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Efficacy assessment of peracetic acid in the removal of synthetic 17α-ethinyl estradiol contraceptive hormone in wastewater
  Rita Maurício,Flávia Semedo,Rita Dias,João P. Noronha,Leonor Amaral,Michiel A. Daam,António P. Mano,Mário S. Diniz
  2020,32(3):1-8 [Abstract(524)]  [View PDF 500.00 K (440)]
Assessment of sources and transformation of nitrate in the alluvial-pluvial fan region of north China using a multi-isotope approach
  Qianqian Zhang,Huiwei Wang
  2020,32(3):9-22 [Abstract(424)]  [View PDF 2.13 M (479)]
Adsorption kinetics of the herbicide safeners, benoxacor and furilazole, to activated carbon and agricultural soils
  Saraswati Poudel Acharya,Jacob Johnson,Jennifer Weidhaas
  2020,32(3):23-34 [Abstract(434)]  [View PDF 1.36 M (487)]
Characteristics, evolution, and regional differences of biomass burning particles in the Sichuan Basin, China
  Jinqi Luo,Junke Zhang,Xiaojuan Huang,Qin Liu,Bin Luo,Wei Zhang,Zhihan Rao,Yangchun Yu
  2020,32(3):35-46 [Abstract(471)]  [View PDF 2.12 M (400)]
Microbe-mediated sustainable bio-recovery of gold from low-grade precious solid waste: A microbiological overview
  Supriyanka Rana,Puranjan Mishra,Zularisam ab Wahid,Sveta Thakur,Deepak Pant,Lakhveer Singh
  2020,32(3):47-64 [Abstract(397)]  [View PDF 1.95 M (608)]
Impact of environmental factors on gastric cancer: A review of the scientific evidence, human prevention and adaptation
  Jie Yin,Xiaoxu Wu,Suping Li,Chenlu Li,Zhiyi Guo
  2020,32(3):65-79 [Abstract(425)]  [View PDF 586.50 K (434)]
Acceleration of floc-water separation and floc reduction with magnetic nanoparticles during demulsification of complex waste cutting emulsions
  Yongjiao Xiong,Xiangfeng Huang,Bin Lu,Baoqiang Wu,Lijun Lu,Jia Liu,Kaiming Peng
  2020,32(3):80-89 [Abstract(420)]  [View PDF 2.26 M (486)]
Disinfection byproducts and halogen-specific total organic halogen speciation in chlorinated source waters – The impact of iopamidol and bromide
  Nana Osei B. Ackerson,Hannah K. Liberatore,Michael J. Plewa,Susan D. Richardson,Thomas A. Ternes,Stephen E. Duirk
  2020,32(3):90-101 [Abstract(401)]  [View PDF 763.21 K (430)]
Enhanced phosphate removal using zirconium hydroxide encapsulated in quaternized cellulose
  Shuoxun Dong,Qinghua Ji,Yili Wang,Huijuan Liu,Jiuhui Qu
  2020,32(3):102-112 [Abstract(409)]  [View PDF 2.47 M (429)]
Agglomeration and removal characteristics of fine particles from coal combustion under different turbulent flow fields
  Zongkang Sun,Linjun Yang,Hao Wu,Xin Wu
  2020,32(3):113-124 [Abstract(405)]  [View PDF 4.10 M (402)]
Role of glycine on sulfuric acid-ammonia clusters formation: Transporter or participator
  Danfeng Li,Dongping Chen,Fengyi Liu,Wenliang Wang
  2020,32(3):125-135 [Abstract(391)]  [View PDF 1.48 M (425)]
Seasonal variation and sources of derivatized phenols in atmospheric fine particulate matter in North China Plain
  Yang Yang,Xingru Li,Rongrong Shen,Zirui Liu,Dongsheng Ji,Yuesi Wang
  2020,32(3):136-144 [Abstract(418)]  [View PDF 1.05 M (405)]
Mn2NiO4 spinel catalyst for high-efficiency selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides with good resistance to H2O and SO2 at low temperature
  Fengyu Gao,Xiaolong Tang,Honghong Yi,Shunzheng Zhao,Wenjuan Zhu,Yiran Shi
  2020,32(3):145-155 [Abstract(605)]  [View PDF 1.89 M (401)]
Mineralogical characteristics and photocatalytic properties of natural sphalerite from China
  Can Shen,Xiangping Gu,Bin Yang,Dexian Zhang,Zhilin Wang,Zhengxiang Shu,Jeffrey Dick,Anhuai Lu
  2020,32(3):156-166 [Abstract(437)]  [View PDF 1.99 M (412)]
Kitchen waste valorization through a mild-temperature pretreatment to enhance biogas production and fermentability: Kinetics study in mesophilic and thermophilic regimen
  Agata Gallipoli,Camilla M. Braguglia,Andrea Gianico,Daniele Montecchio,Pamela Pagliaccia
  2020,32(3):167-179 [Abstract(422)]  [View PDF 904.56 K (478)]
Dynamic nano-Ag colloids cytotoxicity to and accumulation by Escherichia coli: Effects of Fe3+, ionic strength and humic acid
  Weicheng Zhang,Bingyu Ning,Caiyun Sun,Ke Song,Xin Xu,Tao Fang,Lunguang Yao
  2020,32(3):180-193 [Abstract(415)]  [View PDF 3.32 M (384)]
Novel synthesis of aluminum hydroxide gel-coated nano zero-valent iron and studies of its activity in flocculation-enhanced removal of tetracycline
  Xiangyu Wang,Binbin Zhang,Jun Ma,Ping Ning
  2020,32(3):194-205 [Abstract(529)]  [View PDF 1.91 M (508)]
MnCeOx/diatomite catalyst for persulfate activation to degrade organic pollutants
  Lijun Niu,Guang Xian,Zeqing Long,Guangming Zhang,Ningyu Zhou
  2020,32(3):206-217 [Abstract(561)]  [View PDF 2.21 M (449)]
Water quality induced corrosion of stainless steel valves during long-term service in a reverse osmosis system
  Xiyan Xu,Shuming Liu,Ying Liu,Kate Smith,Xiaoting Wang,Junyu Li,Ziqing Ma,Zhangqing Wang,Yong Cui
  2020,32(3):218-226 [Abstract(434)]  [View PDF 1.51 M (423)]
PM2.5 exposure induces age-dependent hepatic lipid metabolism disorder in female mice
  Ruifeng Yan,Tingting Ku,Huifeng Yue,Guangke Li,Nan Sang
  2020,32(3):227-237 [Abstract(654)]  [View PDF 1.79 M (425)]
Characterization of atmospheric aerosol (PM10 and PM2.5) from a medium sized city in São Paulo state, Brazil
  Bruno T. Franzin,Filipe C. Guizellini,Diego V. de Babos,Ossamu Hojo,Iêda Ap. Pastre,Mary R.R. Marchi,Fernando L. Fertonani,Cristina M.R.R. Oliveira
  2020,32(3):238-251 [Abstract(504)]  [View PDF 2.09 M (438)]
Performance of different macrophytes in the decontamination of and electricity generation from swine wastewater via an integrated constructed wetland-microbial fuel cell process
  Feng Liu,Lei Sun,Jinbao Wan,Liang Shen,Yanhong Yu,Lingling Hu,Ying Zhou
  2020,32(3):252-263 [Abstract(391)]  [View PDF 1.88 M (437)]
Brilliant red X-3B uptake by a novel polycyclodextrin-modified magnetic cationic hydrogel: Performance, kinetics and mechanism
  Junyi Li,Yili Wang,Xiaomin Dou,Haotian Hao,Shuoxun Dong,Xia Shao,Yanchun Deng
  2020,32(3):264-276 [Abstract(440)]  [View PDF 2.92 M (388)]
Effective removal of antibiotic resistance genes and potential links with archaeal communities during vacuum-type composting and positive-pressure composting
  Haonan Fan,Shanghua Wu,John Woodley,Guoqiang Zhuang,Zhihui Bai,Shengjun Xu,Xuan Wang,Xuliang Zhuang
  2020,32(3):277-286 [Abstract(469)]  [View PDF 1.62 M (427)]

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