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Received May 17, 1992,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 4,1992,Pages 122-126

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At petrochemical complex industrial sites in the southwestern suburb of Beijmg,oil has been the major energy source.The air particulate samples were collected separate!y for 3-4 consecutive days every month.The results showed that there are apparent correlations among monthly changes of weight of extracts,their mutagenicities and concentrations of PAHs.The weights for the day-time samples were higher than those for the night-time.Wights of extracts.revertant numbers.BαP concentration etc.were all lower for the petrochemical complex industrial site(PCIS)than for iron-steel complex site(ISCS).However,mutagenicities per unit weight of extracts were higher for PCIS than for ISCS.

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