Received February 27, 1991,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 4,1992,Pages 84-96

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A procedure for analysis of organic pollutants in coal gasification wastewater was developed, including a series extraction steps at different pH, followed by LC separation or resin adsorption, then analyzed by GC or GC/MS. More than 200 organic pollutants in 22 categories were determined. CH2CL2 extraction at NaHCO3 presence was used to separate carboxylic acids with phenolic compounds in aqueous. Derivatization with acetic anhydride was used for analyses of mono-, di-, poly-hydroxyl phenolic compounds. 21 mono-hydroxyl phenols and 13 di-hydroxyl phenols were determined from the coai gasification wastewater samples. Derivatization with BF3-CH3OH was used for analysis of carboxylic acid. 17 mono-carboxyl, 4 di-carboxyl acids and 6 aromatic acids were determined from coal gasification wastewater samples.

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