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Received May 28, 1990,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 3,1991,Pages 79-88

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This paper deals with investigations on corrosion of marble SO2. We have simulated oxidation of SO2 by photochemical process in the atmosphere. The experiments indicate that formation of SO3 aerosols is related to the concentration of SO2, the UV light intensity, the time of irradiation and the humidity of the air. The corrosion feature of surfaces of the marble and the depth profiles of sulphur were obtained by SEM (Scanning electron microscope), EDXA (Energy-dispersive X-ray analyzer) and SIMS (Secondary ion mass spectrometer). The results of experiments show the corrosive extent of marble depends on its compositions and microareas of marble, which contain lower silicon content can be easily corroded by SO2.

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