Received December 20, 1990,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 4,1992,Pages 64-72

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The thematic mapper(TM)images from Landsat-V satellite are characterized by a short acquired period(16 days per cycle),and high spatial and spectral resolution.It is cheap and convenient to establish a dynamic monitoring system for water quality in large lakes by combining TM image data and measured data with a chemical method.In this paper the TM image digitized and GIS technology have been used to acquire digital remote sensing data.At the time the TM image were taken,samples ofchlorophyll-afrom the surface water of Chaohu Lake were colleeted and analyzed.Comparing the TM image digitized data with the measured ehlorophyll-a data,the relationships have been found and quantitative models have been established.Applying the model as supported by a GIS,the map ofchlorophyll-a distribution in the surface of Chaohu Lake has been produced.The average concentration of surface chlorophyll-a of Chaohu Lake is calculated.

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