Study of multiresidue analytical method for organonitrogen and organophosphorus pesticides in soil and water

Huang Shizhong , Zhang Junting , Li Zhixiang , Deng Ping


Received December 02, 1988,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 2,1990,Pages 107-114

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A gas chromatographic method without derivatization was developed for the residue analysis of 10 organonitrogen and 9 organophosphorus pesticides in soil and water. The samples were blended or shaken with acetone for extraction. The extracts were cleaned up by coagulation, then, re-extracted with three 50 ml portions of dichloromethane. The final residue was detected by gas chromatography equipped with NPD. All of the 19 pesticides were completely separated at a constant temperature. The method described above was applicable to the simultaneous determination of 10 organonitrogen and 9 organophosphorus pesticides .in soil and water with the satisfactory recovery (from 82.42% to 103.57%), coefficient of variance (from 0.17% to 12.57%) and limit of detection (from 0.0006 ppm to 0.058 ppm).

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