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Floc structure and membrane fouling affected by sodium alginate interaction with Al species as model organic pollutants
  Xuejun Xiong,Hui Xu,Beiping Zhang,Xiaohui Wu,Hongyan Sun,Dongsheng Wang,Zhengyang Wang
  2019,31(8):1-13 [Abstract(681)]  [View PDF 9.83 M (804)]
Water incubation-induced fluctuating release of heavy metals in two smelter-contaminated soils
  Bin Yang,Yunzhe Cao,Jie Ren,Mei Wang,Huilong Luo,Fasheng Li
  2019,31(8):14-23 [Abstract(581)]  [View PDF 2.02 M (692)]
Abundance of antibiotic resistance genes and their association with bacterial communities in activated sludge of wastewater treatment plants: Geographical distribution and network analysis
  Haihan Zhang,Huiyan He,Shengnan Chen,Tinglin Huang,Kuanyu Lu,Zhonghui Zhang,Rong Wang,Xueyao Zhang,Hailong Li
  2019,31(8):24-38 [Abstract(548)]  [View PDF 9.78 M (567)]
The influence of particle size and concentration combined with pH on coagulation mechanisms
  Hongyan Sun,Ruyuan Jiao,Hui Xu,Guangyu An,Dongsheng Wang
  2019,31(8):39-46 [Abstract(598)]  [View PDF 2.28 M (693)]
Impact of municipal solid waste incineration on heavy metals in the surrounding soils by multivariate analysis and lead isotope analysis
  Yang Li,Hua Zhang,Liming Shao,Xiaoli Zhou,Pinjing He
  2019,31(8):47-56 [Abstract(606)]  [View PDF 3.02 M (624)]
Nano CuO/g-C3N4 sheets-based ultrafiltration membrane with enhanced interfacial affinity, antifouling and protein separation performances for water treatment application
  Thanigaivelan Arumugham,Reshika Gnanamoorthi Amimodu,Noel Jacob Kaleekkal,Dipak Rana
  2019,31(8):57-69 [Abstract(537)]  [View PDF 5.87 M (947)]
Comparative toxicity study of a novel non-ionic surfactant, vanillin ethoxylates, and nonylphenol ethoxylates in Chinese hamster ovary cells in vitro
  Shengwu Yuan,Xiaoya Ji,Mei Ma,Fengmei Ding,Kaifeng Rao,Zijian Wang,Rong Yang,Yihong Liu
  2019,31(8):70-81 [Abstract(586)]  [View PDF 2.73 M (641)]
Optimized coagulation pretreatment alleviates ultrafiltration membrane fouling: The role of floc properties and slow-mixing speed on mechanisms of chitosan-assisted coagulation
  Peng Du,Xing Li,Yanling Yang,Zhaoyang Su,Hang Li,Nan Wang,Tingting Guo,Tingting Zhang,Zhiwei Zhou
  2019,31(8):82-92 [Abstract(588)]  [View PDF 2.15 M (673)]
Preparation of porous semi-IPN temperature-sensitive hydrogel-supported nZVI and its application in the reduction of nitrophenol
  Lixia Li,Ruiwei Wang,Xiaodong Xing,Wenqiang Qu,Shutong Chen,Yunlong Zhang
  2019,31(8):93-102 [Abstract(563)]  [View PDF 3.01 M (676)]
Coordinating ecosystem service trade-offs to achieve win–win outcomes: A review of the approaches
  Hua Zheng,Lijuan Wang,Tong Wu
  2019,31(8):103-112 [Abstract(596)]  [View PDF 1.90 M (743)]
Degradation of duloxetine: Identification of transformation products by UHPLC-ESI(+)-HRMS/MS, in silico toxicity and wastewater analysis
  Rodrigo A. Osawa,Ana P. Carvalho,Olinda C. Monteiro,M. Conceição Oliveira,M. Helena Florêncio
  2019,31(8):113-123 [Abstract(518)]  [View PDF 2.83 M (667)]
Impact of carbon-based nutrient enhancement on biofiltration performance for drinking water treatment
  Yu Zhao,Liz Taylor-Edmonds,Robert C. Andrews
  2019,31(8):124-131 [Abstract(610)]  [View PDF 3.59 M (688)]
Viability of combining microalgae and macroalgae cultures for treating anaerobically digested piggery effluent
  Ashiwin Vadiveloo,Emeka Godfrey Nwoba,Navid Reza Moheimani
  2019,31(8):132-144 [Abstract(505)]  [View PDF 4.52 M (676)]
Formation and transformation of schwertmannite in the classic Fenton process
  Xianyou Su,Xufang Li,Luming Ma,Jinhong Fan
  2019,31(8):145-154 [Abstract(586)]  [View PDF 12.14 M (672)]
Characteristics of size distributions and sources of water-soluble ions in Lhasa during monsoon and non-monsoon seasons
  Nannan Wei, Zhiyou Xu, Junwen Liu, Guanghua Wang, Wei Liu, Deqing Zhuoga, Detao Xiao and Jian Yao
  2019,31(8):155-168 [Abstract(589)]  [View PDF 10.99 M (621)]
Acute and chronic toxicity of nickel to nitrifiers at different temperatures
  Xiaoguang Liu,Mohammad M.I. Chowdhury,Masuduz Zaman,Mingu Kim,George Nakhla
  2019,31(8):169-178 [Abstract(515)]  [View PDF 2.07 M (651)]
Understanding gaseous reduction in swine manure resulting from nanoparticle treatments under anaerobic storage conditions
  Niloy Chandra Sarker,Md Borhan,Ann-Marie Fortuna,Shafiqur Rahman
  2019,31(8):179-191 [Abstract(558)]  [View PDF 2.30 M (725)]
Molten hydroxide for detoxification of chlorine-containing waste: Unraveling chlorine retention efficiency and chlorine salt enrichment
  Shijin Dai,Yilin Zheng,Youcai Zhao,Yu Chen,Dongjie Niu
  2019,31(8):192-202 [Abstract(586)]  [View PDF 4.94 M (661)]
Temporal–spatial distribution and diastereoisomer pattern of hexabromocyclododecane in the vicinity of a chemical plant
  Xinlei Wang,Ruirui Sun,Yuedong Chen,Xu Zhang,Zhaojie Cui
  2019,31(8):203-212 [Abstract(530)]  [View PDF 3.93 M (689)]
Silica-quaternary ammonium “Fixed-Quat” nanofilm coated fiberglass mesh for water disinfection and harmful algal blooms control
  Daniela Diaz,Jared Church,Mikaeel Young,Keug Tae Kim,Jungsu Park,Yun Bin Hwang,Swadeshmukul Santra,Woo Hyoung Lee
  2019,31(8):213-224 [Abstract(600)]  [View PDF 3.93 M (693)]

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