EflFect of long-term ozone fumigation on growth development and yield of spring wheat in open-top field chamber

Wang Xunling , Huang Yunzhu , Wang Jing


Received March 22, 1989,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 2,1990,Pages 27-34

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The experimental plants were grown in open-top chamber and exposed to 0.26 ppm of ozone for six hrs. per day from seedling stage till ripening. The results showed that the height of plants, rates of earing, flowering, grain forming, ripening and the weight/1000 kernels all declined in fumigated plants in comparison with the controls. The yield lost 76.7%. The actual actions of ozone were that it caused foliar injury and chlorophyll destruction accelerating leaf senescence, reduction of assimilation products. O3 was unfavorable injurious to transport and accumulation of substances to the grains after flowering.

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