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Long-term nitrogen and phosphorus removal, shifts of functional bacteria and fate of resistance genes in bioretention systems under sulfamethoxazole stress
  2023,35(4):1-16 [Abstract(12)]  [View PDF 6.55 M ()]
What drives the change of nitrogen and phosphorus loads in the Yellow River Basin during 2006-2017?
  2023,35(4):17-28 [Abstract(8)]  [View PDF 9.13 M (2)]
Insights into the mechanism of the deterioration of mainstream partial nitritation/anammox under low residual ammonium
  2023,35(4):29-39 [Abstract(10)]  [View PDF 3.75 M (2)]
Coating zirconium oxide-nanocomposite with humic acid for recovery of mercury and chromium in hazardous waste of chemical oxygen demand test
  2023,35(4):40-47 [Abstract(3)]  [View PDF 4.13 M (1)]
Enhanced cyanogen chloride formation after UV/PS and UV/H2O2 pre-oxidation and chlorination in natural river water
  2023,35(4):48-57 [Abstract(8)]  [View PDF 3.65 M (2)]
Accumulation, transportation, and distribution of tetracycline and cadmium in rice
  2023,35(4):58-69 [Abstract(3)]  [View PDF 7.09 M (3)]
Bio-immobilization and recovery of chromium using a denitrifying biofilm system: Identification of reaction zone, binding forms and end products
  2023,35(4):70-80 [Abstract(8)]  [View PDF 7.11 M (2)]
Microplastics in the atmosphere of Ahvaz City, Iran
  2023,35(4):95-102 [Abstract(6)]  [View PDF 3.84 M (1)]
Competing esterification and oligomerization reactions of typical long-chain alcohols to secondary organic aerosol formation
  2023,35(4):103-112 [Abstract(8)]  [View PDF 4.26 M (1)]
Arsenic release from microbial reduction of scorodite in the presence of electron shuttle in flooded soil
  2023,35(4):113-122 [Abstract(2)]  [View PDF 3.28 M (1)]
Synthesis of hierarchical porous carbon with high surface area by chemical activation of (NH4)2C2O4 modified hydrochar for chlorobenzene adsorption
  2023,35(4):123-137 [Abstract(7)]  [View PDF 7.86 M (1)]
Generation of low-cadmium rice germplasms via knockout of OsLCD using CRISPR/Cas9
  2023,35(4):138-152 [Abstract(4)]  [View PDF 7.93 M (1)]
The determinants of effective defluorination by the LiAl-LDHs
  2023,35(4):153-162 [Abstract(4)]  [View PDF 9.97 M ()]
Effects of persulfate-assisted hydrothermal treatment of municipal sludge on aqueous phase characteristics and phytotoxicity
  2023,35(4):163-173 [Abstract(6)]  [View PDF 11.06 M (1)]
Molecular behavior and interactions with microbes during anaerobic degradation of bio-derived DOM in waste leachate
  2023,35(4):174-183 [Abstract(3)]  [View PDF 5.37 M ()]
Enhanced photoelectrocatalytic decomplexation of Ni-EDTA and simultaneous recovery of metallic nickel via TiO2/Ni-Sb-SnO2 bifunctional photoanode and activated carbon fiber cathode
  2023,35(4):198-210 [Abstract(4)]  [View PDF 17.84 M (1)]
High capacity adsorption of antimony in biomass-based composite and its consequential utilization as battery anode
  2023,35(4):211-221 [Abstract(23)]  [View PDF 8.64 M ()]
Comparison of mesophilic and thermophilic anaerobic digestions of thermal hydrolysis pretreated swine manure: Process performance, microbial communities and energy balance
  2023,35(4):222-233 [Abstract(5)]  [View PDF 5.63 M (1)]
Exploration of the metabolic flexibility of glycogen accumulating organisms through metatranscriptome analysis and metabolic characterization
  2023,35(4):234-248 [Abstract(4)]  [View PDF 5.26 M (1)]
Efficient photocatalysis of tetracycline hydrochloride (TC-HCl) from pharmaceutical wastewater using AgCl/ZnO/g-C3N4 composite under visible light: Process and mechanisms
  2023,35(4):249-262 [Abstract(6)]  [View PDF 8.28 M ()]
Promotional effect of cobalt doping on catalytic performance of cryptomelane-type manganese oxide in toluene oxidation
  2023,35(4):263-274 [Abstract(3)]  [View PDF 4.33 M ()]
Remediation of Cu and As contaminated water and soil utilizing biochar supported layered double hydroxide: Mechanisms and soil environment altering
  2023,35(4):275-286 [Abstract(4)]  [View PDF 6.43 M (1)]
Enhanced hydrolytic removal of tylosin in wastewater using polymer-based solid acid catalysts converted from polystyrene
  2023,35(4):287-296 [Abstract(4)]  [View PDF 5.37 M (1)]
Human impact on current environmental state in Chinese lakes
  2023,35(4):297-307 [Abstract(2)]  [View PDF 5.05 M ()]
δ-MnO2 decorated layered double oxides in-situ grown on nickel foam towards electrothermal catalysis of n-heptane
  2023,35(4):308-320 [Abstract(5)]  [View PDF 7.70 M (1)]
Insights into multisource sludge distributed in the Yangtze River basin, China: Characteristics, correlation, treatment and disposal
  2023,35(4):321-332 [Abstract(5)]  [View PDF 5.55 M ()]
Nano-sized alumina supported palladium catalysts for methane combustion with excellent thermal stability
  2023,35(4):333-347 [Abstract(3)]  [View PDF 10.07 M ()]
Enhanced adsorption and colorimetric detection of tetracycline antibiotics by using functional phosphate/carbonate composite with nanoporous network coverage
  2023,35(4):365-377 [Abstract(5)]  [View PDF 6.37 M (1)]
Disinfection byproducts in indoor swimming pool water: Detection and human lifetime health risk assessment
  2023,35(4):378-386 [Abstract(2)]  [View PDF 1.76 M ()]
Comparison of UV-based advanced oxidation processes for the removal of different fractions of NOM from drinking water
  2023,35(4):387-395 [Abstract(2)]  [View PDF 4.66 M ()]
Experimental and theoretical studies on NO selective catalytic oxidation over α-MnO2
  2023,35(4):396-407 [Abstract(5)]  [View PDF 7.52 M ()]
Functionalization of nitrogen-doped graphene quantum dot: A sustainable carbon-based catalyst for the production of cyclic carbonate from epoxide and CO2
  2023,35(4):408-422 [Abstract(6)]  [View PDF 8.68 M (1)]
Decomposition of Al13 promoted by salicylic acid under acidic condition: Mechanism study by differential mass spectrometry method and DFT calculation
  2023,35(4):423-433 [Abstract(7)]  [View PDF 6.30 M (1)]
Effect of nitrite on hydrolysis-acidification, biogas production and microbial community in semi-continuous two-phase anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge
  2023,35(4):434-444 [Abstract(4)]  [View PDF 4.01 M (1)]
Effect of Cu loading content on the catalytic performance of Cu-USY catalysts for selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3
  2023,35(4):445-458 [Abstract(3)]  [View PDF 8.02 M ()]
Component regulation in novel La-Co-O-C composite catalyst for boosted redox reactions and enhanced thermal stability in methane combustion
  2023,35(4):459-469 [Abstract(5)]  [View PDF 7.01 M ()]
Fe-N co-doped coral-like hollow carbon shell toward boosting peroxymonosulfate activation for efficient degradation of tetracycline: Singlet oxygen-dominated non-radical pathway
  2023,35(4):470-482 [Abstract(5)]  [View PDF 8.45 M (1)]
Retrieval of refractive index of ultrafine single particle using hygroscopic growth factor obtained by high sensitive surface plasmon resonance microscopy
  2023,35(4):483-493 [Abstract(6)]  [View PDF 2.77 M (1)]
Dissolved metal ion removal by online hollow fiber ultrafiltration for enhanced size characterization of metal-containing nanoparticles with single-particle ICP-MS
  2023,35(4):494-505 [Abstract(24)]  [View PDF 5.79 M (1)]
Impacts of meteorology and precursor emission change on O3 variation in Tianjin, China from 2015 to 2021
  2023,35(4):506-516 [Abstract(3)]  [View PDF 1.52 M ()]
In-situ-reduced synthesis of cyano group modified g-C3N4/CaCO3 composite with highly enhanced photocatalytic activity for nicotine elimination
  2023,35(4):517-530 [Abstract(5)]  [View PDF 10.36 M (1)]
Functional groups assisted-photoinduced electron transfer-mediated highly fluorescent metal-organic framework quantum dot composite for selective detection of mercury (II) in water
  2023,35(4):531-544 [Abstract(24)]  [View PDF 10.23 M ()]
Sulfate reduction behavior in pressure-bearing leachate saturated zone
  2023,35(4):545-555 [Abstract(5)]  [View PDF 2.74 M (1)]
Ni(NH3)62+ more efficient than Ni(H2O)62+ and Ni(OH)2 for catalyzing water and phenol oxidation on illuminated Bi2MoO6 with visible light
  2023,35(4):556-564 [Abstract(4)]  [View PDF 3.52 M ()]
Graphitized Cu-β-cyclodextrin polymer driving an efficient dual-reaction-center Fenton-like process by utilizing electrons of pollutants for water purification
  2023,35(4):565-574 [Abstract(4)]  [View PDF 8.31 M (1)]
A novel and stretchable carbon-nanotube/Ni@TiO2:W photocatalytic composite for the complete removal of diclofenac drug from the drinking water
  2023,35(4):575-589 [Abstract(24)]  [View PDF 6.57 M ()]
Preparation and characterization of a novel blue-TiO2/PbO2-carbon nanotube electrode and its application for degradation of phenol
  2023,35(4):590-601 [Abstract(5)]  [View PDF 4.66 M (1)]
Salinity elevates Cd bioaccumulation of sea rice cultured under co-exposure of cadmium and salt
  2023,35(4):602-611 [Abstract(29)]  [View PDF 2.07 M (1)]
Fe(II)-mediated transformation of schwertmannite associated with calcium from acid mine drainage treatment
  2023,35(4):612-620 [Abstract(3)]  [View PDF 5.88 M (1)]
Occurrence, distribution and risk assessment of antibiotics at various aquaculture stages in typical aquaculture areas surrounding the Yellow Sea
  2023,35(4):621-632 [Abstract(5)]  [View PDF 6.79 M ()]
Evaluating the influence of air pollution on solar radiation observations over the coastal region of Alicante (Southeastern Spain)
  2023,35(4):633-643 [Abstract(5)]  [View PDF 6.31 M (1)]
Catalytic oxidation effect of MnSO4 on As(III) by air in alkaline solution
  2023,35(4):644-655 [Abstract(27)]  [View PDF 10.75 M (1)]
Comparison of UV and UV-LED activated sodium percarbonate for the degradation of O-desmethylvenlafaxine
  2023,35(4):656-667 [Abstract(31)]  [View PDF 11.52 M ()]
Insight into phase structure-dependent soot oxidation activity of K/MnO2 catalyst
  2023,35(4):668-682 [Abstract(24)]  [View PDF 12.81 M ()]
Ammonia-induced oxidative stress triggered proinflammatory response and apoptosis in pig lungs
  2023,35(4):683-696 [Abstract(4)]  [View PDF 4.25 M (1)]
A field investigation into the characteristics and formation mechanisms of particles during the operation of laser printers and photocopiers
  2023,35(4):697-707 [Abstract(4)]  [View PDF 5.01 M (1)]
Progressively narrow the gap of PM2.5 pollution characteristics at urban and suburban sites in a megacity of Sichuan Basin, China
  2023,35(4):708-721 [Abstract(2)]  [View PDF 11.13 M ()]
Underestimated contribution of fugitive emission to VOCs in pharmaceutical industry based on pollution characteristics, odorous activity and health risk assessment
  2023,35(4):722-733 [Abstract(4)]  [View PDF 830.43 K ()]
Removal of pharmaceutical in a biogenic/chemical manganese oxide system driven by manganese-oxidizing bacteria with humic acids as sole carbon source
  2023,35(4):734-741 [Abstract(24)]  [View PDF 4.24 M ()]
Stimulants and donors promote megaplasmid pND6-2 horizontal gene transfer in activated sludge
  2023,35(4):742-753 [Abstract(5)]  [View PDF 7.12 M ()]
Ammonia in urban atmosphere can be substantially reduced by vehicle emission control: A case study in Shanghai, China
  2023,35(4):754-760 [Abstract(5)]  [View PDF 2.61 M (1)]
Stereoselective metabolic disruption of cypermethrin by remolding gut homeostasis in rat
  2023,35(4):761-771 [Abstract(5)]  [View PDF 4.33 M (1)]
Neutralization of interleukin-11 attenuates silica particles-induced pulmonary inflammation and fibrosis in vivo
  2023,35(4):772-783 [Abstract(5)]  [View PDF 22.75 M (1)]
Indoor air particles in research vessel from Shanghai to Antarctic: Characteristics, influencing factors, and potential controlling pathway
  2023,35(4):784-793 [Abstract(2)]  [View PDF 4.52 M ()]
Effect of catalyzed diesel particulate filter and its catalyst loading on emission characteristics of a non-road diesel engine
  2023,35(4):794-805 [Abstract(8)]  [View PDF 3.21 M (1)]
Urban development and resource endowments shape natural resource utilization efficiency in Chinese cities
  2023,35(4):806-816 [Abstract(8)]  [View PDF 2.16 M (1)]
Air pollution and liver cancer: A systematic review
  2023,35(4):817-826 [Abstract(27)]  [View PDF 4.27 M ()]
Pronounced temporal changes in soil microbial community and nitrogen transformation caused by benzalkonium chloride
  2023,35(4):827-835 [Abstract(9)]  [View PDF 6.28 M ()]
Corrigendum to Metagenomic insights into the profile of antibiotic resistomes in sediments of aquaculture wastewater treatment system <Journal of Environmental Sciences (Volume 113, March 2022), Pages 345-355>
  2023,35(4):836 [Abstract(5)]  [View PDF 423.20 K (1)]

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