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Study of aerosol characteristics and sources using MAX-DOAS measurement during haze at an urban site in the Fenwei Plain
  Xiaomei Li,Pinhua Xie,Ang Li,Jin Xu,Hongmei Ren,Bo Ren,Yanyu Li,Jie Li
  2021,33(9):1-13 [Abstract(68)]  [View PDF 9.39 M (58)]
Effective adsorption of quadrivalent cerium by synthesized laurylsulfonate green rust in a central composite design
  Tao Huang,Shu-wen Zhang,Juan Xie,Lulu Zhou,Long-fei Liu
  2021,33(9):14-25 [Abstract(65)]  [View PDF 6.63 M (49)]
Source apportionment of VOCs in a typical medium-sized city in North China Plain and implications on control policy
  Juanjuan Qin,Xiaobo Wang,Yanrong Yang,Yuanyuan Qin,Shaoxuan Shi,Peihua Xu,Rongzhi Chen,Xueming Zhou,Jihua Tan,Xinming Wang
  2021,33(9):26-37 [Abstract(63)]  [View PDF 4.45 M (55)]
Spatial distribution of health risks for residents located close to solvent-consuming industrial VOC emission sources
  Di Wang,Xuan Li,Xinmin Zhang,Wenjuan Zhao,Weiqi Zhang,Shuaifeng Wu,Xia Shao,Lei Nie
  2021,33(9):38-48 [Abstract(63)]  [View PDF 6.41 M (50)]
Industrial and wildfire aerosol pollution over world heritage Lake Baikal
  Olga Popovicheva,Elena Molozhnikova,Sergey Nasonov,Vladimir Potemkin,Ivan Penner,Marina Klemasheva,Irina Marinaite,Ludmila Golobokova,Stergios Vratolis,Konstantinos Eleftheriadis,Tamara Khodzher
  2021,33(9):49-64 [Abstract(58)]  [View PDF 9.10 M (44)]
Co-metabolic and biochar-promoted biodegradation of mixed PAHs by highly efficient microbial consortium QY1
  Min Li,Hua Yin,Minghan Zhu,Yuanyuan Yu,Guining Lu,Zhi Dang
  2021,33(9):65-76 [Abstract(62)]  [View PDF 5.72 M (50)]
The occurrence of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in fluoropolymer raw materials and products made in China
  Lingyi Meng,Boyu Song,Yao Lu,Kun Lv,Wei Gao,Yawei Wang,Guibin Jiang
  2021,33(9):77-86 [Abstract(64)]  [View PDF 1.06 M (49)]
Synergistic effect of Pt nanoparticles and micro-mesoporous ZSM-5 in VOCs low-temperature removal
  Jialu Wang,Xiaolin Guo,Yijun Shi,Renxian Zhou
  2021,33(9):87-97 [Abstract(61)]  [View PDF 4.86 M (45)]
Evaluation of leaching characteristic and kinetic study of lithium from lithium aluminum silicate glass-ceramics by NaOH
  Dongseok Lee,Sung-Ho Joo,Dong Ju Shin,Shun Myung Shin
  2021,33(9):98-110 [Abstract(66)]  [View PDF 4.99 M (66)]
A metal-OH group modification strategy to prepare highly-hydrophobic MIL-53-Al for efficient acetone capture under humid conditions
  Jiaqi Shi,Rui Han,Shuangchun Lu,Qingling Liu
  2021,33(9):111-123 [Abstract(65)]  [View PDF 6.93 M (48)]
Thermal behaviors, combustion mechanisms, evolved gasses, and ash analysis of spent potlining for a hazardous waste management
  Guang Sun,Gang Zhang,Jingyong Liu,Deniz Eren Evrendilek,Musa Buyukada
  2021,33(9):124-137 [Abstract(64)]  [View PDF 11.24 M (46)]
Variation characteristics of fine particulate matter and its components in diesel vehicle emission plumes
  Xianbao Shen,Jiateng Hao,Lei Kong,Yue Shi,Xinyue Cao,Jiacheng Shi,Zhiliang Yao,Xin Li,Bobo Wu,Yiming Xu,Kebin He
  2021,33(9):138-149 [Abstract(66)]  [View PDF 5.50 M (44)]
Copper stimulates the incidence of antibiotic resistance, metal resistance and potential pathogens in the gut of black soldier fly larvae
  Nan Wu,Jiaqi Liang,Xiaobo Wang,Shiyu Xie,Xiaoyan Xu
  2021,33(9):150-159 [Abstract(71)]  [View PDF 3.61 M (48)]
High temperature induced masculinization of zebrafish by down-regulation of sox9b and esr1 via DNA methylation
  Jiangyuan Han,Yan Hu,Yongmei Qi,Cong Yuan,Sajid Naeem,Dejun Huang
  2021,33(9):160-170 [Abstract(65)]  [View PDF 3.85 M (48)]
Dimethyl phthalate damages Staphylococcus aureus by changing the cell structure, inducing oxidative stress and inhibiting energy metabolism
  Xiaohui Zhu,Hong Liu,Zhigang Wang,Renmao Tian,Shenglin Li
  2021,33(9):171-183 [Abstract(78)]  [View PDF 5.69 M (47)]
Interference from HONO in the measurement of ambient air NO2 via photolytic conversion and quantification of NO
  Nicholas J. Gingerysty,Charles A. Odame-Ankrah,Nick Jordan,Hans D. Osthoff
  2021,33(9):184-193 [Abstract(68)]  [View PDF 1.05 M (87)]
Photocatalytic reduction of Cr(VI) over cinder-based nanoneedle in presence of tartaric acid: Synergistic performance and mechanism
  Wenwu Yang,Zhenfei Yang,Luhua Shao,Sijian Li,Yutang Liu,Xinnian Xia
  2021,33(9):194-204 [Abstract(64)]  [View PDF 5.73 M (46)]
Biodegradable dissolved organic carbon shapes bacterial community structures and co-occurrence patterns in large eutrophic Lake Taihu
  Yunlin Zhang,Erik Jeppesen
  2021,33(9):205-217 [Abstract(69)]  [View PDF 7.47 M (47)]
Comparison of approaches to quantify SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater using RT-qPCR: Results and implications from a collaborative inter-laboratory study in Canada
  Alex H.S. Chik,Melissa B. Glier,Mark Servos,Chand S. Mangat,Xiao-Li Pang,Yuanyuan Qiu,Patrick M. D'Aoust,Jean-Baptiste Burnet,Robert Delatolla,Sarah Dorner,Qiudi Geng,John P. Giesy,Robert Mike McKay,Michael R. Mulvey,Natalie Prystajecky,Nivetha Srikanthan,Yuwei Xie,Bernadette Conant,Steve E. Hrudey
  2021,33(9):218-229 [Abstract(64)]  [View PDF 3.46 M (46)]

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