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Band gap tuning of g-C3N4 via decoration with AgCl to expedite the photocatalytic degradation and mineralization of oxalic acid
  Hanlu Shi,Rui He,Lei Sun,Gang Cao,Xiangjuan Yuan,Dongsheng Xia
  2019,31(10):1-12 [Abstract(733)]  [View PDF 1.30 M (350)]
Understanding the electrode reaction process of dechlorination of 2,4-dichlorophenol over Ni/Fe nanoparticles: Effect of pH and 2,4-dichlorophenol concentration
  Kaiyuan Zheng,Yuqiao Song,Xu Wang,Xin Li,Xuhui Mao,Dihua Wang
  2019,31(10):13-20 [Abstract(401)]  [View PDF 1.28 M (296)]
Novel chitosan–ethylene glycol hydrogel for the removal of aqueous perfluorooctanoic acid
  Li Long,Xiaolan Hu,Jinpeng Yan,Yifan Zeng,Jiaqi Zhang,Yingwen Xue
  2019,31(10):21-28 [Abstract(424)]  [View PDF 1.06 M (291)]
The long-term stability of calcium arsenates: Implications for phase transformation and arsenic mobilization
  Danni Zhang,Shaofeng Wang,Ying Wang,Mario A. Gomez,Yongfeng Jia
  2019,31(10):29-41 [Abstract(350)]  [View PDF 2.44 M (302)]
Ethylenediurea (EDU) pretreatment alleviated the adverse effects of elevated O3 on Populus alba “Berolinensis” in an urban area
  Sheng Xu,Xingyuan He,Kent Burkey,Wei Chen,Pin Li,Yan Li,Bo Li,Yijing Wang
  2019,31(10):42-50 [Abstract(415)]  [View PDF 461.88 K (289)]
Effects of ultrasonic treatment on dithiothreitol (DTT) assay measurements for carbon materials
  Haotian Jiang,Yun Xie,Yanli Ge,Hong He,Yongchun Liu
  2019,31(10):51-58 [Abstract(397)]  [View PDF 2.11 M (350)]
Effect of Ni–V loading on the performance of hollow anatase TiO2 in the catalytic combustion of dichloromethane
  Bing Zhou,Xixiong Zhang,Yong Wang,Jing Xie,Kang Xi,Ying Zhou,Hanfeng Lu
  2019,31(10):59-68 [Abstract(345)]  [View PDF 1.60 M (308)]
Photocatalytic defluorination of perfluorooctanoic acid by surface defective BiOCl: Fast microwave solvothermal synthesis and photocatalytic mechanisms
  Yuanyuan Sun,Guiying Li,Wanjun Wang,Wenquan Gu,Po Keung Wong,Taicheng An
  2019,31(10):69-79 [Abstract(413)]  [View PDF 3.75 M (298)]
Recent development of a refined multiple air pollutant emission inventory of vehicles in the Central Plains of China
  Xingke Gu,Shasha Yin,Xuan Lu,Huan Zhang,Lingling Wang,Ling Bai,Chen Wang,Ruiqin Zhang,Minghao Yuan
  2019,31(10):80-96 [Abstract(435)]  [View PDF 4.44 M (354)]
Heterogeneous photocatalytic degradation of diuron on zinc oxide: Influence of surface-dependent adsorption on kinetics, degradation pathway, and toxicity of intermediates
  Sutaporn Meephon,Thanyada Rungrotmongkol,Somchintana Puttamat,Supareak Praserthdam,Varong Pavarajarn
  2019,31(10):97-111 [Abstract(421)]  [View PDF 2.42 M (304)]
Importance of nutrient availability for soluble microbial products formation during a famine period of activated sludge: Evidence from multiple analyses
  Tahir Maqbool,Jinwoo Cho,Jin Hur
  2019,31(10):112-121 [Abstract(382)]  [View PDF 1.36 M (290)]
Insights into the phenomenon of an explosive growth and sharp decline in haze: A case study in Beijing
  Wenguang Li,Xingang Liu,Yuanhang Zhang,Qinwen Tan,Miao Feng,Mengdi Song,Lirong Hui,Yu Qu,Junling An,Haokai Gao
  2019,31(10):122-132 [Abstract(432)]  [View PDF 6.08 M (295)]
Denitrification and microbial community in MBBR using A. donax as carbon source and biofilm carriers for reverse osmosis concentrate treatment
  Li Li,Guokai Yan,Haiyan Wang,Zhaosheng Chu,Zewen Li,Yu Ling,Tong Wu
  2019,31(10):133-143 [Abstract(393)]  [View PDF 1.08 M (274)]
Strategies to improve aerobic granular sludge stability and nitrogen removal based on feeding mode and substrate
  Quan Yuan,Hui Gong,Hao Xi,Heng Xu,Zhengyu Jin,Nasir Ali,Kaijun Wang
  2019,31(10):144-154 [Abstract(506)]  [View PDF 1.35 M (289)]
Characteristics and influence factors of NO2 exchange flux between the atmosphere and P. nigra
  Chun Chen,Yuzheng Wang,Yuanyuan Zhang,Chengtang Liu,Xiaoxiu Lun,Yujing Mu,Chenglong Zhang,Junfeng Liu
  2019,31(10):155-165 [Abstract(404)]  [View PDF 2.30 M (288)]
Emission reduction characteristics of a catalyzed continuously regenerating trap after-treatment system and its durability performance
  Yunhua Zhang,Diming Lou,Piqiang Tan,Zhiyuan Hu,Hu Li
  2019,31(10):166-173 [Abstract(423)]  [View PDF 1.34 M (269)]
A fully bio-sourced adsorbent of heavy metals in water fabricated by immobilization of quinine on cellulose paper
  Ehu C. Aka,Medy C. Nongbe,Tchirioua Ekou,Lynda Ekou,Vincent Coeffard,François-Xavier Felpin
  2019,31(10):174-183 [Abstract(410)]  [View PDF 1.35 M (273)]
Spatiotemporal dynamics of cell abundance, colony size and intracellular toxin concentrations of pelagic and benthic Microcystis in Lake Caohai, China
  Bing Feng,Chunbo Wang,Xingqiang Wu,Cuicui Tian,Meng Zhang,Yingying Tian,Bangding Xiao
  2019,31(10):184-196 [Abstract(376)]  [View PDF 3.05 M (302)]
Emission of intermediate volatility organic compounds from a ship main engine burning heavy fuel oil
  Haijun Lou,Yuejiao Hao,Weiwei Zhang,Penghao Su,Fan Zhang,Yingjun Chen,Daolun Feng,Yifan Li
  2019,31(10):197-204 [Abstract(428)]  [View PDF 608.53 K (279)]
Mercury in aquatic fauna contamination: A systematic review on its dynamics and potential health risks
  Paloma de Almeida Rodrigues,Rafaela Gomes Ferrari,Luciano Neves dos Santos,Carlos Adam Conte Junior
  2019,31(10):205-218 [Abstract(420)]  [View PDF 1.28 M (304)]

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