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  2019,31(2) [Abstract(582)]  [View PDF 4.81 M (847)]
Preferential binding between intracellular organic matters and Al13 polymer to enhance coagulation performance
  Ruiping Liu,Tingting Guo,Min Ma,Mingquan Yan,Jing Qi,Chengzhi Hu,Gang Liu,Huijuan Liu,Jiuhui Qu,Walter van der MeerChengzhi Hu, Gang Liu, Huijuan Liu, Jing Qi, Jiuhui Qu, Min Ma, Mingquan Yan, Ruiping Liu, Tingting Guo, Walter van der Meer
  2019,31(2):1-11 [Abstract(689)]  [View PDF 762.02 K (814)]
Influence of gaseous and particulate species on neutralization processes of polar aerosol and snow — A case study from Ny-Ålesund
  Roseline C. Thakur,Meloth ThambanMeloth Thamban, Roseline C. Thakur
  2019,31(2):12-25 [Abstract(694)]  [View PDF 4.28 M (888)]
Nanoparticles in mitigating gaseous emissions from liquid dairy manure stored under anaerobic condition
  Niloy Chandra Sarker,Shafiqur Rahman,Md. Saidul Borhan,Parthiban Rajasekaran,Swadeshmukul Santra,Ali OzcanAli Ozcan, Md. Saidul Borhan, Niloy Chandra Sarker, Parthiban Rajasekaran, Shafiqur Rahman, Swadeshmukul Santra
  2019,31(2):26-36 [Abstract(705)]  [View PDF 1.00 M (827)]
Transformation of sulfamethazine during the chlorination disinfection process: Transformation, kinetics, and toxicology assessment
  Yunjia Yang,Jiachen Shi,Yi Yang,Jie Yin,Jing Zhang,Bing ShaoBing Shao, Jiachen Shi, Jie Yin, Jing Zhang, Yi Yang, Yunjia Yang
  2019,31(2):48-56 [Abstract(946)]  [View PDF 3.58 M (817)]
Effects of effluent organic matters on endocrine disrupting chemical removal by ultrafiltration and ozonation in synthetic secondary effluent
  XiurongSi1ZunfangHu2DingDing1XuFu1, Zunfang Hu, Ding Ding and Xu FuDing Ding, XiurongSi1ZunfangHu2DingDing1XuFu1, Xu Fu, Zunfang Hu
  2019,31(2):57-64 [Abstract(648)]  [View PDF 4.52 M (787)]
Microwave mediated synthesis and characterization of CeO2-GO hybrid composite for removal of chromium ions and its antibacterial efficiency
  Lellala Kashinath,Keerthiraj Namratha,Kullaiah ByrappaKeerthiraj Namratha, Kullaiah Byrappa, Lellala Kashinath
  2019,31(2):65-79 [Abstract(710)]  [View PDF 5.47 M (1135)]
Eutectic mixture promoted CO2 sorption on MgO-TiO2 composite at elevated temperature
  Vishwanath Hiremath,Monica Louise T. Trivino,Jeong Gil SeoJeong Gil Seo, Monica Louise T. Trivino, Vishwanath Hiremath
  2019,31(2):80-88 [Abstract(662)]  [View PDF 5.54 M (716)]
Nitrogen-cycling microbial community functional potential and enzyme activities in cultured biofilms with response to inorganic nitrogen availability
  Shuangshuang Li, Chengrong Peng, Taisheng Cheng, Chun Wang, Liangliang Guo and Dunhai LiChengrong Peng, Chun Wang, Dunhai Li, Liangliang Guo, Shuangshuang Li, Taisheng Cheng
  2019,31(2):89-99 [Abstract(661)]  [View PDF 3.02 M (794)]
Kinetic and thermodynamic studies on partitioning of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) between aqueous solution and modeled individual soil particle grain sizes
  Gbadebo Clement Adeyinka,Brenda MoodleyBrenda Moodley, Gbadebo Clement Adeyinka
  2019,31(2):100-110 [Abstract(643)]  [View PDF 2.34 M (839)]
Insight into the distribution of metallic elements in membrane bioreactor: Influence of operational temperature and role of extracellular polymeric substances
  He Wang,Xiufen Li,Xinhua Wang,Yueping RenHe Wang, Xinhua Wang, Xiufen Li, Yueping Ren
  2019,31(2):111-120 [Abstract(619)]  [View PDF 1.92 M (724)]
Performance and microbial community analysis of an algal-activated sludge symbiotic system: Effect of activated sludge concentration
  Li Sun,Wei Zuo,Yu Tian,Jun Zhang,Jia Liu,Ni Sun,Jianzheng LiJia Liu, Jianzheng Li, Jun Zhang, Li Sun, Ni Sun, Wei Zuo, Yu Tian
  2019,31(2):121-132 [Abstract(889)]  [View PDF 3.63 M (986)]
Evaluation of natural goethite on the removal of arsenate and selenite from water
  Andrew T. Jacobson,Maohong FanAndrew T. Jacobson, Maohong Fan
  2019,31(2):133-141 [Abstract(693)]  [View PDF 1.49 M (802)]
O3-BAC-Cl2: A multi-barrier process controlling the regrowth of opportunistic waterborne pathogens in drinking water distribution systems
  Lizhong Liu,Xueci Xing,Chun Hu,Haibo WangChun Hu, Haibo Wang, Lizhong Liu, Xueci Xing
  2019,31(2):142-153 [Abstract(793)]  [View PDF 1.44 M (907)]
Estimation and inter-comparison of dust aerosols based on MODIS, MISR and AERONET retrievals over Asian desert regions
  Ammara Habib,Bin Chen,Bushra Khalid,Saichun Tan,Huizheng Che,Tariq Mahmood,Guangyu Shi,Muhammad Tahir ButtAmmara Habib, Bin Chen, Bushra Khalid, Guangyu Shi, Huizheng Che, Muhammad Tahir Butt, Saichun Tan, Tariq Mahmood
  2019,31(2):154-166 [Abstract(814)]  [View PDF 3.58 M (804)]
Effect of precipitation pH and coexisting magnesium ion on phosphate adsorption onto hydrous zirconium oxide
  Jianwei Lin,Xingxing Wang,Yanhui ZhanJianwei Lin, Xingxing Wang, Yanhui Zhan
  2019,31(2):167-187 [Abstract(749)]  [View PDF 2.20 M (915)]
Synthesis of nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes-FePO4 composite from phosphate residue and its application as effective Fenton-like catalyst for dye degradation
  Lianmei Wei,Yi Zhang,Shengwen Chen,Luping Zhu,Xiaoyu Liu,Lingxue Kong,Lijun WangLianmei Wei, Lijun Wang, Lingxue Kong, Luping Zhu, Shengwen Chen, Xiaoyu Liu, Yi Zhang
  2019,31(2):188-198 [Abstract(756)]  [View PDF 8.39 M (686)]
Distribution of methylsiloxanes in benthic mollusks from the Chinese Bohai Sea
  Liqin Zhi,Lin Xu,Xudan He,Chunhui Zhang,Yaqi CaiChunhui Zhang, Lin Xu, Liqin Zhi, Xudan He, Yaqi Cai
  2019,31(2):199-207 [Abstract(673)]  [View PDF 887.90 K (769)]
Highly catalytic activity of Mn/SBA-15 catalysts for toluene combustion improved by adjusting the morphology of supports
  Yuan Qin,Zhenping Qu,Cui Dong,Yan Wang,Na HuangCui Dong, Na Huang, Yan Wang, Yuan Qin, Zhenping Qu
  2019,31(2):208-216 [Abstract(626)]  [View PDF 1.48 M (835)]
Contribution of the Kodama and 4S pathways to the dibenzothiophene biodegradation in different coastal wetlands under different C/N ratios
  Lei Wang,Guodong Ji,Siqiao HuangGuodong Ji, Lei Wang, Siqiao Huang
  2019,31(2):217-226 [Abstract(711)]  [View PDF 1.83 M (765)]
Development and application of the multi-wavelength cavity ring-down aerosol extinction spectrometer
  Junling Li,Weigang Wang,Kun Li,Wenyu Zhang,Maofa Ge,Chao PengChao Peng, Junling Li, Kun Li, Maofa Ge, Weigang Wang, Wenyu Zhang
  2019,31(2):227-237 [Abstract(747)]  [View PDF 3.84 M (774)]
Anaerobic oxidation of methane coupled to sulfate reduction: Consortium characteristics and application in co-removal of H2S and methane
  Lin Li,Song Xue,Jingru XiJingru Xi, Lin Li, Song Xue
  2019,31(2):238-248 [Abstract(972)]  [View PDF 4.95 M (729)]
Comparing the removal of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soil after different bioremediation approaches in relationto the extracellular enzyme activities
  Zdeněk Košnář,Tereza Částková,Lucie Wiesnerová,Lukáš Praus,Ivan Jablonský,Martin Koudela,Pavel TlustošIvan Jablonsky, Lucie Wiesnerová, Luká? Praus, Martin Koudela, Pavel Tlusto?, Tereza ?ástková, Zdeněk Ko?ná?
  2019,31(2):249-258 [Abstract(669)]  [View PDF 1.17 M (731)]
Genetic characterization and potential molecular dissemination mechanism of tet(31) gene in Aeromonas caviae from an oxytetracycline wastewater treatment system
  Yanhong Shi,Zhe Tian,Sébastien Olivier Leclercq,Hong Zhang,Min Yang,Yu ZhangHong Zhang, Min Yang, Sébastien Olivier Leclercq, Yanhong Shi, Yu Zhang, Zhe Tian
  2019,31(2):259-266 [Abstract(716)]  [View PDF 1.82 M (701)]
Effect of manganese oxide-modified biochar addition on methane production and heavy metal speciation during the anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge
  Jianhua Li,Min Zhang,Zhiyin Ye,Changming YangChangming Yang, Jianhua Li, Min Zhang, Zhiyin Ye
  2019,31(2):267-277 [Abstract(623)]  [View PDF 1.05 M (840)]
Seasonal dependency of controlling factors on the phytoplankton production in Taihu Lake, China
  Qiaohua Zhao,Jing Wang,Jianjian Wang,Julian X.L. WangJianjian Wang, Jing Wang, Julian X.L. Wang, Qiaohua Zhao
  2019,31(2):278-288 [Abstract(688)]  [View PDF 2.12 M (685)]
Tracking the reactivity of ozonation towards effluent organic matters from WWTP using two-dimensional correlation spectra
  Xin Jin,Weijie Zhang,Rui Hou,Pengkang Jin,Jina Song,Xiaochang C. WangJina Song, Pengkang Jin, Rui Hou, Weijie Zhang, Xiaochang C. Wang, Xin Jin
  2019,31(2):289-298 [Abstract(658)]  [View PDF 5.69 M (759)]
Seasonal variations of tris (2-chloroethyl) phosphate and cytotoxicity of organic extracts in water samples from Wuhan, China
  Youjian Zhang,Wenjuan Zhang,Jian Hou,Xian Wang,Wenhong Lu,Hongyan Zheng,Wei Xiong,Junling Liu,Jing YuanHongyan Zheng, Jian Hou, Jing Yuan, Junling Liu, Wei Xiong, Wenhong Lu, Wenjuan Zhang, Xian Wang, Youjian Zhang
  2019,31(2):299-309 [Abstract(691)]  [View PDF 3.46 M (697)]
Metabolites change of Scenedesmus obliquus exerted by AgNPs
  Pu Wang,Bo Zhang,Hui Zhang,Yiliang He,Choon Nam Ong,Jun YangBo Zhang, Choon Nam Ong, Hui Zhang, Jun Yang, Pu Wang, Yiliang He
  2019,31(2):310-318 [Abstract(768)]  [View PDF 1.52 M (774)]
Comprehensive analysis of nitrogen distributions and ammonia nitrogen release fluxes in the sediments of Baiyangdian Lake, China
  Yaoyao Zhu,Xin Jin,Wenzhong Tang,Xin Meng,Baoqing ShanBaoqing Shan, Wenzhong Tang, Xin Jin, Xin Meng, Yaoyao Zhu
  2019,31(2):319-328 [Abstract(640)]  [View PDF 3.28 M (755)]
Insight into removal of dissolved organic matter in post pharmaceutical wastewater by coagulation-UV/H2O2
  Feng Qian,Mengchang He,Jieyun Wu,Huibing Yu,Liang DuanFeng Qian, Huibing Yu, Jieyun Wu, Liang Duan, Mengchang He
  2019,31(2):329-338 [Abstract(862)]  [View PDF 2.47 M (753)]
Morphology and composition of particles emitted from a port fuel injection gasoline vehicle under real-world driving test cycles
  Jiaoping Xing,Longyi Shao,Wenbin Zhang,Jianfei Peng,Wenhua Wang,Cong Hou,Shijin Shuai,Min Hu,Daizhou ZhangCong Hou, Daizhou Zhang, Jianfei Peng, Jiaoping Xing, Longyi Shao, Min Hu, Shijin Shuai, Wenbin Zhang, Wenhua Wang
  2019,31(2):339-348 [Abstract(596)]  [View PDF 1.35 M (736)]
Denitrification and the controlling factors in Yunnan Plateau Lakes (China): Exploring the role of enhanced internal nitrogen cycling by algal blooms
  Sifeng Wu,Zhen Wu,Zhongyao Liang,Yong Liu,Yilin WangSifeng Wu, Yilin Wang, Yong Liu, Zhen Wu, Zhongyao Liang
  2019,31(2):349-358 [Abstract(809)]  [View PDF 799.25 K (750)]
Molecular characterization and toxin quantification of Microcystis panniformis: A microcystin producer in Lake Taihu, China
  Yilu Gu, Xiaofeng Gao, Yongguang Jiang, Xin Peng and Renhui LiRenhui Li, Xiaofeng Gao, Xin Peng, Yilu Gu, Yongguang Jiang
  2019,31(2):359-367 [Abstract(619)]  [View PDF 2.98 M (696)]
2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin promotes migration ability of primary cultured rat astrocytes via aryl hydrocarbon receptor
  Yangsheng Chen,Rui Sha,Li Xu,Yingjie Xia,Yiyun Liu,Xuejun Li,Heidi Qunhui Xie,Naijun Tang,Bin ZhaoBin Zhao, Heidi Qunhui Xie, Li Xu, Naijun Tang, Rui Sha, Xuejun Li, Yangsheng Chen, Yingjie Xia, Yiyun Liu
  2019,31(2):368-376 [Abstract(817)]  [View PDF 6.00 M (636)]
Nanoscale zero-valent iron/magnetite carbon composites for highly efficient immobilization of U(VI)
  Zhimin Lv,Shimin Yang,Lei Chen,Ahmed Alsaedi,Tasawar Hayat,Changlun ChenAhmed Alsaedi, Changlun Chen, Lei Chen, Shimin Yang, Tasawar Hayat, Zhimin Lv
  2019,31(2):377-387 [Abstract(670)]  [View PDF 8.70 M (663)]
The difference of morphological characteristics and population structure in PAO and DPAOgranular sludges
  Geumhee Yun,Hansaem Lee,Yongsuk Hong,Sungpyo Kim,Glen T. Daigger,Zuwhan YunGeumhee Yun, Glen T. Daigger, Hansaem Lee, Sungpyo Kim, Yongsuk Hong, Zuwhan Yun
  2019,31(2):388-402 [Abstract(638)]  [View PDF 4.33 M (777)]
Modified activated carbon with interconnected fibrils of iron-oxyhydroxides using Mn2 + as morphology regulator, for a superior arsenic removal from water
  Cesar Nieto-Delgado,Joel Gutiérrez-Martínez,J. Rene Rangel-MéndezCesar Nieto-Delgado, J. Rene Rangel-Méndez, Joel Gutiérrez-Martínez
  2019,31(2):403-414 [Abstract(889)]  [View PDF 4.54 M (810)]
An improved and simple method for removal of arsenic from drinking water
  Jagdeesh S. Uppal,Qi Zheng,X. Chris LeJagdeesh S. Uppal, Qi Zheng, X. Chris Le
  2019,31(2):415-417 [Abstract(685)]  [View PDF 729.17 K (656)]

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