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Received November 20, 1991,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 5,1993,Pages 351-366

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The kinetics of the reaction of dissolved S(IV) with H2O2 was studied on 59 precipitation samples collected in Southwestern China, during the period of June 1988 to October 1989, from which the oxidation rates of the reaction were measured. The extent of reaction was followed by continuous amperometric measurement of the concentrations of the reagents. The two systems (i. e. rainwater and purified water) have been studied with the same methodology under identical reaction conditions (e. g. reagent concentrations, ionic strength and temperature). The kinetics was studied in no buffer solutions. The effect of formaldehyde on the reaction has also been studied, including kinetic studies in laboratory and model calculations, and it is indicated that formaldehyde with typical atmospheric concentration exerts no influence on the reaction of dissolved S(IV) with H2O2. In addition, the activation energy of the reaction was also measured in purified water as reaction medium for temperature range 0-50℃ at pH 4.0.

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