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Performance evaluation of microbial fuel cell for landfill leachate treatment: Research updates and synergistic effects of hybrid systems
  Khaled Elmaadawy,Bingchuan Liu,Jingping Hu,Huijie Hou,Jiakuan Yang
  2020,32(10):1-20 [Abstract(254)]  [View PDF 2.11 M (374)]
Plasmonic silver/silver oxide nanoparticles anchored bismuth vanadate as a novel visible-light ternary photocatalyst for degrading pharmaceutical micropollutants
  Shengyan Pu,Zeng Yang,Jing Tang,Hui Ma,Shengyang Xue,Yingchen Bai
  2020,32(10):21-32 [Abstract(273)]  [View PDF 3.74 M (269)]
Will polycentric cities cause more CO2 emissions? A case study of 232 Chinese cities
  Wei Sha,Ying Chen,Jiansheng Wu,Zhenyu Wang
  2020,32(10):33-43 [Abstract(216)]  [View PDF 8.03 M (291)]
Surface characterization of metal oxides-supported activated carbon fiber catalysts for simultaneous catalytic hydrolysis of carbonyl sulfide and carbon disulfide
  Kunlin Li,Chi Wang,Ping Ning,Kai Li,Xin Sun,Xin Song,Yi Mei
  2020,32(10):44-54 [Abstract(245)]  [View PDF 3.19 M (308)]
Synergistic effects of Cu species and acidity of Cu-ZSM-5 on catalytic performance for selective catalytic oxidation of n-butylamine
  Xin Xing,Na Li,Jie Cheng,Yonggang Sun,Zhongshen Zhang,Xin Zhang,Zhengping Hao
  2020,32(10):55-63 [Abstract(219)]  [View PDF 2.05 M (269)]
Simultaneous removal of SO2 and NO using a spray dryer absorption (SDA) method combined with O3 oxidation for sintering/pelleting flue gas
  Maoyu Cai,Xiaolong Liu,Tingyu Zhu,Yang Zou,Wenliang Tao,Mengkui Tian
  2020,32(10):64-71 [Abstract(204)]  [View PDF 1.71 M (267)]
Annual variations of black carbon over the Yangtze River Delta from 2015 to 2018
  Yue Tan,Honglei Wang,Shuangshuang Shi,Lijuan Shen,Chen Zhang,Bin Zhu,Song Guo,Zhijun Wu,Ziyi Song,Yan Yin,Ankang Liu
  2020,32(10):72-84 [Abstract(210)]  [View PDF 3.10 M (271)]
Selective metal leaching from technosols based on synthetic root exudate composition
  Hussein Jaafar Kanbar,Zeinab Matar,Ghina Abed-AlHadi Safa,Veronique Kazpard
  2020,32(10):85-92 [Abstract(209)]  [View PDF 1.67 M (264)]
A signal-amplified whole-cell biosensor for sensitive detection of Hg2+ based on Hg2+-enhanced reporter module
  Dan Wang,Yanan Zheng,Liudan Wei,Na Wei,Xiaosu Fan,Shan Huang,Qi Xiao
  2020,32(10):93-98 [Abstract(225)]  [View PDF 993.01 K (300)]
Investigation to meet China II emission legislation for marine diesel engine with diesel methanol compound combustion technology
  Hui Wang,Anren Yao,Chunde Yao,Bin Wang,Taoyang Wu,Chao Chen
  2020,32(10):99-108 [Abstract(196)]  [View PDF 1.72 M (265)]
Ce-based catalysts used in advanced oxidation processes for organic wastewater treatment: A review
  Lijun Niu,Ting Wei,Qiangang Li,Guangming Zhang,Guang Xian,Zeqing Long,Zhijun Ren
  2020,32(10):109-116 [Abstract(230)]  [View PDF 1.47 M (280)]
Natural and anthropogenic sources of lead, zinc, and nickel in sediments of Lake Izabal, Guatemala
  Elisandra Hernández,Jonathan Obrist-Farner,Mark Brenner,William F. Kenney,Jason H. Curtis,Edward Duarte
  2020,32(10):117-126 [Abstract(226)]  [View PDF 1.80 M (269)]
Adsorption and mechanistic study of the invasive plant-derived biochar functionalized with CaAl-LDH for Eu(III) in water
  Shengbo Li,Lijia Dong,Zuofu Wei,Guodong Sheng,Kui Du,Baowei Hu
  2020,32(10):127-137 [Abstract(214)]  [View PDF 2.84 M (266)]
Characterization of VOC emissions from construction machinery and river ships in the Pearl River Delta of China
  Richao Wang,Zibing Yuan,Junyu Zheng,Cheng Li,Zhijiong Huang,Wenshi Li,Yan Xie,Yiran Wang,Kaiyang Yu,Lejun Duan
  2020,32(10):138-150 [Abstract(226)]  [View PDF 1.67 M (264)]
On-going nitrification in chloraminated drinking water distribution system (DWDS) is conditioned by hydraulics and disinfection strategies
  Yi Shi,Akintunde Babatunde,Bettina Bockelmann-Evans,Qijie Li,Liang Zhang
  2020,32(10):151-162 [Abstract(223)]  [View PDF 1.68 M (285)]
Rat cardiomyocyte H9c2(2-1)-based sulforhodamine B assay as a promising in vitro method to assess the biological component of effluent toxicity
  Elsa T Rodrigues,Susana F Nascimento,Maria João Moreno,Paulo J Oliveira,Miguel A Pardal
  2020,32(10):163-170 [Abstract(281)]  [View PDF 436.51 K (299)]
Dye reduction-based electron-transfer activity monitoring assay for assessing microbial electron transfer activity of microbial fuel cell inocula
  Kartik S. Aiyer,Roshan Rai,B.S. Vijayakumar
  2020,32(10):171-177 [Abstract(211)]  [View PDF 1.31 M (287)]
Sources, distribution, and risk assessment of organochlorine pesticides in Nairobi City, Kenya
  Fred Ayodi Lisouza,P. Okinda Owuor,Joseph O. Lalah
  2020,32(10):178-185 [Abstract(217)]  [View PDF 1.07 M (319)]
Arsenic and cadmium removal from water by a calcium-modified and starch-stabilized ferromanganese binary oxide
  Huxing Chen,Fangnan Xu,Zhengzheng Chen,Ouyuan Jiang,Williamson Gustave,Xianjin Tang
  2020,32(10):186-193 [Abstract(263)]  [View PDF 2.12 M (276)]
Preparation of MnO2 decorated Co3Fe1Ox powder/monolithic catalyst with improved catalytic activity for toluene oxidation
  Tianshan Xue,Renna Li,Zhang Zhang,Yanshan Gao,Qiang Wang
  2020,32(10):194-203 [Abstract(264)]  [View PDF 3.19 M (263)]
News: Services to journals of environmental sciences and engineering
  2020,32(10):204-205 [Abstract(213)]  [View PDF 227.35 K (269)]
Skin inflammation and psoriasis may be linked to exposure of ultrafine carbon particles
  Huyan Xiao,Hongquan Zhang
  2020,32(10):206-208 [Abstract(200)]  [View PDF 247.07 K (303)]

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