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Sources of methacrolein and methyl vinyl ketone and their contributions to methylglyoxal and formaldehyde at a receptor site in Pearl River Delta
  Zhenhao Ling, Zhuoran He, Zhe Wang, Min Shao and Xuemei Wang
  2019,31(5):1-10 [Abstract(603)]  [View PDF 5.28 M (712)]
Assessing the inter-annual variability of separation distances around odour sources to protect the residents from odour annoyance
  Marlon Brancher, Martin Piringer, Davide Franco, Paulo Belli Filho, Henrique De Melo Lisboa and Günther Schauberger
  2019,31(5):11-24 [Abstract(549)]  [View PDF 5.39 M (620)]
Investigating the coagulation of non-proteinaceous algal organic matter: Optimizing coagulation performance and identification of removal mechanisms
  Jana Naceradska,Katerina Novotna,Lenka Cermakova,Tomas Cajthaml,Martin Pivokonsky
  2019,31(5):25-34 [Abstract(542)]  [View PDF 4.43 M (904)]
Facile synthesis of graphitic carbon-nitride supported antimony-doped tin oxide nanocomposite and its application for the adsorption of volatile organic compounds
  Devi Prashad Ojha,Jun Hee Song,Han Joo Kim
  2019,31(5):35-42 [Abstract(567)]  [View PDF 2.82 M (572)]
Lignin and holocellulose from coir pith involved in trimethylamine (fishy odor) adsorption
  Nuttapong Santawee, Chairat Treesubsuntorn and Paitip Thiravetyan
  2019,31(5):43-53 [Abstract(505)]  [View PDF 3.88 M (671)]
Three-dimensional biogenic C-doped Bi2MoO6/In2O3-ZnO Z-scheme heterojunctions derived from a layered precursor
  Hongyan Li,Jia Li,Ping Yang,Dickon H.L. Ng,Xinling Cui,Fei Ji
  2019,31(5):54-66 [Abstract(517)]  [View PDF 15.91 M (515)]
Effects of temperature and SO3 on re-emission of mercury from activated carbon under flue gas conditions
  Michael Royko,Benjamin Galloway,Noah D. Meeks,Bihter Padak
  2019,31(5):67-73 [Abstract(517)]  [View PDF 789.50 K (867)]
Raman spectroscopy of diesel and gasoline engine-out soot using different laser power
  Haiwen Ge,Zhipeng Ye,Rui He
  2019,31(5):74-80 [Abstract(528)]  [View PDF 3.07 M (589)]
Comparison of mixing layer height inversion algorithms using lidar and a pollution case study in Baoding, China
  Xiangguang Ji,Cheng Liu,Zhouqing Xie,Qihou Hu,Yunsheng Dong,Guangqiang Fan,Tianshu Zhang,Chengzhi Xing,Zhuang Wang,Zeeshan Javed,Jianguo Liu
  2019,31(5):81-90 [Abstract(555)]  [View PDF 5.13 M (620)]
Assessing the capacity of biochar to stabilize copper and lead in contaminated sediments using chemical and extraction methods
  Mingming Wang,Liangsuo Ren,Dayang Wang,Zuansi Cai,Xuefeng Xia,Aizhong Ding
  2019,31(5):91-99 [Abstract(543)]  [View PDF 701.15 K (617)]
Simultaneous quantification of fifty-one odor-causing compounds in drinking water using gas chromatography-triple quadrupole tandem mass spectrometry
  Chunmiao Wang,Jianwei Yu,Qingyuan Guo,Yu Zhao,Nan Cao,Zhiyong Yu,Min Yang
  2019,31(5):100-110 [Abstract(542)]  [View PDF 1.92 M (756)]
Hierarchical Ag-SiO2@Fe3O4 magnetic composites for elemental mercury removal from non-ferrous metal smelting flue gas
  Yongpeng Ma, Bailong Mu, Xiaojing Zhang, Hongzhong Zhang, Haomiao Xu, Zan Qu and Li Gao
  2019,31(5):111-120 [Abstract(496)]  [View PDF 1.76 M (612)]
The levels, sources and reactivity of volatile organic compounds in a typical urban area of Northeast China
  Zhuobiao Ma,Chengtang Liu,Chenglong Zhang,Pengfei Liu,Can Ye,Chaoyang Xue,Di Zhao,Jichen Sun,Yiming Du,Fahe Chai,Yujing Mu
  2019,31(5):121-134 [Abstract(606)]  [View PDF 10.01 M (637)]
Temporal trends in organophosphorus pesticides use and concentrations in river water in Japan, and risk assessment
  Aly Derbalah,Russel Chidya,Waqar Jadoon,Hiroshi Sakugawa
  2019,31(5):135-152 [Abstract(521)]  [View PDF 1.50 M (813)]
Effect of crystalline structure on terbuthylazine degradation by H2O2-assisted TiO2 photocatalysis under visible irradiation
  Jianjun Tang, Yiqing Chen and Zijun Dong
  2019,31(5):153-160 [Abstract(491)]  [View PDF 1.26 M (602)]
Visible–light driven photocatalytic degradation of bisphenol-A using ultrasonically synthesized polypyrrole/K-birnessite nanohybrids: Experimental and DFT studies
  Jannatun Zia,Mohamed Ajeer,Ufana Riaz
  2019,31(5):161-173 [Abstract(581)]  [View PDF 5.54 M (638)]
Environmental application of three-dimensional graphene materials as adsorbents for dyes and heavy metals: Review on ice-templating method and adsorption mechanisms
  Kar Chiew Lai,Lai Yee Lee,Billie Yan Zhang Hiew,Suchithra Thangalazhy-Gopakumar,Suyin Gan
  2019,31(5):174-199 [Abstract(558)]  [View PDF 10.06 M (577)]
Soil contamination with antibiotics in a typical peri-urban area in eastern China: Seasonal variation, risk assessment, and microbial responses
  Fangkai Zhao,Lei Yang,Liding Chen,Qian Xiang,Shoujuan Li,Long Sun,Xinwei Yu,Li Fang
  2019,31(5):200-212 [Abstract(548)]  [View PDF 5.64 M (712)]
Kinetic study on photocatalytic degradation of Acid Orange 52 in a baffled reactor using TiO2 nanoparticles
  Payam Zanganeh Ranjbar,Bita Ayati,Hossein Ganjidoust
  2019,31(5):213-224 [Abstract(512)]  [View PDF 4.54 M (1399)]
Process analysis of PM2.5 pollution events in a coastal city of China using CMAQ
  Qiang Zhang, Di Xue, Xiaohuan Liu, Xiang Gong and Huiwang Gao
  2019,31(5):225-238 [Abstract(551)]  [View PDF 10.96 M (580)]
Long-term impacts of graphene oxide and Ag nanoparticles on anammox process: Performance, microbial community and toxic mechanism
  Huai Li, Zifang Chi and Baixing Yan
  2019,31(5):239-247 [Abstract(556)]  [View PDF 1.17 M (637)]
Enhanced adsorption of arsenate by spinel zinc ferrite nano particles: Effect of zinc content and site occupation
  Can Wu,Yunyun Xu,Si Xu,Jingwei Tu,Chen Tian,Zhang Lin
  2019,31(5):248-255 [Abstract(476)]  [View PDF 11.27 M (565)]
Differences of the oxidation process and secondary organic aerosol formation at low and high precursor concentrations
  Tianzeng Chen,Yongchun Liu,Biwu Chu,Changgeng Liu,Jun Liu,Yanli Ge,Qingxin Ma,Jinzhu Ma,Hong He
  2019,31(5):256-263 [Abstract(509)]  [View PDF 2.65 M (593)]
Stable-isotope probing of bacterial community for dissolved inorganic carbon utilization in Microcystis aeruginosa-dominated eutrophic water
  Weiguo Zhang,Jiangye Li,Chengcheng Wang,Xue Zhou,Yan Gao,Zhongjun Jia
  2019,31(5):264-272 [Abstract(487)]  [View PDF 2.24 M (619)]
The balance of acidity and redox capability over modified CeO2 catalyst for the selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3
  Zhihua Lian,Wenpo Shan,Meng Wang,Hong He,Qingcai Feng
  2019,31(5):273-279 [Abstract(483)]  [View PDF 4.42 M (540)]
Carboxymethyl cellulose thiol-imprinted polymers: Synthesis, characterization and selective Hg(II) adsorption
  Tarisai Velempini, Kriveshini Pillay, Xavier Y.Mbianda and Omotayo A.Arotiba
  2019,31(5):280-296 [Abstract(453)]  [View PDF 4.17 M (682)]
Characteristics of one-year observation of VOCs, NOx, and O3 at an urban site in Wuhan, China
  Yichang Yang,Xingang Liu,Jun Zheng,Qinwen Tan,Miao Feng,Yu Qu,Junling An,Nianliang Cheng
  2019,31(5):297-310 [Abstract(518)]  [View PDF 10.46 M (537)]
Using fluorescence surrogates to track algogenic dissolved organic matter (AOM) during growth and coagulation/flocculation processes of green algae
  Quang Viet Ly,Mi-Hee Lee,Jin Hur
  2019,31(5):311-320 [Abstract(604)]  [View PDF 2.39 M (714)]
Microbial response to CaCO3 application in an acid soil in southern China
  Anning Guo,Longjun Ding,Zhong Tang,Zhongqiu Zhao,Guilan Duan
  2019,31(5):321-329 [Abstract(583)]  [View PDF 1.29 M (635)]
Tuning of activated sludge in winter based on respirogram profiles under standard and site temperatures
  Zhihua Li,Zhenyu Hang,Qian Zhang,Shuangshuang Zhang,Tianyu Zhang,Hanqing Yu
  2019,31(5):330-338 [Abstract(484)]  [View PDF 1.05 M (574)]
Brominated dioxins and furans in a cement kiln co-processing municipal solid waste
  Lili Yang,Yuyang Zhao,Miwei Shi,Minghui Zheng,Yang Xu,Cui Li,Yuanping Yang,Linjun Qin,Guorui Liu
  2019,31(5):339-345 [Abstract(523)]  [View PDF 850.54 K (552)]
Adsorption of single and mixed haloacetonitriles on silica-based porous materials: Mechanisms and effects of porous structures
  Panida Prarat, Chawalit Ngamcharussrivichai, Sutha Khaodhiar and Patiparn Punyapalakul
  2019,31(5):346-360 [Abstract(481)]  [View PDF 7.68 M (454)]
Editorial: Effect of root anatomy and apoplastic barrier development on cadmium uptake in rice
  Karen S. Hoy,Jagdeesh S. Uppal,X. Chris Le
  2019,31(5):361-363 [Abstract(508)]  [View PDF 394.30 K (508)]
Editorial: Effects of metal contamination on ammonia-oxidizing microorganisms in a freshwater reservoir
  Wei Feng,Xiaowen Yan,X. Chris Le
  2019,31(5):364-366 [Abstract(495)]  [View PDF 391.81 K (506)]
News: Environmental scientists receive National Science and Technology Awards
  2019,31(5):367-368 [Abstract(457)]  [View PDF 704.33 K (530)]
Corrigendum to “Comparative study of carbonic anhydrase activity in waters among different geological eco-environments of Yangtze River basin and its ecological significance” [J. Environ. Sci. 66 (2018) 173–181]
  Sila Onesmus Nzung'a,Weizhi Pan,Taiming Shen,Wei Li,Xiaoqun Qin,Chenwei Wang,Liankai Zhang,Longjiang Yu
  2019,31(5):369-370 [Abstract(475)]  [View PDF 422.51 K (489)]

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