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Received May 18, 1989,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 3,1991,Pages 59-69

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A mathematical model relating to the change in phytoplankton biomass in the period of growth and nutrient concentration in the media was proposed on the basis of the Monod equation and was testified by simulation experiments. Analysis of the experiment data showed that: the half-saturation constants for growth Kp (μmol/L) for Skeletonema, Chaetoceros and Prorocentrum were 5.52, 1.90 and 0.46, respectively; the balance between stimulation of nutrients and the inhibition of some other materials was found in the effect of domestic sewage on algal growth and the stimulation played a leading role; domestic sewage was more stimulative on dinoflag-ellate than on diatom and chlorophyte when the assemblage of the algae was cultured. The experiment suggested that mathematical model reasonably explained the characteristics of phytoplankton growth in different nutrient conditions and was worthy to be further improved for eutrophication prediction in off-shore water.

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