromoform in chlorinated seawater swimming pools
  Jean-Luc Boudenne, Julien Parinet, Carine Demelas, Tarek Manasfi and Bruno CoulombBruno Coulomb, Carine Demelas, Jean-Luc Boudenne, Julien Parinet, Tarek Manasfi
  2017,29(8):262-270 [Abstract(749)]  [View PDF 1.58 M (917)]
Showering in Flint, MI: Is there a DBP problem?
  Joshua M. Allen, Amy A. Cuthbertson, Hannah K. Liberatore, Susana Y. Kimura, Anurag Mantha, Marc A. Edwards and Susan D. RichardsonAmy A. Cuthbertson, Anurag Mantha, Hannah K. Liberatore, Joshua M. Allen, Marc A. Edwards, Susan D. Richardson, Susana Y. Kimura
  2017,29(8):271-284 [Abstract(1038)]  [View PDF 2.82 M (933)]
Total organic halogen (TOX) in human urine: A halogen-specific method for human exposure studies
  Susana Y. Kimura, Weiwei Zheng, Taylor N. Hipp, Joshua M. Allen and Susan D. RichardsonJoshua M. Allen, Susan D. Richardson, Susana Y. Kimura, Taylor N. Hipp, Weiwei Zheng
  2017,29(8):285-295 [Abstract(1046)]  [View PDF 6.33 M (1029)]
Comparative mammalian cell cytotoxicity of wastewater with elevated bromide and iodide after chlorination, chloramination, or ozonation
  Shengkun Dong, Thanh H. Nguyen and Michael J. PlewaMichael J. Plewa, Shengkun Dong, Thanh H. Nguyen
  2017,29(8):296-301 [Abstract(1283)]  [View PDF 618.32 K (872)]
Zebrafish embryo toxicity of 15 chlorinated, brominated, and iodinated disinfection by-products
  David Hanigan, Lisa Truong, Michael Simonich, Robert Tanguay and Paul WesterhoffDavid Hanigan, Lisa Truong, Michael Simonich, Paul Westerhoff, Robert Tanguay
  2017,29(8):302-310 [Abstract(1205)]  [View PDF 3.55 M (1173)]
Method to assess component contribution to toxicity of complex mixtures: Assessment of puberty acquisition in rats exposed to disinfection byproducts
  Shahid Parvez, Glenn E. Rice, Linda K. Teuschler, Jane Ellen Simmons, Thomas F. Speth, Susan D. Richardson, Richard J. Miltner, E. Sidney Hunter III, Jonathan G. Pressman, Lillian F. Strader, Gary R. Klinefelter, Jerome M. Goldman and Michael G. NarotskyE. Sidney Hunter III, Gary R. Klinefelter, Glenn E. Rice, Jane Ellen Simmons, Jerome M. Goldman, Jonathan G. Pressman, Lillian F. Strader, Linda K. Teuschler, Michael G. Narotsky, Richard J. Miltner, Shahid Parvez, Susan D. Richardson, Thomas F. Speth
  2017,29(8):311-321 [Abstract(832)]  [View PDF 1.87 M (828)]
Control of aliphatic halogenated DBP precursors with multiple drinking water treatment processes: Formation potential and integrated toxicity
  Yimeng Zhang, Wenhai Chu and Dechang Yao, Daqiang YinDechang Yao, Daqiang Yin, Wenhai Chu, Yimeng Zhang
  2017,29(8):322-330 [Abstract(921)]  [View PDF 1.90 M (1228)]
Capability of cation exchange technology to remove proven N-nitrosodimethylamine precursors
  Shixiang Li, Xulan Zhang, Er Bei, Huihui Yue, Pengfei Lin, Jun Wang, Xiaojian Zhang and Chao ChenChao Chen, Er Bei, Huihui Yue, Jun Wang, Pengfei Lin, Shixiang Li, Xiaojian Zhang, Xulan Zhang
  2017,29(8):331-339 [Abstract(1139)]  [View PDF 1.09 M (1130)]
Halogen-specific total organic halogen analysis: Assessment by recovery of total bromine
  Markus Langsa, Sebastien Allard, Ina Kristiana, Anna Heitz and Cynthia A. JollAnna Heitz, Cynthia A. Joll, Ina Kristiana, Markus Langsa, Sebastien Allard
  2017,29(8):340-348 [Abstract(1004)]  [View PDF 857.92 K (1151)]
News – JES Symposium to celebrate 30 years of publishing environmental research
  2017,29(8):349 [Abstract(731)]  [View PDF 537.44 K (678)]

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