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Alteration of dominant cyanobacteria in different bloom periods caused by abiotic factors and species interactions
  Zhenyan Zhang,Xiaoji Fan,W.J.G.M. Peijnenburg,Meng Zhang,Liwei Sun,Yujia Zhai,Qi Yu,Juan Wu,Tao Lu,Haifeng Qian
  2021,33(1):1-9 [Abstract(678)]  [View PDF 1.24 M (693)]
Degradation of ofloxacin using peroxymonosulfate activated by nitrogen-rich graphitized carbon microspheres: Structure and performance controllable study
  Changsheng Feng,Chen Chen,Yu Zhu,Qi Cao,Chao Chen,Caiyun Jiang,Yuping Wang
  2021,33(1):10-20 [Abstract(518)]  [View PDF 2.58 M (586)]
A survey of sub-inhibitory concentrations of antibiotics in the environment
  Louise K.M. Chow,Timothy M. Ghaly,Michael R. Gillings
  2021,33(1):21-27 [Abstract(486)]  [View PDF 886.30 K (559)]
Estimation of aerosol optical depth in relation to meteorological parameters over eastern and western routes of China Pakistan economic corridor
  Bushra Khalid,Ayesha Khalid,Sidra Muslim,Ammara Habib,Kishwar Khan,Debora Souza Alvim,Sehrish Shakoor,Sonia Mustafa,Sana Zaheer,Momel Zoon,Azmat Hayat Khan,Sana Ilyas,Bin Chen
  2021,33(1):28-39 [Abstract(482)]  [View PDF 3.49 M (507)]
Measurement of tropospheric HO2 radical using fluorescence assay by gas expansion with low interferences
  Yihui Wang,Renzhi Hu,Pinhua Xie,Hao Chen,Fengyang Wang,Xiaoyan Liu,JianGuo Liu,Wenqing Liu
  2021,33(1):40-50 [Abstract(481)]  [View PDF 3.45 M (476)]
Impacts of cadmium addition on the alteration of microbial community and transport of antibiotic resistance genes in oxytetracycline contaminated soil
  Honghong Guo,Shuhong Xue,Mubasher Nasir,Jie Gu,Jialong Lv
  2021,33(1):51-58 [Abstract(523)]  [View PDF 1.91 M (536)]
Selective sorptive removal of Methyl Red from individual and binary component solutions by mesoporous organosilicas of MCM-41 type
  Nadiia V. Roik,Lyudmila A. Belyakova,Marina O. Dziazko
  2021,33(1):59-71 [Abstract(554)]  [View PDF 1.45 M (565)]
Yearly variation in characteristics and health risk of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and nitro-PAHs in urban shanghai from 2010–2018
  Lu Yang,Xuan Zhang,Wanli Xing,Quanyu Zhou,Lulu Zhang,Qing Wu,Zhijun Zhou,Renjie Chen,Akira Toriba,Kazuichi Hayakawa,Ning Tang
  2021,33(1):72-79 [Abstract(363)]  [View PDF 1023.48 K (402)]
Diverse molecular compositions of dissolved organic matter derived from different composts using ESI FT-ICR MS
  Minru Liu,Yunkai Tan,Kejing Fang,Changya Chen,Zhihua Tang,Xiaoming Liu,Zhen Yu
  2021,33(1):80-89 [Abstract(460)]  [View PDF 1.75 M (546)]
Long-term agricultural contamination shaped diversity response of sediment microbiome
  Lei Zhang,Ziyin Wang,Hua Cai,Wenxuan Lu,Jing Li
  2021,33(1):90-99 [Abstract(493)]  [View PDF 2.57 M (515)]
In situ preparation of visible-light-driven carbon quantum dots/NaBiO3 hybrid materials for the photoreduction of Cr(VI)
  Yixiao Wu,Chunlong Chen,Shu He,Xuesong Zhao,Shaobin Huang,Gongchang Zeng,Yingying You,Ying Cao,Lishan Niu
  2021,33(1):100-109 [Abstract(365)]  [View PDF 2.50 M (408)]
Application of FeIII-TAML/H2O2 system for treatment of fluoroquinolone antibiotics
  Zeyu Xian,Sijia Liang,Xin Jin,Haoting Tian,Jingyi Ling,Chao Wang
  2021,33(1):110-118 [Abstract(456)]  [View PDF 2.79 M (513)]
Study on sulfur migration in activated carbon adsorption-desorption cycle: Effect of alkali/alkaline earth metals
  Jun Li,Liqiang Zhang,Tao Wang,Jingcai Chang,Zhanlong Song,Chunyuan Ma
  2021,33(1):119-129 [Abstract(555)]  [View PDF 4.64 M (520)]
Optimisation of zeolite LTA synthesis from alum sludge and the influence of the sludge source
  Alexandra Rozhkovskaya,Jay Rajapakse,Graeme J. Millar
  2021,33(1):130-142 [Abstract(405)]  [View PDF 2.52 M (491)]
Responses of alkaline phosphatase activity to wind-driven waves in a large, shallow lake: Implications for phosphorus availability and algal blooms
  Jian Zhou,Xiaoxia Han,Boqiang Qin,Guangwei Zhu
  2021,33(1):143-150 [Abstract(430)]  [View PDF 1.57 M (398)]
New methods for identification of disinfection byproducts of toxicological relevance: Progress and future directions
  Nicholas J.P. Wawryk,Caley B. Craven,Lindsay K. Jmaiff Blackstock,Xing-Fang Li
  2021,33(1):151-159 [Abstract(414)]  [View PDF 814.56 K (465)]
Bacterial community response to petroleum contamination in brackish tidal marsh sediments in the Yangtze River Estuary, China
  Min Wang,Chenyan Sha,Jian Wu,Jinghua Su,Jianqiang Wu,Qing Wang,Juan Tan,Shenfa Huang
  2021,33(1):160-167 [Abstract(385)]  [View PDF 1.30 M (407)]
Sustainable method towards magnetic ordered mesoporous polymers for efficient Methylene Blue removal
  Lijin Huang,Man He,Beibei Chen,Bin Hu
  2021,33(1):168-174 [Abstract(411)]  [View PDF 1.79 M (416)]
Pollutant toxicology with respect to microalgae and cyanobacteria
  Tao Lu,Qi Zhang,Zhenyan Zhang,Baolan Hu,Jianmeng Chen,Jun Chen,Haifeng Qian
  2021,33(1):175-186 [Abstract(435)]  [View PDF 563.91 K (463)]
Periodically hydrologic alterations decouple the relationships between physicochemical variables and chlorophyll-a in a dam-induced urban lake
  Tianyang Li,Yuqi Zhang,Binghui He,Bing Yang,Qi Huang
  2021,33(1):187-195 [Abstract(377)]  [View PDF 1.13 M (389)]
Chemical characterization and source apportionment of PM1 and PM2.5 in Tianjin, China: Impacts of biomass burning and primary biogenic sources
  Jahan Zeb Khan,Long Sun,Yingze Tian,Guoliang Shi,Yinchang Feng
  2021,33(1):196-209 [Abstract(398)]  [View PDF 3.01 M (429)]
Restoring the plant productivity of heavy metal-contaminated soil using phosphate sludge, marble waste, and beneficial microorganisms
  Anas Raklami,Abdel-ilah Tahiri,Noura Bechtaoui,El Gharmali Abdelhay,Eloisa Pajuelo,Marouane Baslam,Abdelilah Meddich,Khalid Oufdou
  2021,33(1):210-221 [Abstract(373)]  [View PDF 1.60 M (408)]
Primary and secondary organic aerosol in an urban/industrial site: Sources, health implications and the role of plastic enriched waste burning
  Panagiotis Georgios Kanellopoulos,Eleni Verouti,Eirini Chrysochou,Konstantinos Koukoulakis,Evangelos Bakeas
  2021,33(1):222-238 [Abstract(501)]  [View PDF 2.19 M (565)]
Synthesis and evaluation of cationic flocculant P(DAC-PAPTAC-AM) for flocculation of coal chemical wastewater
  Wenquan Sun,Shengbao Zhou,Yongjun Sun,Yanhua Xu
  2021,33(1):239-248 [Abstract(354)]  [View PDF 2.48 M (414)]
Enhanced activation of peroxydisulfate by strontium modified BiFeO3perovskite for ciprofloxacin degradation
  Caicai Wang,Shengwang Gao,Jianchao Zhu,Xunfeng Xia,Mingxin Wang,Yanna Xiong
  2021,33(1):249-259 [Abstract(502)]  [View PDF 2.70 M (512)]
Degradation of carbamazepine by MWCNTs-promoted generation of high-valent iron-oxo species in a mild system with O-bridged iron perfluorophthalocyanine dimers
  Zhiguo Zhao,Moyan Zhou,Nan Li,Yuyuan Yao,Wenxing Chen,Wangyang Lu
  2021,33(1):260-266 [Abstract(367)]  [View PDF 1.70 M (351)]
Enhanced degradation of organic contaminants using catalytic activity of carbonaceous structures: A strategy for the reuse of exhausted sorbents
  Kalyani Mer,Baharak Sajjadi,Nosa.O. Egiebor,Wei-Yin Chen,Daniell.L. Mattern,Wendong Tao
  2021,33(1):267-273 [Abstract(346)]  [View PDF 1.86 M (348)]
Long-range atmospheric transport and alpine condensation of short-chain chlorinated paraffins on the southeastern Tibetan Plateau
  Huijuan Li,Duo Bu,Yan Gao,Nali Zhu,Jing Wu,Xiangfeng Chen,Jianjie Fu,Yawei Wang,Aiqian Zhang,Guibin Jiang
  2021,33(1):275-280 [Abstract(410)]  [View PDF 1.16 M (359)]
Recent advances in ionic liquids-based hybrid processes for CO2 capture and utilization
  Shaohan Lian,Chunfeng Song,Qingling Liu,Erhong Duan,Hongwei Ren,Yutaka Kitamura
  2021,33(1):281-295 [Abstract(405)]  [View PDF 540.01 K (405)]
Physicochemical characterization of forest and sugarcane leaf combustion's particulate matters using electron microscopy, EDS, XRD and TGA
  Hay Mon Oo,Preechar Karin,Nuwong Chollacoop,Katsunori Hanamura
  2021,33(1):296-310 [Abstract(353)]  [View PDF 5.88 M (423)]
Atmospheric photochemistry and secondary aerosol formation of urban air in Lyon, France
  Salah Eddine Sbai,Chunlin Li,Antoinette Boreave,Nicolas Charbonnel,Sebastien Perrier,Philippe Vernoux,Farida Bentayeb,Christian George,Sonia Gil
  2021,33(1):311-323 [Abstract(393)]  [View PDF 2.14 M (438)]
Hydroxyl, hydroperoxyl free radicals determination methods in atmosphere and troposphere
  Guoying Wang,Yves Iradukunda,Gaofeng Shi,Pascaline Sanga,Xiuli Niu,Zhijun Wu
  2021,33(1):324-335 [Abstract(428)]  [View PDF 1.22 M (473)]
Investigation of exhaled pollutant distribution in the breathing microenvironment in a displacement ventilated room with indoor air stability conditions
  Xiaorui Deng,Guangcai Gong
  2021,33(1):336-345 [Abstract(350)]  [View PDF 230.85 K (372)]
Significant concurrent decrease in PM2.5 and NO2 concentrations in China during COVID-19 epidemic
  Biwu Chu,Shuping Zhang,Jun Liu,Qingxin Ma,Hong He
  2021,33(1):346-353 [Abstract(518)]  [View PDF 2.99 M (343)]
Characteristics of ozone pollution and the sensitivity to precursors during early summer in central plain, China
  Yasong Li,Shasha Yin,Shijie Yu,Ling Bai,Xudong Wang,Xuan Lu,Shuangliang Ma
  2021,33(1):354-368 [Abstract(624)]  [View PDF 3.44 M (344)]

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