The model test of leaching behaviour of trifluralin, lindane and aldicarb through the plough layer in three types of soil

Wang Jinhai , Zhang Lianzhong , Dai Guangmao


Received May 03, 1989,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 2,1990,Pages 17-25

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A study on the leaching behaviour of trifluralin, lindane and aldicarb in three different types of soil was performed using soil column method. Leaching of trifluralin was not much influenced by soil types. Organic matter content showed an apparent influence on the leaching of lindane and aldicarb. Leaching depth of the pesticide was found to be negatively related to the organic matter content of the soil under study. It was also found that hydrophobic property of the pesticide increased the tendency of adsorption of the chemical to soil particles and hence reduced its leaching tendency. Thus, the leaching depths of the three pesticides in each of the three soils were observed in the order: aldicarb >lindane> trifluralin. Leaching behaviour of the three pesticides was also predicted based on the adsorption coefficients of the chemicals. For trifluralin and lindane, the predicted results were considerably in line with the results of the experiment.

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