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Insights into pH-dependent transformation of gibberellic acid in aqueous solution: Transformation pathway, mechanism and toxicity estimation
  Li Zhang,Yajun Sun,Zhimin Xu,Wenjing Zhang,Guoxin Huang,Fei Liu,Liang Chen
  2021,33(6):1-10 [Abstract(122)]  [View PDF 1.85 M (114)]
Determination of eighty-two pesticides and application to screening pesticides in cannabis growing facilities
  Caley B Craven,Afsoon Pajand Birjandi,Brigette Simons
  2021,33(6):11-16 [Abstract(110)]  [View PDF 932.24 K (104)]
Investigation of suitable precursors for manganese oxide catalysts in ethyl acetate oxidation
  Yan Zhang,Meng Wang,Shunyu Kang,Tingting Pan,Hua Deng,Wenpo Shan,Hong He
  2021,33(6):17-26 [Abstract(106)]  [View PDF 2.84 M (105)]
A highly porous animal bone-derived char with a superiority of promoting nZVI for Cr(VI) sequestration in agricultural soils
  Kai Liu,Fangbai Li,Qingwen Tian,Chengrong Nie,Yibing Ma,Zhenlong Zhu,Liping Fang,Yuanying Huang,Siwen Liu
  2021,33(6):27-39 [Abstract(104)]  [View PDF 2.86 M (100)]
Water quality characteristics and assessment of Yongding New River by improved comprehensive water quality identification index based on game theory
  Yu Liu,Yucheng Hu,Yumei Hu,Yuqi Gao,Zhenying Liu
  2021,33(6):40-52 [Abstract(106)]  [View PDF 1.94 M (90)]
A review on China's constructed wetlands in recent three decades: Application and practice
  Hong Zhang,Wenzhong Tang,Weidong Wang,Wei Yin,Honglei Liu,Xiaomin Ma,Yiqi Zhou,Pei Lei,Dongyang Wei,Litian Zhang,Cao Liu,Jinmiao Zha
  2021,33(6):53-68 [Abstract(119)]  [View PDF 3.34 M (111)]
Combined effects of volume ratio and nitrate recycling ratio on nutrient removal, sludge characteristic and microbial evolution for DPR optimization
  Miao Zhang,Jing Gao,Yajun Fan,Xiaoge Wu,Jun Wu,Chengda He
  2021,33(6):69-83 [Abstract(113)]  [View PDF 2.96 M (105)]
Challenges against CO2 abatement strategies in cement industry: A review
  Emad Benhelal,Ezzatollah Shamsaei,Muhammad Imran Rashid
  2021,33(6):84-101 [Abstract(109)]  [View PDF 2.26 M (97)]
Effect of alkaline earth metal promoter on catalytic activity of MnO2 for the complete oxidation of toluene
  Cui Dong,Hui Wang,Yewei Ren,Zhenping Qu
  2021,33(6):102-112 [Abstract(116)]  [View PDF 3.39 M (98)]
Dielectric barrier discharge plasma-assisted modification of g-C3N4/Ag2O/TiO2-NRs composite enhanced photoelectrocatalytic activity
  Yupei Long,Chenchen Yuan,Xiaomin Wang,Dongyan Jin,Hong Zhou,Qiongyin Wang,Chenyang Lu,Yuqi Chen,Yanqing Cong,Qi Wang,Yi Zhang
  2021,33(6):113-127 [Abstract(114)]  [View PDF 4.54 M (180)]
Visible light photocatalytic bismuth oxide coatings are effective at suppressing aquatic cyanobacteria and degrading free-floating genomic DNA
  James Redfern,Marina Ratova,Andrew P. Dean,James Pritchett,Matthieu Grao,Joanna Verran,Peter Kelly
  2021,33(6):128-136 [Abstract(130)]  [View PDF 1.53 M (107)]
Structures and catalytic performances of Me/SAPO-34 (Me = Mn, Ni, Co) catalysts for low-tem perature SCR of NOx by ammonia
  Xuesong Liu,Zhiming Sui,Hongfeng Chen,Yong Chen,Haigang Liu,Peng Jiang,Zhongyun Shen,Wensheng Linghu,Xiaodong Wu
  2021,33(6):137-149 [Abstract(105)]  [View PDF 3.81 M (103)]
Comprehensive and high-resolution emission inventory of atmospheric pollutants for the northernmost cities agglomeration of Harbin-Changchun, China: Implications for local atmospheric environment management
  Mengduo Zhang,Weiwei Chen,Xiangjin Shen,Hongmei Zhao,Chengkang Gao,Xuelei Zhang,Wei Liu,Chengjiang Yang,Yang Qin,Shichun Zhang,Jing Fu,Daniel Tong,Aijun Xiu
  2021,33(6):150-168 [Abstract(113)]  [View PDF 5.99 M (98)]
Significant contribution of spring northwest transport to volatile organic compounds in Beijing
  Dan Yao,Guiqian Tang,Yinghong Wang,Yuan Yang,Lili Wang,Tianzeng Chen,Hong He,Yuesi Wang
  2021,33(6):169-181 [Abstract(111)]  [View PDF 3.42 M (106)]
‘Aerosol optical properties under different pollution levels in the pearl river delta (PRD) region of China’ J. Environ. Sci. 87 (2020) 49–59
  Liuwei Kong,Min Hu,Qinwen Tan,Miao Feng,Yu Qu,Junling An,Yuanhang Zhang,Xingang Liu,Nianliang Cheng
  2021,33(6):182-187 [Abstract(93)]  [View PDF 3.63 M (95)]
Effects of natural organic matter on cadmium mobility in paddy soil: A review
  Chaolei Yuan,Qi Li,Zhaoyang Sun,Hongwen Sun
  2021,33(6):204-215 [Abstract(113)]  [View PDF 716.00 K (100)]
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering for mixing state characterization of individual fine particles during a haze episode in Beijing, China
  Hui Chen,Fengkui Duan,Jingjing Du,Ranhao Yin,Lidan Zhu,Jinlu Dong,Kebin He,Zhenli Sun,Suhua Wang
  2021,33(6):216-224 [Abstract(116)]  [View PDF 2.07 M (97)]
Effects of reductive inorganics and NOM on the formation of chlorite in the chlorine dioxide disinfection of drinking water
  Biao Yang,Hua Fang,Bingqi Chen,Shun Yang,Zhichao Ye,Jianghua Yu
  2021,33(6):225-232 [Abstract(107)]  [View PDF 1.38 M (98)]
Disinfection byproduct formation from algal organic matters after ozonation or ozone combined with activated carbon treatment with subsequent chlorination
  Qiufeng Lin,Feilong Dong,Cong Li,Junkui Cui
  2021,33(6):233-241 [Abstract(110)]  [View PDF 4.02 M (97)]
Aerosol characterization in a city in central China plain and implications for emission control
  Zhijie Li,Lu Lei,Yanpei Li,Chun Chen,Qingqing Wang,Wei Zhou,Jiaxing Sun,Conghui Xie,Yele Sun
  2021,33(6):242-252 [Abstract(109)]  [View PDF 5.75 M (102)]
An unusual high ozone event over the North and Northeast China during the record-breaking summer in 2018
  Chuhan Lu,Jia Mao,Lili Wang,Zhaoyong Guan,Guangna Zhao,Mingge Li
  2021,33(6):264-276 [Abstract(104)]  [View PDF 5.13 M (99)]
Influence of drying and calcination temperatures for Ce-Cu-Al trimetallic composite catalyst on simultaneous removal H2S and PH3: Experimental and DFT studies
  Yingwu Wang,Qiang Lin,Chi Wang,Kai Li,Xin Sun,Xin Song,Yangyan Gao,Ping Ning
  2021,33(6):277-287 [Abstract(107)]  [View PDF 2.79 M (98)]
Mechanisms of photochemical release of dissolved organic matter and iron from resuspended sediments
  Bin Hu,Peifang Wang,Tianli Bao,Jin Qian,Xun Wang
  2021,33(6):288-295 [Abstract(108)]  [View PDF 891.49 K (98)]
Volatile organic compounds concentration profiles and control strategy in container manufacturing industry: Case studies in China
  Yunting Ke,Ruiyuan Liu,Xiaofang Chen,Yang Feng,Ping Gao,Haomin Huang,Liya Fan,Daiqi Ye
  2021,33(6):296-306 [Abstract(105)]  [View PDF 1.96 M (103)]
Biodegradation of 2-ethylhexyl-4-methoxycinnamate in river sediments and its impact on microbial communities
  Peng Zhang,Guanghua Lu,Jianchao Liu,Zhenhua Yan,Huike Dong,Ranran Zhou
  2021,33(6):307-316 [Abstract(110)]  [View PDF 1.42 M (91)]
In situ preparation of g-C3N4/polyaniline hybrid composites with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic performance
  Chongfei Yu,Lu Tan,Shujie Shen,Menghao Fang,Ling Yang,Xinfan Fu,Shuying Dong,Jianhui Sun
  2021,33(6):317-325 [Abstract(102)]  [View PDF 2.74 M (92)]
Detailed in-furnace measurements with reburning of superfine pulverized coal in high CO2 concentration
  Jun Shen,Jiaxun Liu,Shengxiang Deng,Sha Wang,Bin Chen,Xiumin Jiang
  2021,33(6):326-334 [Abstract(101)]  [View PDF 2.18 M (85)]
Bioaccumulation and human health risk assessment of trace metals in the freshwater mussel Cristaria plicata in Dongting Lake, China
  Dianbao Li,Baozhu Pan,Liang Chen,Yuzhu Wang,Taoyi Wang,Jun Wang,Hao Wang
  2021,33(6):335-350 [Abstract(100)]  [View PDF 3.64 M (85)]
Research progress and mechanism of nanomaterials-mediated in-situ remediation of cadmium-contaminated soil: A critical review
  Yuenan Zhang,Yujie Zhang,Ozioma Udochukwu Akakuru,Xiawei Xu,Aiguo Wu
  2021,33(6):351-364 [Abstract(105)]  [View PDF 2.41 M (84)]
Removal of Ni(II) from strongly acidic wastewater by chelating precipitation and recovery of NiO from the precipitates
  Xin Yang,Xianjia Peng,Linghao Kong,Xingyun Hu
  2021,33(6):365-375 [Abstract(100)]  [View PDF 2.12 M (88)]
Marine aquaculture regulates dissimilatory nitrate reduction processes in a typical semi-enclosed bay of southeastern China
  Yinghui Jiang,Guoyu Yin,Lijun Hou,Min Liu,Yanling Zheng,Ping Han,Dongsheng Zheng,Cheng Chen,Maotian Li
  2021,33(6):376-386 [Abstract(112)]  [View PDF 2.37 M (88)]
Root-associated (rhizosphere and endosphere) microbiomes of the Miscanthus sinensis and their response to the heavy metal contamination
  Xiaoxu Sun,Benru Song,Rui Xu,Miaomiao Zhang,Pin Gao,Hanzhi Lin,Weimin Sun
  2021,33(6):387-398 [Abstract(116)]  [View PDF 2.60 M (87)]
Mechanochemical synthesis of MAPbBr3/carbon sphere composites for boosting carrier-involved superoxide species
  Qun Wang,Ming Ma,Kai Cui,Xiaochen Li,Yan Zhou,Yang Li,Xiaohong Wu
  2021,33(6):399-414 [Abstract(102)]  [View PDF 3.72 M (86)]
Removal of antibiotic-resistant genes during drinking water treatment: A review
  Tuqiao Zhang,Kunyuan Lv,Qingxiao Lu,Lili Wang,Xiaowei Liu
  2021,33(6):415-429 [Abstract(123)]  [View PDF 1.70 M (92)]
Optimized pre-treatment of high strength food waste digestate by high content aluminum-nanocluster based magnetic coagulation
  Tharindu Ritigala,Hailu Demissie,Yanlin Chen,Jiaxi Zheng,Libing Zheng,Jinxing Zhu,Hua Fan,Jiao Li,Dongsheng Wang,Sujithra K. Weragoda,Rohan Weerasooriya,Yuansong Wei
  2021,33(6):430-443 [Abstract(104)]  [View PDF 2.27 M (88)]
Aging of PVDF and PES ultrafiltration membranes by sodium hypochlorite: Effect of solution pH
  Kai Li,Qian Su,Shu Li,Gang Wen,Tinglin Huang
  2021,33(6):444-455 [Abstract(104)]  [View PDF 3.08 M (86)]
Corrigendum to <’ Efficient purification of Al30 by organic complexation method’> <[Journal of Environmental Sciences 80 (2019) 240–247]>30
  Libing Liu,Qinxue Yang,Pin Wang,Feng Xiao,Ruyuan Jiao,Guangyu An,Dongsheng Wang
  2021,33(6):456 [Abstract(97)]  [View PDF 197.13 K (85)]

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