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JES Special issue in Mercury Biogeochemistry and Fate
  Tom Sizmur,Nelson O’Driscoll,Yong Cai
  2018,30(6):1-4 [Abstract(720)]  [View PDF 415.14 K (702)]
Evaluation of mercury biogeochemical cycling at the sediment–water interface in anthropogenically modified lagoon environments
  Elisa Petranich,Stefano Covelli,Alessandro Acquavita,Jadran Faganeli,Milena Horvat,Marco Contin
  2018,30(6):5-23 [Abstract(756)]  [View PDF 8.45 M (576)]
Role of the floodplain lakes in the methylmercury distribution and exchanges with the Amazon River, Brazil
  Poliana Dutra Maia,Laurence Maurice,Emmanuel Tessier,David Amouroux,Daniel Cossa,Patricia Moreira-Turcq,Henri Etcheber
  2018,30(6):24-40 [Abstract(573)]  [View PDF 5.21 M (1245)]
Mercury bioaccumulation in aquatic biota along a salinity gradient in the Saint John River estuary
  Bethany L. Reinhart,Karen A. Kidd,R. Allen Curry,Nelson J. O'Driscoll,Scott A. Pavey
  2018,30(6):41-54 [Abstract(691)]  [View PDF 1.76 M (643)]
Watershed characteristics and climate factors effect on the temporal variability of mercury in the southern Baltic Sea rivers
  Karolina Gębka,Magdalena Bełdowska,Dominika Saniewska,Karol Kuliński,Jacek Bełdowski
  2018,30(6):55-64 [Abstract(579)]  [View PDF 1.83 M (749)]
Do concentrations in eggs and liver tissue tell the same story of temporal trends of mercury in high Arctic seabirds?
  Mark L. Mallory,Birgit M. Braune
  2018,30(6):65-72 [Abstract(537)]  [View PDF 1.07 M (743)]
Mercury in soil, vegetable and human hair in a typical mining area in China: Implication for human exposure
  Qin Jia,Xuemei Zhu,Yaqiong Hao,Ziliang Yang,Qi Wang,Haihui Fu,Hongjin Yu
  2018,30(6):73-82 [Abstract(1274)]  [View PDF 1.11 M (686)]
Mercury levels in human population from a mining district in Western Colombia
  Harry Gutiérrez-Mosquera,S.B. Sujitha,M.P. Jonathan,S.K. Sarkar,Fairy Medina-Mosquera,Helcias Ayala-Mosquera,Gladis Morales-Mira,Laura Arreola-Mendoza
  2018,30(6):83-90 [Abstract(581)]  [View PDF 1.07 M (606)]
Mercury flows in large-scale gold production and implications for Hg pollution control
  Qingru Wu,Shuxiao Wang,Mei Yang,Haitao Su,Guoliang Li,Yi Tang,Jiming Hao
  2018,30(6):91-99 [Abstract(1176)]  [View PDF 910.26 K (775)]
Suspended particulate mercury associated with tidal fluxes in a lagoon environment impacted by cinnabar mining activity (northern Adriatic Sea)
  Alisè Turritto,Alessandro Acquavita,Annelore Bezzi,Stefano Covelli,Giorgio Fontolan,Elisa Petranich,Raffaella Piani,Simone Pillon
  2018,30(6):100-113 [Abstract(563)]  [View PDF 8.01 M (505)]
Arctic source for elevated atmospheric mercury (Hg0) in the western Bering Sea in the summer of 2013
  V.V. Kalinchuk,V.F. Mishukov,A.S. Astakhov
  2018,30(6):114-121 [Abstract(1883)]  [View PDF 5.24 M (668)]
Increasing chloride concentration causes retention of mercury in melted Arctic snow due to changes in photoreduction kinetics
  E.A. Mann,S.E. Ziegler,A. Steffen,N.J. O'Driscoll
  2018,30(6):122-129 [Abstract(587)]  [View PDF 755.79 K (677)]
Insights into mercury in glacier snow and its incorporation into meltwater runoff based on observations in the southern Tibetan Plateau
  Shiwei Sun,Shichang Kang,Junming Guo,Qianggong Zhang,Rukumesh Paudyal,Xuejun Sun,Dahe Qin
  2018,30(6):130-142 [Abstract(624)]  [View PDF 5.92 M (600)]
Mutual detoxification of mercury and selenium in unicellular Tetrahymena
  Cheng-bin Liu,Li Zhang,Qi Wu,Guang-bo Qu,Yong-guang Yin,Li-gang Hu,Jian-bo Shi,Gui-bin Jiang
  2018,30(6):143-150 [Abstract(616)]  [View PDF 711.09 K (707)]
Mercury photoreduction and photooxidation in lakes: Effects of filtration and dissolved organic carbon concentration
  Nelson J. O'Driscoll,Emma Vost,Erin Mann,Sara Klapstein,Robert Tordon,Matthew Lukeman
  2018,30(6):151-159 [Abstract(559)]  [View PDF 861.97 K (667)]
Assessing the utility of dissolved organic matter photoreactivity as a predictor of in situ methylmercury concentration
  Sara J. Klapstein,Susan E. Ziegler,David A. Risk,Nelson J. O'Driscoll
  2018,30(6):160-168 [Abstract(569)]  [View PDF 1.26 M (653)]
Alkynyl carbon materials as novel and efficient sorbents for the adsorption of mercury(II) from wastewater
  Yingjie Li,Wenfeng Li,Qingnan Liu,Hong Meng,Yingzhou Lu,Chunxi Li
  2018,30(6):169-176 [Abstract(1191)]  [View PDF 1.13 M (708)]
Study on the simultaneous reduction of methylmercury by SnCl2 when analyzing inorganic Hg in aqueous samples
  Dan Li,Yanbin Li,Xiulin Wang
  2018,30(6):177-184 [Abstract(660)]  [View PDF 754.06 K (633)]
Comparison of in vitro digestion methods for determining bioaccessibility of Hg in rice of China
  Ze Wu,Xinbin Feng,Ping Li,Che-Jen Lin,Guangle Qiu,Xun Wang,Huifang Zhao,Hui Dong
  2018,30(6):185-193 [Abstract(622)]  [View PDF 818.59 K (745)]
Effects of soil properties on production and bioaccumulation of methylmercury in rice paddies at a mercury mining area, China
  Deliang Yin,Tianrong He,Runsheng Yin,Lingxia Zeng
  2018,30(6):194-205 [Abstract(862)]  [View PDF 2.60 M (747)]
Water level fluctuations influence microbial communities and mercury methylation in soils in the Three Gorges Reservoir, China
  Yuping Xiang,Yongmin Wang,Cheng Zhang,Hong Shen,Dingyong Wang
  2018,30(6):206-217 [Abstract(551)]  [View PDF 8.37 M (509)]
Microbial methylation of mercury in the water-level fluctuation zone of the Three Gorges Reservoir, China
  Karen S. Hoy,Wei Feng,X. Chris Le
  2018,30(6):218-220 [Abstract(586)]  [View PDF 1.26 M (577)]

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