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Concentrations and chemical compositions of PM10 during hazy and non-hazy days in Beijing
  Xianchu Wu,Bin Chen,Tianxue Wen,Ammara Habib,Guangyu Shi
  2020,32(1):1-9 [Abstract(529)]  [View PDF 4.31 M (573)]
Adsorption of 17β-estradiol from aqueous solution by raw and direct/pre/post-KOH treated lotus seedpod biochar
  Ni Liu,Yunguo Liu,Guangming Zeng,Jilai Gong,Xiaofei Tan,Shaobo Liu,Luhua Jiang,Meifang Li,Zhihong Yin
  2020,32(1):10-23 [Abstract(565)]  [View PDF 7.92 M (582)]
Assessment of sunflower germplasm for phytoremediation of lead-polluted soil and production of seed oil and seed meal for human and animal consumption
  Afsheen Zehra,Zulfiqar Ali Sahito,Wenbin Tong,Lin Tang,Yasir Hamid,Muhammad Bilal Khan,Zarina Ali,Beena Naqvi,Xiaoe Yang
  2020,32(1):24-38 [Abstract(564)]  [View PDF 5.59 M (545)]
Preparation of hydrophobic hierarchical pore carbon–silica composite and its adsorption performance toward volatile organic compounds
  Xiaoai Lu,Junqian He,Jing Xie,Ying Zhou,Shuo Liu,Qiulian Zhu,Hanfeng Lu
  2020,32(1):39-48 [Abstract(544)]  [View PDF 9.14 M (529)]
Aerosol optical properties under different pollution levels in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region of China
  Liuwei Kong,Min Hu,Qinwen Tan,Miao Feng,Yu Qu,Junling An,Yuanhang Zhang,Xingang Liu,Nianliang Cheng
  2020,32(1):49-59 [Abstract(568)]  [View PDF 3.10 M (582)]
Tuning the fill percentage in the hydrothermal synthesis process to increase catalyst performance for ozone decomposition
  Li Yang,Jinzhu Ma,Xiaotong Li,Guangzhi He,Changbin Zhang,Hong He
  2020,32(1):60-70 [Abstract(466)]  [View PDF 8.97 M (479)]
Microtopographic modification conserves urban wetland water quality by increasing the dissolved oxygen in the wet season
  Yali Liu,Jianqing Du,Panpan Hu,Mingzhu Ma,Dan Hu
  2020,32(1):71-81 [Abstract(427)]  [View PDF 4.40 M (521)]
Effect of water-driven changes in rice rhizosphere on Cd lability in three soils with different pH
  Jinjin Wang,Dongqin Li,Qin Lu,Yulong Zhang,Huijuan Xu,Xueli Wang,Yongtao Li
  2020,32(1):82-92 [Abstract(401)]  [View PDF 2.93 M (426)]
Overview of key operation factors and strategies for improving fermentative volatile fatty acid production and product regulation from sewage sludge
  Wei Fang,Xuedong Zhang,Panyue Zhang,Jijun Wan,Hongxiao Guo,Dara S.M. Ghasimi,Xavier Carol Morera,Tao Zhang
  2020,32(1):93-111 [Abstract(586)]  [View PDF 2.19 M (411)]
Body fluid analog chlorination: Application to the determination of disinfection byproduct formation kinetics in swimming pool water
  Lucie Tsamba,Nicolas Cimetière,Dominique Wolbert,Olivier Correc,Pierre Le Cloirec
  2020,32(1):112-122 [Abstract(436)]  [View PDF 3.35 M (432)]
Adsorption and recovery of phosphate from water by amine fiber, effects of co-existing ions and column filtration
  Jinshan Wei,Xiaoguang Meng,Xianghua Wen,Yonghui Song
  2020,32(1):123-132 [Abstract(479)]  [View PDF 3.66 M (474)]
Town-scale microbial sewer community and H2S emissions response to common chemical and biological dosing treatments
  Elizabeth R. Mathews,Jennifer L. Wood,Dean Phillips,Nathan Billington,Dean Barnett,Ashley E. Franks
  2020,32(1):133-148 [Abstract(464)]  [View PDF 7.78 M (469)]
In situ preparation of g-C3N4/Bi4O5I2 complex and its elevated photoactivity in Methyl Orange degradation under visible light
  Zhe Feng,Lin Zeng,Qingle Zhang,Shifeng Ge,Xinyue Zhao,Hongjun Lin,Yiming He
  2020,32(1):149-162 [Abstract(442)]  [View PDF 8.53 M (477)]
Impact of biosolids, ZnO, ZnO/biosolids on bacterial community and enantioselective transformation of racemic–quizalofop–ethyl in agricultural soil
  Qing Zhou,Xu Zhang
  2020,32(1):163-172 [Abstract(452)]  [View PDF 3.72 M (473)]
Bimetallic nickel molybdate supported Pt catalyst for efficient removal of formaldehyde at low temperature
  Gang Huang,Zhaoxiong Yan,Shuyuan Liu,Tingting Luo,Liang An,Zhihua Xu
  2020,32(1):173-183 [Abstract(469)]  [View PDF 13.42 M (469)]
Comparison of light absorption and oxidative potential of biodiesel/diesel and chemicals/diesel blends soot particles
  Yu Kuang,Yi Guo,Jiaqi Chai,Jing Shang,Jiali Zhu,Svetlana Stevanovic,Zoran Ristovski
  2020,32(1):184-193 [Abstract(434)]  [View PDF 2.23 M (455)]
A human embryonic stem cell-based in vitro model revealed that ultrafine carbon particles may cause skin inflammation and psoriasis
  Zhanwen Cheng,Xiaoxing Liang,Shaojun Liang,Nuoya Yin,Francesco Faiola
  2020,32(1):194-204 [Abstract(465)]  [View PDF 7.34 M (498)]
Inhibition effect of magnetic field on nitrous oxide emission from sequencing batch reactor treating domestic wastewater at low temperature
  Dan Xu,Hongmin Ji,Hongqiang Ren,Jinju Geng,Kan Li,Ke Xu
  2020,32(1):205-212 [Abstract(475)]  [View PDF 2.48 M (514)]
Analysis of air quality characteristics of Beijing–Tianjin–Hebei and its surrounding air pollution transport channel cities in China
  Cuicui Xiao,Miao Chang,Peikun Guo,Meifeng Gu,Yang Li
  2020,32(1):213-227 [Abstract(501)]  [View PDF 9.90 M (533)]
Highly efficient and selective removal of low-concentration antibiotics from aqueous solution by regenerable Mg(OH)2
  Yongjing Wang,Jingjing Lin,Yonghao Wang,Zemeng Liu,Jinlu Lian,Minghua Liu
  2020,32(1):228-237 [Abstract(401)]  [View PDF 2.82 M (434)]
Development of a static test apparatus for evaluating the performance of three PM2.5 separators commonly used in China
  Peng Du,Jianguo Liu,Huaqiao Gui,Jiaoshi Zhang,Tongzhu Yu,Jie Wang,Yin Cheng,Yihuai Lu,Yawei Yao,Qiang Fu,ChihChieh Chen
  2020,32(1):238-249 [Abstract(568)]  [View PDF 8.33 M (499)]
Hygroscopicity measurement of sodium carbonate, β-alanine and internally mixed β-alanine/Na2CO3 particles by ATR-FTIR
  Ping Yang,Hui Yang,Na Wang,Chunyun Du,Shufeng Pang,Yunhong Zhang
  2020,32(1):250-259 [Abstract(452)]  [View PDF 2.50 M (424)]
Embedded reservoir and constructed wetland for drinking water source protection: Effects on nutrient removal and phytoplankton succession
  Changtao Yang,Jing Nan,Huaiyong Yu,Jianhua Li
  2020,32(1):260-271 [Abstract(419)]  [View PDF 6.28 M (438)]
The adsorption behavior of metals in aqueous solution by microplastics effected by UV radiation
  Qiongjie Wang,Yong Zhang,Xiaoxue Wangjin,Yulai Wang,Guanhua Meng,Yihua Chen
  2020,32(1):272-280 [Abstract(486)]  [View PDF 4.15 M (446)]
Regioselective oxidation of tetracycline by permanganate through alternating susceptible moiety and increasing electron donating ability
  Xiaohua Jiang,William A. Jefferson,Dean Song,Hanyang Cheng,Fengmin Li,Zhimin Qiang,Aiqian Zhang,Huijuan Liu,Jiuhui Qu
  2020,32(1):281-288 [Abstract(495)]  [View PDF 4.07 M (503)]
Adsorption performance of CMK-3 and C-FDU-15 in NO removal at low temperature
  Runping Wu,Qing Ye,Kai Wu,Shuiyuan Cheng,Tianfang Kang,Hongxing Dai
  2020,32(1):289-298 [Abstract(414)]  [View PDF 5.83 M (390)]
Residual effects of tobacco biochar along with different fixing agents on stabilization of trace elements in multi-metal contaminated soils
  Altaf Hussain Lahori,Monika Mierzwa-Hersztek,Muhammad Rashid,Shahmir Ali Kalhoro,Mehrunisa Memon,Zobia Naheed,Muneer Ahmed,Zengqiang Zhang
  2020,32(1):299-309 [Abstract(472)]  [View PDF 9.15 M (461)]
An investigation of changes in water quality throughout the drinking water production/distribution chain using toxicological and fluorescence analyses
  Xue Han,Xin Ji,Xuan Ma,Jun-Ling Liu,Zhen-Yu He,Wei Chang,Fei Tang,Ai-Lin Liu
  2020,32(1):310-318 [Abstract(444)]  [View PDF 2.46 M (406)]
Long-term effects of silver nanoparticles on performance of phosphorus removal in a laboratory-scale vertical flow constructed wetland
  Juan Huang,Jun Xiao,Yang Guo,Wenzu Guan,Chong Cao,Chunni Yan,Mingyu Wang
  2020,32(1):319-330 [Abstract(400)]  [View PDF 3.68 M (418)]
Revealing the changes of bacterial community from water source to consumers tap: A full-scale investigation in eastern city of China
  Xu Ma,Guiwei Li,Ruya Chen,Ying Yu,Hui Tao,Guangming Zhang,Baoyou Shi
  2020,32(1):331-340 [Abstract(380)]  [View PDF 3.22 M (415)]
N-Nitrosamine formation from chloramination of two common ionic liquids
  Ian J. Vander Meulen,Ping Jiang,Di Wu,Steve E. Hrudey,Xing-Fang Li
  2020,32(1):341-348 [Abstract(394)]  [View PDF 3.49 M (420)]
Sorption kinetics of parent and substituted PAHs for low-density polyethylene (LDPE): Determining their partition coefficients between LDPE and water (KLDPE) for passive sampling
  Pei Lei,Jinjie Zhu,Ke Pan,Hong Zhang
  2020,32(1):349-360 [Abstract(489)]  [View PDF 2.22 M (426)]
Experimental study on the space charge properties in haze events
  Xiaobin Zhang,Sen Yang,Tianli Bo
  2020,32(1):361-376 [Abstract(472)]  [View PDF 16.45 M (373)]
100 years of high GEM concentration in the Central Italian Herbarium and Tropical Herbarium Studies Centre (Florence, Italy)
  Jacopo Cabassi,Valentina Rimondi,Zhang Yeqing,Antonella Vacca,Orlando Vaselli,Antonella Buccianti,Pilario Costagliola
  2020,32(1):377-388 [Abstract(371)]  [View PDF 12.61 M (378)]
Carbonaceous matter in glacier at the headwaters of the Yangtze River: Concentration, sources and fractionation during the melting process
  Zhaofu Hu,Shichang Kang,Xiaobo He,Fangping Yan,Yulan Zhang,Pengfei Chen,Xiaofei Li,Shaopeng Gao,Chaoliu Li
  2020,32(1):389-397 [Abstract(591)]  [View PDF 4.04 M (385)]
The impact of UV treatment on microbial control and DBPs formation in full-scale drinking water systems in northern China
  Xiuwei Ao,Zhongyun Chen,Simiao Li,Chen Li,Zedong Lu,Wenjun Sun
  2020,32(1):398-410 [Abstract(517)]  [View PDF 9.94 M (433)]
Identification of potential electrotrophic microbial community in paddy soils by enrichment of microbial electrolysis cell biocathodes
  Xiaomin Li,Longjun Ding,Haiyan Yuan,Xiaoming Li,Yongguan Zhu
  2020,32(1):411-420 [Abstract(442)]  [View PDF 5.34 M (384)]
“Waste”-ing away: Presence of Cu ions influences microbial degradation kinetics and metabolite formation of the prevalent brominated flame retardant BDE-47
  Jie Chen,Birget Moe,Lizhong Zhu,X. Chris Le
  2020,32(1):421-424 [Abstract(384)]  [View PDF 1.70 M (365)]
News: JES articles received the Publication Awards of Eco-Environmental Knowledge Web
  2020,32(1):425-426 [Abstract(376)]  [View PDF 2.31 M (369)]
Editorial: Special Issue on Recent Advances in Environmental Sciences
  2020,32(1):427-429 [Abstract(395)]  [View PDF 1.69 M (364)]

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