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Constructing a Raman and surface-enhanced Raman scattering spectral reference library for fine-particle analysis
  Hui Chen,Fengkui Duan,Kebin He,Jingjing Du,Zhenli Sun,Suhua Wang
  2022,34(8):1-13 [Abstract(400)]  [View PDF 10.82 M (151)]
Arsenic biotransformation in industrial wastewater treatment residue: Effect of co-existing Shewanella sp. ANA-3 and MR-1
  Hao Li,Lixin Zhang,Li Ye,Chuanyong Jing
  2022,34(8):14-20 [Abstract(348)]  [View PDF 6.84 M (137)]
Occurrence and ecotoxicological risk assessment of pesticides in sediments of the Rosetta branch, Nile River, Egypt
  Fawzy Eissa,Mahmoud Al-Sisi,Khaled Ghanem
  2022,34(8):21-31 [Abstract(189)]  [View PDF 1.05 M (121)]
Initial carbon release characteristics, mechanisms and denitrification performance of a novel slow release carbon source
  Congyu Li,Haiyan Wang,Guokai Yan,Weiyang Dong,Zhaosheng Chu,Huan Wang,Yang Chang,Yu Ling,Yanjie Zhang
  2022,34(8):32-45 [Abstract(208)]  [View PDF 15.86 M (120)]
A mechanistic study of ciprofloxacin adsorption by goethite in the presence of silver and titanium dioxide nanoparticles
  Jie Tang,Yun Wang,Qiang Xue,Fei Liu,Kenneth C. Carroll,Xiaohua Lu,Taogeng Zhou,Dengjun Wang
  2022,34(8):46-56 [Abstract(216)]  [View PDF 3.35 M (134)]
Highly efficient reduction of aqueous Cr(VI) with novel ZnO/SnS nanocomposites through the piezoelectric effect
  Hao Sun,Soo-Jin Park
  2022,34(8):57-66 [Abstract(211)]  [View PDF 6.71 M (122)]
Release of Pb adsorbed on graphene oxide surfaces under conditions of Shewanella putrefaciens metabolism
  Jianfeng Zhang,Shichang Wei,Zhenxing Liu,Huang Tang,Xiaoguang Meng,Weihuang Zhu
  2022,34(8):67-75 [Abstract(203)]  [View PDF 6.60 M (125)]
Removal of chromophoric dissolved organic matter under combined photochemical and microbial degradation as a response to different irradiation intensities
  Theis Kragh,Kaj Sand-Jensen,Emil Kristensen,Ole Pedersen,Mikkel Madsen-Østerbye
  2022,34(8):76-86 [Abstract(270)]  [View PDF 1.62 M (127)]
Fabrication of Bi-Bi3O4Cl plasmon photocatalysts for removal of aqueous emerging contaminants under visible light
  Zeqing Long,Hui Song,Guangming Zhang,Jingsi Gao,Jia Zhu
  2022,34(8):87-100 [Abstract(247)]  [View PDF 6.10 M (124)]
The risks of sulfur addition on cadmium accumulation in paddy rice under different water-management conditions
  Zhe Liu,Qi-qi Wang,Si-yu Huang,Ling-xuan Kong,Zhong Zhuang,Qi Wang,Hua-fen Li,Ya-nan Wan
  2022,34(8):101-111 [Abstract(322)]  [View PDF 1.70 M (121)]
Destructing surfactant network in nanoemulsions by positively charged magnetic nanorods to enhance oil-water separation
  Yongjiao Xiong,Xiangfeng Huang,Lexue Li,Wanqi Liu,Jialu Zhang,Mengfan He,Jia Liu,Lijun Lu,Kaiming Peng
  2022,34(8):112-121 [Abstract(224)]  [View PDF 8.45 M (125)]
Urinary analysis reveals high Alternaria mycotoxins exposure in the general population from Beijing, China
  Xiaoting Qiao,Gang Li,Jing Zhang,Jing Du,Yunjia Yang,Jie Yin,Hui Li,Jie Xie,You Jiang,Xiang Fang,Xinhua Dai,Bing Shao
  2022,34(8):122-129 [Abstract(233)]  [View PDF 2.58 M (127)]
Effects of vermiculite on the growth process of submerged macrophyte Vallisneria spiralis and sediment microecological environment
  Guoliang Bai,Feng Luo,Yilingyun Zou,Yunli Liu,Rou Wang,Hang Yang,Zisen Liu,Junjun Chang,Zhenbin Wu,Yi Zhang
  2022,34(8):130-139 [Abstract(227)]  [View PDF 2.32 M (126)]
Microbes team with nanoscale zero-valent iron: A robust route for degradation of recalcitrant pollutants
  Nuo Liu,Jing Liu,Hong Wang,Shaolin Li,Wei-xian Zhang
  2022,34(8):140-146 [Abstract(222)]  [View PDF 2.72 M (127)]
How do inundation provoke the release of phosphorus in soil-originated sediment due to nitrogen reduction after reclaiming lake from polder
  Hezhong Yuan,Bingchan Jia,Juan Wu,Haixiang Wang,Jianghua Yu,Yiwei Cai,Enfeng Liu,Qiang Li,Qingfei Zeng
  2022,34(8):147-157 [Abstract(208)]  [View PDF 7.34 M (131)]
Anthropogenic land use substantially increases riverine CO2 emissions
  Shijie Gu,Siyue Li,Isaac R. Santos
  2022,34(8):158-170 [Abstract(211)]  [View PDF 8.05 M (126)]
Demulsification performance and mechanism of oil droplets by electrocoagulation: Role of surfactant
  Liang Wang,Ben Zhang,Bin Zhao,Saiguo Yang,Kun Wu,Jingqiu Sun,Chengzhi Hu
  2022,34(8):171-180 [Abstract(221)]  [View PDF 5.93 M (129)]
Alterations in microbial community during the remediation of a black-odorous stream by acclimated composite microorganisms
  Feng Shi,Zongli Liu,Jialin Li,Huiwang Gao,Song Qin,Jingjing Guo
  2022,34(8):181-193 [Abstract(220)]  [View PDF 7.39 M (126)]
Synthesis of a highly recoverable 3D MnO2/rGO hybrid aerogel for efficient adsorptive separation of pharmaceutical residue
  Billie Yan Zhang Hiew,Wan Ting Tee,Nicholas Yung Li Loh,Kar Chiew Lai,Svenja Hanson,Suyin Gan,Suchithra Thangalazhy-Gopakumar,Lai Yee Lee
  2022,34(8):194-203 [Abstract(291)]  [View PDF 1.33 M (119)]
Assessment of aerobic biodegradation of lower-chlorinated benzenes in contaminated groundwater using field-derived microcosms and compound-specific carbon isotope fractionation
  Alba Trueba-Santiso,Jordi Palau,Jesica M. Soder-Walz,Teresa Vicent,Ernest Marco-Urrea
  2022,34(8):204-213 [Abstract(232)]  [View PDF 1.87 M (129)]

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