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Received December 04, 1990,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 4,1992,Pages 106-116

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A complete set of procedure for determination of multiresidue of pesticides in vegetables was presented in this paper.The complete set of procedure included three steps:bioassay,cholinesterase inhibition and GLC analysis.The samples could be identified to be contaminated with pesticides if 5% of house flies was knocked down in 50 tested house flies. Those samples contaminated with pesticides needed to be detected by AChE inhibition method.The qualitative and quantitative analyses were carried out by GLC.Recoveries ranged from 83.7% in Chinese cabbages to 105.6% in tomatoes for pyrethroids,and 84.0% in tomatoes to 102.7% in sweetbell redpeppes for organophosphorus compounds.Coefficients of variations ranged from 0.59% to organophosphorus compounds.Coefficients of variations ranged from 0.59% to 7.87% for pyrethroids. and 0.33% to 9.88% for organophosphorus compounds with vegetables. The complete set of procedure has been used successfully to analyze 7000 samples collected in Beijing. About 1% of the samples had a pesticide content exceeding the MRL.

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