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Morphology-dependent interfacial interactions of Fe2O3 with Ag nanoparticles for determining the catalytic reduction of p-nitrophenol
  Ningning Wang,Shuai Zeng,Hong Yuan,Jin HuangHong Yuan, Jin Huang, Ningning Wang, Shuai Zeng
  2020,32(6):1-10 [Abstract(383)]  [View PDF 3.68 M (400)]
Ultra-low concentration of total organic carbon in ultrapure water using ion-exchange resin embedding silanized magnetic nanoparticles
  Jung Joon Lee,Jihyeon Park,Bo-Hyun Kim,Sunjong LeeBo-Hyun Kim, Jihyeon Park, Jung Joon Lee, Sunjong Lee
  2020,32(6):11-17 [Abstract(393)]  [View PDF 4.37 M (396)]
Titanium nanoparticles attenuates arsenic toxicity by up-regulating expressions of defensive genes in Vigna radiata L
  Priya Katiyar,Bhumika Yadu,Jyoti Korram,Manmohan L. Satnami,Meetul Kumar,S. KeshavkantBhumika Yadu, Jyoti Korram, Manmohan L. Satnami, Meetul Kumar, Priya Katiyar, S. Keshavkant
  2020,32(6):18-27 [Abstract(368)]  [View PDF 2.78 M (424)]
An analysis of the mechanism underlying photocatalytic disinfection based on integrated metabolic networks and transcriptional data
  Xiao-Long Liang,Zhan-Min Liang,Shuo Wang,Xiao-Hui Chen,Yao Ruan,Qing-Ye Zhang,Hong-Yu ZhangHong-Yu Zhang, Qing-Ye Zhang, Shuo Wang, Xiao-Hui Chen, Xiao-Long Liang, Yao Ruan, Zhan-Min Liang
  2020,32(6):28-37 [Abstract(361)]  [View PDF 2.32 M (377)]
A comparative study on emergent pollutants photo-assisted degradation using ruthenium modified titanate nanotubes and nanowires as catalysts
  Beatriz Barrocas,M. Conceição Oliveira,Helena I.S. Nogueira,Sara Fateixa,Olinda C. MonteiroBeatriz Barrocas, Helena I.S. Nogueira, M. Concei??o Oliveira, Olinda C. Monteiro, Sara Fateixa
  2020,32(6):38-51 [Abstract(354)]  [View PDF 4.17 M (367)]
Preparation of solar-enhanced AlZnO@carbon nano-substrates for remediation of textile wastewaters
  Esraa M. El-Fawal,Sherif A. Younis,Yasser M. Moustafa,Philippe SerpEsraa M. El-Fawal, Philippe Serp, Sherif A. Younis, Yasser M. Moustafa
  2020,32(6):52-68 [Abstract(398)]  [View PDF 6.43 M (396)]
Magnetically recoverable Fe3O4@polydopamine nanocomposite as an excellent co-catalyst for Fe3+ reduction in advanced oxidation processes
  Ling Fan,Jinliang Xie,Zhilin Zhang,Yaping Zheng,Dongdong Yao,Ting LiDongdong Yao, Jinliang Xie, Ling Fan, Ting Li, Yaping Zheng, Zhilin Zhang
  2020,32(6):69-78 [Abstract(414)]  [View PDF 4.09 M (409)]
Photolysis of a mixture of anthracene and benzo[a]pyrene at ultra-trace levels in natural water with disinfection purposes
  Ainhoa Rubio-Clemente,Edwin Chica,Gustavo A. PeñuelaAinhoa Rubio-Clemente, Edwin Chica, Gustavo A. Pe?uela
  2020,32(6):79-94 [Abstract(371)]  [View PDF 3.06 M (380)]
Investigation on condensable particulate matter emission characteristics in wet ammonia-based desulfurization system
  Rongting Huang,Hao Wu,Linjun YangHao Wu, Linjun Yang, Rongting Huang
  2020,32(6):95-105 [Abstract(358)]  [View PDF 3.66 M (415)]
Mechanism and catalytic performance for direct dimethyl ether synthesis by CO2 hydrogenation over CuZnZr/ferrierite hybrid catalyst
  Qingtao Sheng,Run-Ping Ye,Weibo Gong,Xiufeng Shi,Bang Xu,Morris Argyle,Hertanto Adidharma,Maohong FanBang Xu, Hertanto Adidharma, Maohong Fan, Morris Argyle, Qingtao Sheng, Run-Ping Ye, Weibo Gong, Xiufeng Shi
  2020,32(6):106-117 [Abstract(403)]  [View PDF 3.93 M (430)]
An integrated chemical mass balance and source emission inventory model for the source apportionment of PM2.5 in typical coastal areas
  Nana Cheng,Cheng Zhang,Deji Jing,Wei Li,Tianjiao Guo,Qiaoli Wang,Sujing LiCheng Zhang, Deji Jing, Nana Cheng, Qiaoli Wang, Sujing Li, Tianjiao Guo, Wei Li
  2020,32(6):118-128 [Abstract(368)]  [View PDF 3.53 M (430)]
Cell surface-expression of the phosphate-binding protein PstS: System development, characterization, and evaluation for phosphorus removal and recovery
  Faten B. Hussein,Kaushik Venkiteshwaran,Brooke K. MayerBrooke K. Mayer, Faten B. Hussein, Kaushik Venkiteshwaran
  2020,32(6):129-140 [Abstract(319)]  [View PDF 3.94 M (412)]
Variation on leaching behavior of caustic compounds in bauxite residue during dealkalization process
  Yujun Wu,Meng Li,Feng Zhu,William Hartley,Jiaxin Liao,Wenhui An,Shengguo Xue,Jun JiangFeng Zhu, Jiaxin Liao, Jun Jiang, Meng Li, Shengguo Xue, Wenhui An, William Hartley, Yujun Wu
  2020,32(6):141-150 [Abstract(393)]  [View PDF 2.94 M (402)]
Effect of NOx and SO2 on the photooxidation of methylglyoxal: Implications in secondary aerosol formation
  Shuyan Wang,Lin Du,Narcisse T. Tsona,Xiaotong Jiang,Bo You,Li Xu,Zhaomin Yang,Wenxing WangBo You, Li Xu, Lin Du, Narcisse T. Tsona, Shuyan Wang, Wenxing Wang, Xiaotong Jiang, Zhaomin Yang
  2020,32(6):151-162 [Abstract(402)]  [View PDF 4.37 M (383)]
Dissipation of S-metolachlor and butachlor in agricultural soils and responses of bacterial communities: Insights from compound-specific isotope and biomolecular analyses
  Ehssan Torabi,Charline Wiegert,Benoît Guyot,Stéphane Vuilleumier,Gwenaël ImfeldBeno?t Guyot, Charline Wiegert, Ehssan Torabi, Gwena?l Imfeld, Stéphane Vuilleumier
  2020,32(6):163-175 [Abstract(389)]  [View PDF 1.73 M (397)]
Toxic effect of perfluorooctane sulfonate on plants in vertical-flow constructed wetlands
  Rong Li,Tianhao Tang,Weichuan Qiao,Jun HuangJun Huang, Rong Li, Tianhao Tang, Weichuan Qiao
  2020,32(6):176-186 [Abstract(368)]  [View PDF 7.38 M (412)]
Meteorological mechanism for a large-scale persistent severe ozone pollution event over eastern China in 2017
  Jia Mao,Lili Wang,Chuhan Lu,Jingda Liu,Mingge Li,Guiqian Tang,Dongsheng Ji,Nan Zhang,Yuesi WangChuhan Lu, Dongsheng Ji, Guiqian Tang, Jia Mao, Jingda Liu, Lili Wang, Mingge Li, Nan Zhang, Yuesi Wang
  2020,32(6):187-199 [Abstract(408)]  [View PDF 8.57 M (408)]
Release characteristics of mercury in chemical looping combustion of bituminous coal
  Ling Ji,Qianwen Wang,Zhiyue Zhang,Hao Wu,Changsong Zhou,Hongmin YangChangsong Zhou, Hao Wu, Hongmin Yang, Ling Ji, Qianwen Wang, Zhiyue Zhang
  2020,32(6):197-203 [Abstract(339)]  [View PDF 1.62 M (388)]
Effect of in-situ formed Al hydrates through long-term aging on enhanced particle destabilization by PACl coagulation
  Jr Lin Lin,Aldeno Rachmad IkaAldeno Rachmad Ika, Chun Chen Tseng, Jr Lin Lin
  2020,32(6):200-210 [Abstract(478)]  [View PDF 3.40 M (397)]
Responses of nitrification performance, triclosan resistome and diversity of microbes to continuous triclosan stress in activated sludge system
  Da Zhang,Jingfeng Gao,Lifang Zhang,Wenzhi Zhang,Jingxin Jia,Huihui Dai,Zhiqi WangDa Zhang, Huihui Dai, Jingfeng Gao, Jingxin Jia, Lifang Zhang, Wenzhi Zhang, Zhiqi Wang
  2020,32(6):211-223 [Abstract(403)]  [View PDF 3.91 M (439)]
Transformation and migration of phosphorus in excess sludge reduction pretreatment by alkaline ferrate oxidation combined with anaerobic digestion
  Xiang LiChao-ran Guo, Jun Ma, Run Jin, Ting-ting Liu, Xiang Li, Yan Yuan, Yong Huang
  2020,32(6):224-234 [Abstract(454)]  [View PDF 2.65 M (420)]
Transport of citrate and polymer coated gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) in porous media: Effect of surface property and Darcy velocity
  Chunyu Wen,Mette M. Broholm,Jun Dong,Basil Uthuppu,Mogens Havsteen Jakobsen,Annika S. FjordbøgeAnnika S. Fjordb?ge, Basil Uthuppu, Chunyu Wen, Jun Dong, Mette M. Broholm, Mogens Havsteen Jakobsen
  2020,32(6):235-244 [Abstract(354)]  [View PDF 2.81 M (379)]
Comparative investigation of coal- and oil-fired boilers based on emission factors, ozone and secondary organic aerosol formation potentials of VOCs
  Hsi-Hsien Yang,Sunil Kumar Gupta,Narayan Babu Dhital,Lin-Chi Wang,Suresh Pandian ElumalaiHsi-Hsien Yang, Lin-Chi Wang, Narayan Babu Dhital, Sunil Kumar Gupta, Suresh Pandian Elumalai
  2020,32(6):245-255 [Abstract(373)]  [View PDF 1.93 M (386)]
Volatile organic chloramines formation during ClO2 treatment
  Yuanzhi Hu,Qian Yang,Yang Guo,Jie Xu,Wenfeng Zhou,Jing Li,Ernest R. BlatchleyErnest R. Blatchley, Jie Xu, Jing Li, Qian Yang, Wenfeng Zhou, Yang Guo, Yuanzhi Hu
  2020,32(6):256-263 [Abstract(436)]  [View PDF 2.14 M (356)]
Characteristics and sources of WSI in North China Plain: A simultaneous measurement at the summit and foot of Mount Tai
  Yi Cui,Yan Yin,Kui Chen,Xin Zhang,Xiang Kuang,Hui Jiang,Honglei Wang,Zhongxiu Zhen,Chuan HeChuan He, Honglei Wang, Hui Jiang, Kui Chen, Xiang Kuang, Xin Zhang, Yan Yin, Yi Cui, Zhongxiu Zhen
  2020,32(6):264-277 [Abstract(371)]  [View PDF 6.20 M ()]
Electronic cigarettes and toxic substances, including arsenic species
  Wenchan Deng,Jordan R.M. Schofield,X. Chris Le,Xing-Fang LiJordan R.M. Schofield, Wenchan Deng, X. Chris Le, Xing-Fang Li
  2020,32(6):278-283 [Abstract(343)]  [View PDF 2.03 M (367)]

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