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Characteristics, sources and health risks assessment of VOCs in Zhengzhou, China during haze pollution season
  Dong Zhang, Bing He, Minghao Yuan, Shijie Yu, Shasha Yin, Ruiqin ZhangBing He, Dong Zhang, Minghao Yuan, Ruiqin Zhang, Shasha Yin, Shijie Yu
  2021,33(10) [Abstract(243)]  [View PDF 10.18 M (259)]
Study on the role of copper converter slag in simultaneously removing SO2 and NOx using KMnO4/copper converter slag slurry
  Jiacheng Bao, Kai Li, Ping Ning, Chi Wang, Xin Song, Yansu Luo, Xin SunChi Wang, Jiacheng Bao, Kai Li, Ping Ning, Xin Song, Xin Sun, Yansu Luo
  2021,33(10) [Abstract(221)]  [View PDF 12.54 M (247)]
Distribution and chemical speciation of arsenic in different sized atmospheric particulate matters
  Jin Xie,Xiao-Dong Niu,Jiao-Jiao Xie,Kai-Qiang He,Meng-Dan Shi,Su-Juan Yu,Chun-Gang Yuan,Jing-Fu LiuChun-Gang Yuan, Jiao-Jiao Xie, Jin Xie, Jing-Fu Liu, Kai-Qiang He, Meng-Dan Shi, Su-Juan Yu, Xiao-Dong Niu
  2021,33(10):1-7 [Abstract(222)]  [View PDF 893.99 K (208)]
Revealing the characteristics of dissolved organic matter in urban runoff at three typical regions via optical indices and molecular composition
  Zhenliang Liao,Jiangyong Chu,Chongjia Luo,Hao ChenChongjia Luo, Hao Chen, Jiangyong Chu, Zhenliang Liao
  2021,33(10):8-21 [Abstract(247)]  [View PDF 5.14 M (208)]
Heavy metal removal from aqueous solutions by chitosan-based magnetic composite flocculants
  Xuefeng Xiao,Yuanyuan Yu,Yongjun Sun,Xing Zheng,Aowen ChenAowen Chen, Xing Zheng, Xuefeng Xiao, Yongjun Sun, Yuanyuan Yu
  2021,33(10):22-32 [Abstract(222)]  [View PDF 7.71 M (196)]
The role of glutathione-mediated triacylglycerol synthesis in the response to ultra-high cadmium stress in Auxenochlorella protothecoides
  Chao Xing,Jinyu Li,Sin Man Lam,Hongli Yuan,Guanghou Shui,Jinshui YangChao Xing, Guanghou Shui, Hongli Yuan, Jinshui Yang, Jinyu Li, Sin Man Lam
  2021,33(10):58-69 [Abstract(227)]  [View PDF 8.05 M (210)]
Evidence for coupled iron and nitrate reduction in the surface waters of Jiaozhou Bay
  Kunyu Ma,Rujun Yang,Shenglu Qu,Yingying Zhang,Yuan Liu,He Xie,Minghan Zhu,Mengqi BiHe Xie, Kunyu Ma, Mengqi Bi, Minghan Zhu, Rujun Yang, Shenglu Qu, Yingying Zhang, Yuan Liu
  2021,33(10):70-83 [Abstract(208)]  [View PDF 9.32 M (234)]
Bamboo charcoal enhances cellulase and urease activities during chicken manure composting: Roles of the bacterial community and metabolic functions
  Yanan Yin,Chao Yang,Jingrui Tang,Jie Gu,Haichao Li,Manli Duan,Xiaochang Wang,Rong ChenChao Yang, Haichao Li, Jie Gu, Jingrui Tang, Manli Duan, Rong Chen, Xiaochang Wang, Yanan Yin
  2021,33(10):84-95 [Abstract(239)]  [View PDF 10.73 M (264)]
Liquid-phase hydrodechlorination of trichloroethylene driven by nascent H2 under an open system: Hydrogenation activity, solvent effect and sulfur poisoning
  Weilai Wang,Fan Zhang,Yunfei Zhang,Lei Xu,Yuansheng Pei,Junfeng NiuFan Zhang, Junfeng Niu, Lei Xu, Weilai Wang, Yuansheng Pei, Yunfei Zhang
  2021,33(10):96-106 [Abstract(222)]  [View PDF 5.23 M (223)]
Competitive role of nitrogen functionalities of N doped GO and sensitizing effect of Bi2O3 QDs on TiO2 for water remediation
  Saima Noor,Shamaila Sajjad,Sajjad Ahmed Khan Leghari,Cristina Flox,Saeed AhmadCristina Flox, Saeed Ahmad, Saima Noor, Sajjad Ahmed Khan Leghari, Shamaila Sajjad
  2021,33(10):107-119 [Abstract(219)]  [View PDF 8.13 M (214)]
Microbial aerosol particles in four seasons of sanitary landfill site: Molecular approaches, traceability and risk assessment
  Lin Li,Jiawei Ma,Kaixiong Yang,Fengguang Chai,Junxin Liu,Xuesong GuoFengguang Chai, Jiawei Ma, Junxin Liu, Kaixiong Yang, Lin Li, Xuesong Guo
  2021,33(10):120-133 [Abstract(247)]  [View PDF 4.66 M (208)]
Coupled biodegradation of p-nitrophenol and p-aminophenol in bioelectrochemical system: Mechanism and microbial functional diversity
  Jianjun Luo,Yuxi Xu,Jing Wang,Libin Zhang,Xinbai Jiang,Jinyou ShenJianjun Luo, Jing Wang, Jinyou Shen, Libin Zhang, Xinbai Jiang, Yuxi Xu
  2021,33(10):134-144 [Abstract(221)]  [View PDF 4.45 M (242)]
Enhanced nitrogen removal upon the addition of volatile fatty acids from activated sludge by combining calcium peroxide and low-thermal pretreatments
  Jiajun Sun,Junxue Song,Wei Fang,Hongbin CaoHongbin Cao, Jiajun Sun, Junxue Song, Wei Fang
  2021,33(10):145-151 [Abstract(234)]  [View PDF 7.03 M (199)]
Biogenic volatile organic compound emissions from leaves and fruits of apple and peach trees during fruit development
  Elena PaolettiElena Paoletti, Shuangjiang Li, Xiangyang Yuan, Xu Yue, Yan Xu, Zhaozhong Feng, Zhengzhen Li
  2021,33(10):152-163 [Abstract(230)]  [View PDF 3.32 M (200)]
Characterization of seawater and aerosol particle surfactants using solid phase extraction and mass spectrometry
  Tret C. Burdette,Amanda A. FrossardAmanda A. Frossard, Tret C. Burdette
  2021,33(10):164-174 [Abstract(204)]  [View PDF 2.17 M (202)]
Control of exhaled SARS-CoV-2-laden aerosols in the interpersonal breathing microenvironment in a ventilated room with limited space air stability
  Xiaorui Deng,Guangcai Gong,Xizhi He,Xing Shi,Lan MoGuangcai Gong, Lan Mo, Xiaorui Deng, Xing Shi, Xizhi He
  2021,33(10):175-187 [Abstract(242)]  [View PDF 8.68 M (201)]
Efficient degradation of Rhodamine B by magnetically recoverable Fe3O4-modified ternary CoFeCu-layered double hydroxides via activating peroxymonosulfate
  Tong Li,Xiange Du,Jieqiong Deng,Kai Qi,Jiandong Zhang,Lili Gao,Xiuping YueJiandong Zhang, Jieqiong Deng, Kai Qi, Lili Gao, Tong Li, Xiange Du, Xiuping Yue
  2021,33(10):188-200 [Abstract(223)]  [View PDF 8.44 M (220)]
A critical review on the application of biochar in environmental pollution remediation: Role of persistent free radicals (PFRs)
  Kun Luo,Ya Pang,Dongbo Wang,Xue Li,Liping Wang,Min Lei,Qi Huang,Qi YangDongbo Wang, Kun Luo, Liping Wang, Min Lei, Qi Huang, Qi Yang, Xue Li, Ya Pang
  2021,33(10):201-216 [Abstract(227)]  [View PDF 3.12 M (211)]

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