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Catchment soils as a factor of trace metal accumulation in sediments of the reservoir Klingenberg (eastern Ore Mountains, Germany)
  Jens Hahn,Christian Opp,Raphael Ganzenmüller,Anntke Ewert,Birgit Schneider,Nina Zitzer,Gabriela Laufenberg
  2019,31(12):1-14 [Abstract(599)]  [View PDF 4.87 M (568)]
Effects of relative humidity and PM2.5 chemical compositions on visibility impairment in Chengdu, China
  Fan Liu,Qinwen Tan,Xia Jiang,Fumo Yang,Wenju Jiang
  2019,31(12):15-23 [Abstract(598)]  [View PDF 2.37 M (526)]
Preparation and evaluation of bis(diallyl alkyl tertiary ammonium salt) polymer as a promising adsorbent for phosphorus removal
  Zhengchi Yang,Lihua Liu,Lu Zhao,Gang Su,Zuoxiao Wei,Anping Tang,Jianrong Xue
  2019,31(12):24-37 [Abstract(501)]  [View PDF 10.67 M (622)]
Alkaline phosphatase activity in the phosphorus-limited southern Chinese coastal waters
  Wei Kang,Zhao-Hui Wang,Lei Liu,Xin Guo
  2019,31(12):38-49 [Abstract(479)]  [View PDF 5.28 M (451)]
Road to full bioconversion of biowaste to biochemicals centering on chain elongation: A mini review
  Wenhao Han,Pinjing He,Liming Shao,Fan Lü
  2019,31(12):50-64 [Abstract(533)]  [View PDF 2.74 M (594)]
Effect of Ca:Mg ratio and high ammoniacal nitrogen on characteristics of struvite precipitated from waste activated sludge digester effluent
  Chathurani Moragaspitiya,Jay Rajapakse,Graeme J. Millar
  2019,31(12):65-77 [Abstract(536)]  [View PDF 4.60 M (509)]
Reduction behaviors of permanganate by microbial cells and concomitant accumulation of divalent cations of Mg2+, Zn2+, and Co2+
  Tomoaki Kato,Qianqian Yu,Kazuya Tanaka,Naofumi Kozai,Takumi Saito,Toshihiko Ohnuki
  2019,31(12):78-86 [Abstract(517)]  [View PDF 3.36 M (434)]
Chromosome doubling of Sedum alfredii Hance: A novel approach for improving phytoremediation efficiency
  Ying Feng,Qiong Wang,Qian Meng,Yongjun Liu,Fengshan Pan,Sha Luo,Yingjie Wu,Luyao Ma,Xiaoe Yang
  2019,31(12):87-96 [Abstract(537)]  [View PDF 4.38 M (645)]
Molecular characterization of methanogenic microbial communities for degrading various types of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon
  Quanhui Ye,Chengyue Liang,Xunwen Chen,Tingting Fang,Yun Wang,Hui Wang
  2019,31(12):97-106 [Abstract(559)]  [View PDF 2.83 M (464)]
Pollution characteristics of 15 gas- and particle-phase phthalates in indoor and outdoor air in Hangzhou
  Xingzi Ouyang,Meng Xia,Xueyou Shen,Yu Zhan
  2019,31(12):107-119 [Abstract(500)]  [View PDF 6.43 M (435)]
Functional relationship between ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and ammonia-oxidizing archaea populations in the secondary treatment system of a full-scale municipal wastewater treatment plant
  Golam M. Islam,Peter Vi,Kimberley Ann Gilbride
  2019,31(12):120-130 [Abstract(608)]  [View PDF 2.66 M (497)]
Ligand effects on arsenite removal by zero-valent iron/O2: Dissolution, corrosion, oxidation and coprecipitation
  Xiaojie Song,Chen Zhang,Bingdang Wu,Xiaomeng Wang,Zhihao Chen,Shujuan Zhang
  2019,31(12):131-140 [Abstract(590)]  [View PDF 7.13 M (450)]
Robustness of anammox granular sludge treating low-strength sewage under various shock loadings: Microbial mechanism and little N2O emission
  Shanyun Wang,Guibing Zhu,Yifei Li,Xiaoxia Wang,Jiemin Zhou,Yongzhen Peng
  2019,31(12):141-153 [Abstract(497)]  [View PDF 9.27 M (467)]
Association of emergency room visits for respiratory diseases with sources of ambient PM2.5
  Rui Chi,Hongyu Li,Qian Wang,Qiangrong Zhai,Daidai Wang,Meng Wu,Qichen Liu,Shaowei Wu,Qingbian Ma,Furong Deng,Xinbiao Guo
  2019,31(12):154-163 [Abstract(570)]  [View PDF 2.61 M (465)]
Enhanced biological phosphorus removal using thermal alkaline hydrolyzed municipal wastewater biosolids
  Masuduz Zaman,Mingu Kim,George Nakhla,Ajay Singh,Fenghua Yang
  2019,31(12):164-174 [Abstract(517)]  [View PDF 4.30 M (481)]
Effects of aeration on the suspended matter from a tropical and eutrophic estuary
  Natascha Krepsky,Maria das Graças S. Bispo,Luiz F. Fontana,Frederico S. da Silva,João P.M. Torres,Olaf Malm,Cleverson G. Silva,Mirian A.C. Crapez
  2019,31(12):175-186 [Abstract(514)]  [View PDF 5.99 M (390)]
Enzyme-electrolytic degradation of dichloromethane: Efficiency, kinetics and mechanism
  Jianming Yu,Meng Wu,Yuwei Tang,Jiaqi Shi,Jun Hu,Zhiliang Yu,Jianmeng Chen
  2019,31(12):187-194 [Abstract(484)]  [View PDF 2.61 M (461)]
Towards real-time detection of wastewater in surface waters using fluorescence spectroscopy
  Ye Z. Yang,Nicolás M. Peleato,Raymond L. Legge,Robert C. Andrews
  2019,31(12):195-202 [Abstract(499)]  [View PDF 2.24 M (446)]
One-step synthesis of Cu(II) metal–organic gel as recyclable material for rapid, efficient and size selective cationic dyes adsorption
  Qing Wu,Li He,Zhong Wei Jiang,Yang Li,Ting Ting Zhao,Yu Han Li,Cheng Zhi Huang,Yuan Fang Li
  2019,31(12):203-212 [Abstract(550)]  [View PDF 4.42 M (452)]
Removal of antimonite and antimonate from water using Fe-based metal-organic frameworks: The relationship between framework structure and adsorption performance
  Wei Zhang,Na Li,Ting Xiao,Wenting Tang,Guangli Xiu
  2019,31(12):213-224 [Abstract(723)]  [View PDF 10.76 M (426)]
News: Best Reviewer Awards (2019)
  2019,31(12):225-232 [Abstract(367)]  [View PDF 2.94 M (404)]
News: JES Outstanding Publication Awards
  2019,31(12):233-235 [Abstract(366)]  [View PDF 2.34 M (384)]
Corrigendum to “Fenton cleaning strategy for ceramic membrane fouling in wastewater treatment” [J Environ Sci 85 (2019) 189-199]
  Shengyin Tang,Lixun Zhang,Yi Peng,Jing Liu,Xihui Zhang,Zhenghua Zhang
  2019,31(12):236 [Abstract(393)]  [View PDF 1.68 M (405)]

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