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Received October 08, 1991,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 5,1993,Pages 310-322

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Samples of cloudwater, rainwater and ambient aerosol were collected over Maoer Mountain in the northeast of Guangxi Province in March 1988. The pH value of cloudwater ranged from 3.37 to 6.20 with a mean value of 4.34. SO42- , NO3- , NH4+, Ca2+ and H+ were the principal ionic species of cloudwater. The advance of cold fronts into Maoer Mountain appeared to lead to higher major ionic concentration and acidity than that of warm fronts. The relative acidity and concentration of NO3- of cloudwater were much greater than that of aerosol samples. With the exception of. NO3- and H+, most of the concentration of SO42- and NH4+ in cloudwater came from the nucleation scavenging of aerosol. Gaseous nitric acid and organic acid from local may be one of the important source of cloudwater acidity. Compared with other sites, Maoer Mountain can be as a clean contrast station for studying acidic precipitation in Guangdong and Guangxi provinces.

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